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Murdoc Alphonce Niccals or Murdoc Faust Niccals


was born on 06/06/66 (666) in Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire, England

rumoured to be born inside Belphagor Sanatorium, a halfway house for “the sick, the needy and the incredibly bored”

His father found him on the doorstep after returning home from the pub

The greatest achievement of my life is the time I managed to squeeze my entire body through a woman—my mum. Sadly, that was the only time we met, but her work was done: a musical messiah had cometh.”


His dad, Jacob Sebastian Niccals, is an arsehole who made him perform (at the age of 6) on embarrassing shows to get money so he could waste it on alcohol & other useless crap (but nonetheless, he keeps a photo of him)

The show he always was forced to perform on was, “Are You A Star?” (a talent show on who embarrasses themselves the most)

It was held in the local pub, The Three-Legged Dog

One of these performances was being forced to be dressed up as Pinocchio & sing, “I’ve Got No Strings”

he was forced to wear a strap-on nose (meaning he doesn’t have a nose like his dad’s)

But because of these performances, he was inspired to become a musician

“By age two I got my first pubes. By age nine I’d written my first song, “Sex Hoof”

both seemed to be lies

He has an older brother (who is a skinhead) named Hannibal


Hannibal got him into his music tastes, he broke his nose the second & third time for playing Dio’s “We Rock” album on his personal turntable

Hannibal took him to see Jimmy Percy but only to be beaten up & all he saw was Percy spitting on a girl before knocked unconscious

Hannibal is jailed for “stealing hubcaps” (I don’t know if this is a reference to monkey’s stealing hubcaps or the song by Billy Ledbetter but okay)

Hannibal hates it when Murdoc plays heavy metal

doesn’t know who his mom is & nobody knew his mom

but in an interview or Q&A, he mentioned that his mom’s family business is pornography (I don’t know if he’s joking)

he has also mentioned in radio 1, that he’s always loved music & his mom would dance as she does all the chores

they would always buy albums

he might have other siblings

He went to Sodsworth Comprehensive School at the age of 7

He was known for pranks, ugliness, poor personal hygiene & bad behavior

He was often bullied by a boy named, Tony Chopper (I don’t know if this was a reference to One Piece)

He was raped by a diner lady at the age of 9 (people tend to brush this off — DAZED interview - phase 1)

He coped with life by listening to Black Sabbath, Aleister Crowley, Anton La Vey & bought himself a do-it-yourself Satanist kit

What intrigued him the most was ’sexual gluttony’ - he found out about it through a leaflet being handed out in the Arndale Centre

He started becoming an alcoholic at the age of 16

He was expelled & had to do something with International Baccalaureate in Anti-Social Anthropology

He studied other cultures, behavioural patterns, the way they communicated & their traditions

He has a degree in anti-social anthropology

his first kiss was, Kelly O'Driscoll, a bare-knuckle boxing champion

Murdoc remembers Kelly giving him his first broken nose, first broken pelvis & first broken heart (from the Noisey interview)


He made deals with the devil to have a music career & changed his middle/second name to ‘Faust’

He has been a  gravedigger, soup-seller, telesales, part-time Christmas Santa, ‘stealing the lead off church roofs’ & much others

He was unemployed & said it was ‘diificult job’

He was asked by Sir Alan Sugar to trombone him just to get money before, but he rethought everything & said he was better than that

has been in countless bands, but all of which failed. These includes: The Burning Sensations, Durango 95, Kiss ‘n’ Makeup, Wild Willie Wally and the Wallington, Patchouli Clark, Bullworker, Crimson Backdraft, Motley Dude, The Burning Sensations, The Stupid Name Gang, Two’s A Crowd, We’ve Split Up, This Show Has Been Cancelled, & much more

He was the singer for all of those bands

He has the same name of a band Damon Albarn was in when he was a teenager (Two’s A Crowd)


He has knocked out Stuart Pot twice with a car:

The first one was when Stu was just working in his father’s keyboard/instrument shop, “Uncle Norm’s Organ Emporium”

In August 1997, Murdoc with his gang were on a crime spree in a stolen Vauxhall Astra

Stu got his tie stuck in one of the keyboards & that’s why he couldn’t move & eventually got his left eyeball an 8 ball fracture/grade IV hyphema

Murdoc laughed so hard at Stu that instead of running away & avoid the cops, he was captured by them

Murdoc was appointed to take care of him (for 30,000 hours of community service 10 hours a week to take care of Stu)

The second time he got 2D in an accident was in NottinghamNottinghamshire, England

He tried to impress some ladies, he sped up & performed a 360

Stu came thru flying from the backseat to the windshield, he finally woke up from his coma

He lost both of his once normal eyes

The first time he saw 2D (after crashing into him twice), he thought that he would make a great singer & frontman 


through the phases / murdoc & gorillaz / more things about murdoc / interests & dislikes / lifestyle / musical influences / masterlist

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Kingdom Hearts II - Disney Castle

- Well this is kind of cool, the castle should be interesting.

- Did Sora just turn into a Heartless? Or into that Anti-form from the first game?

- I kind of like that Sora isn’t the type to give special treatment to someone just because they’re royalty or because they’re well respected. I just wish it was out of an idea of “I bow to no-one” rather than innocent ignorance.

- Wow, Minnie is pretty badass, I mean it’s an escort mission where she can handle herself.

- Sora: Master of insults.

- So we’re in the past, I wonder if that means we’re going to meet a really foul-mouthed Mickey who uses animals like instruments.

- I’m reminded of the first level in Mickey’s Wild Adventure, the Steamboat Willie level.

- That was actually a fun world, the idea of using the format of old animated shorts for the boss battle was cool. Now if only they can go a little further and have it so you get to fight Pete in various eras, like different incarnations of Pete, maybe with one of them being the Pete of Goof Troop. I think so much more can be done with this time travel thing rather than leave it as a gimmick level.

- Wait, Donald and Daisy are not married? You’d think they would be. I like to believe that if Mickey and Minnie are King and Queen, Donald and Daisy are Duke and Duchess.

Stormer Prob #53

“I love Bastille’s new album, World Wide!”
“I love Bastille’s new album, Wilder World!”
“I love Bastille’s new album, Wonderful Waffles!”
“I love Bastille’s new album, Willy Wonka!”
“I love Bastille’s new album, Wild Willy!”
“I love Bastille’s new album, Wonderful World!”

Movie Masterpost


I saw somebody else do this, but noticed that a lot of my favourite movies weren’t included, so I made my own! This is mainly for me but I thought I might as well share it with everyone else, and we can all enjoy them together! This isn’t finished yet, I still have a ton of movies to add when I find the time.

And please let me know if you find any of the links are not working :)


  • About Time
  • The Addams Family
  • Addams Family Values
  • Aladdin
  • Alice In Wonderland (1951)
  • Alice In Wonderland (2010)
  • Along Came Polly
  • An American Tail
  • Annie
  • Antz
  • The Aristocats
  • Avatar

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