wild wild west con

I am SO pleased with all the gorgeous images I’m getting back from Wild Wild West Con! It’s like Christmas getting so many new photos in my inbox!

Photographer - Ben Stadler-Ammon
Clockwork Set - brute-force-studios
Skirt - official-kato-page
Boots - Fabulously Fetish
MUAH & Styling - Me
Location - Old Tucson Studios


So seriously… Was only able to go to WWWC for one day… But it was the best day ever and you can see why
Everyone is really nice and really amazing and I love each one of them
Sadly couldn’t get a picture with Paige because every time I saw her she was working

I’m sure you guys can find tons of posts about the con and its awesomeness so I don’t have to say anything XD Except that I asked Michael if I could touch his fluffy hair and he let me
Everything was awesome and I loved it so much

I’m sad I wasn’t able to go on Sunday cause I’ve been wanting to get a pic with the band in their hero outfits… But I guess I’ll just wait and hope that next time I get that picture

Also, I was so excited to get a picture with Sam that I forgot to tell him how much I loved his art, admired him as an artist, and how cool I think he is. Curse my nervous/excited state of mind
Mun update

Realy bad timing to feel like crud… going to push through it… can’t tell if it’s allergies causing drainage causing soar throat, tiredness and other cold like symptoms… or if it’s actually a cold.

The tree pollen is super high and bad right now….

And I want to go to wild west con… an all outside wild west town dusty event…

…I’m going to die…

Hey I KNOW! Who sells steampunk masks! Lol



Soooo… I’ve been very very bad about keeping this damn thing up to date. Sorry guys! Let me bring you up to speed with things!
I went to Portland to meet up with Kato and a few Steamgirls for the Abney Park show at the start of Feb. The show was great, The girls were wonderful, Portland was freezing and rainy and I shot 1 set for Steamgirl.com and another for Stylerotica (which is that gypsy looking sneak peek pic) while I was there! I stayed for 5 days and then went home.

Then I finally got Lady Mechanika done for Joe Benitez at Amazing Ariznona! This outfit will be a future tour poster/print and I’m currently working on the Saloon Lady Mechanika cosplay specially for the Wild WIld West Con in Tucson, AZ (March 6-8)! I’ll be there with the Steamgirls and there will be many surprises and shoots being done!


War paint application and the importance of good selfie lighting. See you at the con💜

#givetheworldtrustissues (at Wild Wild West Con)

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