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Writing Update!

I thought I’d share some information regarding my upcoming stories/chapters and everything related to writing. Hopefully I get some time to write today or tomorrow or next week or next year…

At My God’s Feet I Show My Devotion Chapter 8: Thorns

Monochrome ( Billdip One shot ) In a world where everyone sees in black and white until the day they meet their soul mates, Dipper meets Bill who is unfortunately not his soulmate.

Mocha Frappes and Triangle Cookies: Chapter ???? ( I have no idea )

When You Followed Me Home ( Billdip One shot ) While on his way home from work, Dipper stumbles across a dead body. Hard to believe that the dead guy’s ghost is pretty insistent on following him home.

Unnamed Prince SidonXLink ( One Shot ) Link has always had a weak heart. To make up for missing his physical education classes he’s given after school swimming lessons by the swimming team captain Sidon. ( Might be lengthy but it involves Sidon learning to sign for Link and him teaching Link how to swim and boy fluff and sappy sugar stuff. ) 

Money Can’t Buy You Everything ( Vlad Masters x Danny Fenton )Vlad Masters had everything he could every want in life. Money, power, good looks, and an estate worth billions. He’s never had a need for anything physical or material. The only thing missing is the love of his life, Maddie. When he reluctantly accepts a dinner invitation to the Fenton’s he begins to think that instead of Madeline, her young son might just do as a substitute.

( Gift fic still in the works- please help me )


That’s what I got on my plate so far. Any thoughts on which one shot you guys would be interested in seeing first??




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