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Cons of being a northerner: it’s cold

Pros of being a northerner: you never need to know a single other topic of conversation. Everything and anything can be about the cold. You don’t even need a personality. Saying hi to a friend? “Wow is sure is cold today!” Confessing to a loved one? “Hey I heard the windchill is gonna be -35 tonight. Haha wild!” Been stabbed in the leg and need to make small talk with the paramedic? “Hey I didn’t even know I was stabbed, since you know the cold was stabbing me already. Hahaha you feel me. Or not! We’re numb. I’m gonna Snapchat this with the temperature filter.”


gale’s revali is ready

It’s okay not to know exactly who you are or even who you want to be.

You might not have a label or definition for yourself or your gender; you might not even have a clue where to start.

Maybe you have no idea whether starting hrt or having any sort of surgery is in your future. Maybe you don’t know if legally changing your name is something you’d want. Maybe you don’t even know if you ever want to come out to anyone.

Uncertainty is normal. No one wakes up one morning with all the answers. It takes time to figure it all out. Be patient with yourself.

After Hours [m]

pairing: reader x Yoongi

Genre: tattoed!yoongi, rapper!tyoongi, angst? fluff? smut, idk how to label this haha

word count: 16,212

warnings: graphic sexual content, alcohol, language

a/n: this is loosely based of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. i am v nervous about this as it isn’t the usual angst fueled plot I normally write. so if it’s crap, please be kind haha. i’m tagging the lovely @dimplecoups​ because i know you’ve been waiting for this. and @2seoke for always being the best babe.

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You looked in the mirror, making sure your face mask was properly in place. If you were going to look like a serial killer for the next 20 minutes, you at least wanted to look the part. Your bed was calling your name as you walked over to the soft mattress, choosing to ignore the missed calls and text messages from your best friend. This was the first Saturday night you had to yourself in months. No work. No brother. No best friend. You were free to do whatever you wanted.

Or at least that’s what you had originally intended. But as the door to your bedroom crashed open you soon realized that the night had other plans for you.

“Why haven’t you answered my calls?” your best friend Irene squealed as she plopped down at the foot of your bed. “It’s Saturday night and I know you don’t have to work tomorrow!”

You gave her a look. Well, you tried to give her a look to the best of your ability as the motions of your face was restricted by the sheet mask on top of it. “There’s a reason why I didn’t answer your calls. And just because my idiot brother gave you a key to our apartment doesn’t mean you can just waltz in here any time you want.”

Irene rolled her eyes, blowing a large bubble from the gum she was constantly chewing. She was clearly not amused at your disinterest on leaving your apartment tonight. You reached forward, popping it with your pointer finger. “You’re no fun, Y/N” she whined, collecting the gum back into her mouth.

“I can’t have fun when I’m always too busy taking care of you.” you quipped, reminding her of the last time the two of you went out. “I had to beg that cop not to give you a ticket for being drunk in public. Why aren’t you bothering my brother? I’m sure he would love to see you.”

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its weird how fanfic writers manage to take two heroic, noble, intriguing, GOOD characters and pair them together romantically, but still place them in all sorts of angsty situations in order to carry out successful, entertaining plots and headcanons…… but….. SG canon writers…. can’t relate…… 

Tom: What?

Tom:  Ỏ̴̵͈̰͝ͅh̢̛̫̗̺̲̦͈͕̖̔̈́ͣ.̹̗̟̥̋̈̍ͨ̈́͢

Jon: Hi welcome to chili’s!

Tom:  W̺̦̤ͨ̎ͨ̅ͦ̑̋̓͝H͎͙ͭ͒͂ͨ̎͘͜ͅḀ͇̦̲̙̳̊̈́̊͝T̟̥̼͈̺͇̄͋̐ ̧̛̪̗̗̰̜̩̏̃̑̄ͤ́̿́T̢̘͚̺̎͛͛̿͒̽ͣH̻͍̜͌͋ͭ͟Ę̷͈͈̱͇̹̱̉̒̌̋͒ͨ̎͛̏̕ ̼̙̘̂͊ͨͧͩ̈̏̀̀͞H͎̭͕ͣ̋̄̈̌͌ͨ͘E̥̥͔̘̭͛̆̌̎L͐̃ͭͯ̀͗ͣ̉͏̢͕̻̝̬̩̼L̗̦̾̚

[M!A Monster Tom ask 0/6]

I accidentally ended up rambling more about KevAaron, so here we go:

  • Alright, so remember how Kevin used to dance at Eden’s Twilight but doesn’t anymore?
  • Remember how Aaron does dance at Eden’s Twilight?
  • At some point Aaron and Kevin got a little caught up in the drinks and the cracker dust and the dancing and hooked up
  • But Kevin is still in the ‘easier if he remains heterosexual’ mindset
  • And Aaron’s like hmm, that was weird
  • But like, he’s not about to go chase Kevin around and he doesn’t need it to happen again
  • But like, he wouldn’t argue if it did happen again
  • Kevin stays safely at the table with Andrew keeping an eye on him so he doesn’t slip up again
  • Because what if someone had seen the way they were dancing together?
  • What if someone had seen them sneak off together?
  • What if someone had taken a picture or video of them together?
  • What if the public found out Kevin Day was not so straight after all?
  • Neither of them wants anyone finding out, but they also think about it more than they should
  • And they kind of want it to happen again, but there is no way they’re going to risk it happening like that again
  • And they never acknowledge the fact that it happened and they’re both just like did I fucking hallucinate that shit?
  • Like how is he walking around like this never happened?
  • Until, one day, Allison makes some comment about how Kevin’s not as heterosexual as he claims he is
  • She’s talking about either his weird friendship with Andrew or Jeremy
  • But Kevin’s head whips around because what the fuck did Aaron tell someone?
  • And why does Allison know?
  • And Aaron’s like “What the fuck? Don’t look at me.”
  • And that’s how the team finds out Aaron and Kevin fucked
  • The whole team is lost
  • How do you react to something like this when there isn’t even a bet that covers it???