wild things tattoo

anonymous asked:

How would you feel about someone getting a bright sessions tattoo?? Like the logo or the phrase "I need you to keep me green" or anything from the show really ???? Would you be comfortable with that???

Oh boy, what a question! I am very much of the mind that people’s bodies are their own and no one has any business telling them what to do with it. So if you’re a sober adult, you tattoo whatever you want on your body. If you’re comfortable, I’m comfortable. 

On a broader, philosophical level, the thought of someone getting words that I wrote permanently put on their body is incredibly weird and surreal and also super flattering? If anyone does get a TBS tattoo, pls send pics because I literally cannot even conceptualize how I would react to that. Like: really? A thing from my brain???? On your body???? Forever???? Wild. 

  • Things I like:
  • •tattoos
  • •piercings
  • •colored hair
  • Things I want:
  • •tattoo
  • •piercing
  • •colored hair
  • Things my parents won't let me get:
  • •tattoo
  • •piercing
  • •colored hair
  • Things I got anyway:
  • •tattoo (pending)
  • •piercing ✔️
  • •colored hair ✔️

My Mother’s Day/birthday present from my daughters (and Alphonse, too, obviously, because babies don’t have money) was my Where the Wild Things Are tattoo (with the book language adjusted to the singular).

Four hour session with my regular artist at my regular shop, in the regular city where I regularly live and that I regularly only allude to. 

Line, shading, first color:


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