wild things 3

Jfc I hate the “well that’s how it is in the wild” defense to shitty animal care. 


There’s a big thing about all of the negatives of captivity & how animals are so much more restricted and it’s so unnatural, etc. etc. And hey, guess what. Captivity actually has benefits too, if you actually do it right! Benefits like keeping predators away from the animals and treating diseases & injuries and providing plentiful appropriate food to avoid starvation & malnutrition. These are generally agreed to be improvements over the wild.

Yes, providing a more natural environment is ideal for allowing natural behaviors. It’s a good idea to look at the animal’s natural environment to emulate things such as temperature, humidity, landscape features, and challenges that stimulate the animal safely. That does NOT include things like live feeding “because it’s natural”, cohabitating animals that are aggressive or solitary “because it’s natural”, or feeding an incomplete diet “because it’s natural”. 

Natural is not automatically better. The wild is not automatically better. If you’re going to keep animals in captivity, you have a responsibility to provide a balance between a stimulating environment that allows natural behaviors and a SAFE environment that provides freedom from hunger, malnutrition, injury, and illness to the best of your ability. Your goal is not to be the wild because captivity is NOT the wild and it shouldn’t be. 


I redrew a picture from my trip, this wild coloring is pretty fun.

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  • Dandelion: Well met, Ciri! Don't worry, you have to fear not until you are under the supervision of your favourite uncle, Dandelion
  • Ciri: Actually my favourite uncle is Vesemir
  • Dandelion: I already have a plan to help your friend- say what?

★ the half life trilogy + PANTONE palette + pastel 

↳ gabriel // van // nathan // rose

Friends of Geralt come to the quick (and awful) realization that witchers will eat just about anything you offer them. If it is even slightly edible, a witcher will scarf it down.

Hardly any witcher has the coin to turn down any kind of food.