wild tangents and oversharing

dianoetic replied to your post: I didnt realize it until now, but I think your Steph is chubby headcanon is also mine! Like not fat chubby, but a more solid build than Babs and Cass. Cause you know Babs was a gymnast and even though Cass is muscular and probs the best fighter I still imagine her as small.

Chubby is often subjective. And Kitty loves fat girls, I will personally vouch for this.

Exactly! Some people use “chubby” as “not skinny, but not fat”, and that honestly kind of bothers me. There is no line that you cross over from chubby to fat to me, so a girl with a pinchable inch is chubby, as well as a bigger girl. Furthermore, chubby is interchangeable with adorable in my personal lexicon. Sometimes, I forget that so many of my followers don’t actually KNOW me, so they don’t realize that “chubby” is an endearment when it comes from me, not any kind of demarcation.