wild style,

Hehe, ok, what about this instead….??

I could go on to say that it highlights the disturbing current that flows just below the surface and by peeling away the face, it becomes more and more sinister.

Of course that would be pretentious bollocks when in fact it is just a slightly creepy picture.

@topthecat I love it! Your first submission was fantastic but I just, , , just couldn’t. I still have this blog as sfw. This one is wild. Adore it.

Eastern style, not anime but borderline because of the oddness of the damned thing. We all wear masks, and the layers of them are many. 

Here is a song for you my friend, thank you for playing!

TOOL - Parabol/Parabola

so i know everyone loves the idea that Allura could kick Shiro’s ass but like… Shiro was a gladiator. he survived in the arena for a year. i mean… have you seen that boi fight? he defeated Myzax with nothing but a sword and his wits. he’s G O O D. he’d be a match for Allura - just cos she’s stronger than him, doesn’t mean she’d automatically win

just… give me Shiro and Allura evenly matched and Allura trying to find a way to land a blow on Shiro but he’s just too quick and she gets worked up and flustered and sloppy

give me Shiro kicking Allura’s ass twelve different ways and Allura getting more and more frustrated cos she can’t figure out how he did it

give me Shiro running up the wall and flipping over Allura’s head and Allura punching the wall where he was just standing and she’s super-annoyed and Shiro’s just… laughing

Shiro can fight, y’all. and he’d love sparring with Allura because she’s strong and fast and he can’t really hurt her and she’d actually be a challenge and if you think he wouldn’t pin her to the ground and look smug doing it then you’re w r o n g