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I keep seeing posts about how tame V’s ending was in the danger MV compared to everyone else’s and it’s bothering me. Sure Jungkook smashed a piano and Jin lit some chairs on fire, and Suga threw a ball through a window, but to me, V cutting his bangs was the most impactful. Paired with the concept of this song, talking about how they’ve been fucked over by a girl, I keep thinking about something people have told me over and over again in health class. That changing your appearance drastically is a sign of being suicidal. Looking at the beginning you can tell how fucking tired V is because he slams his hand on the mirror and leans against it, and you can see in his eyes how fucking tired of living he is. So yeah, everyone else destroys things, but V is destroying himself.

How BANGTAN deals with stress/anger...

Suga: plays basketball to clear his head

J-Hope: dances it out

Jimin: physically let’s it out by beating up a punching bag

Rap Monster: takes the Taylor Swift route and writes his feelings through songs…

he gets artistic too… :P maybe he should work for Jungkook once he opens up a tattoo shop. XD

Jungkook: plays the piano…. <3

then breaks the piano. XD

Jin: probably cooks something up but ends up burning it. XD

*holds hands up and backs away* Don’t mess with his cooking this guy.. 

V: gets physical and beats people up /fans self/

*Meanwhile Taehyung….

Gets a makeover. 


LOL See what I did there? Alien has two identities. XD

PS: So this is what happened after 6 months…. none of them are Boys in Luv. XD See what love does?

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