wild music

I’ve been enjoying Breath of the Wild and its beautiful imagery and music. Out of all the songs though, this one stood out and I could only image the main characters playing to it so here’s my thanks to all the creators of BoTW. 

Song composer rights goes to Manaka Kataoka
Breath of the Wild belongs to Nintendo, Eiji Aonuma, Shigeru Miyamoto

I own none of this except the animation. Created and illustrated in Flash. Background painted by @power-auer​ 

And for you YouTube folks, here’s the link to that :P 


ok but the funniest part of “Face the Music” was

Ruberiot just took one fucking look at these kids and went like 

“ye, they’re in love” 

“why dont i sing about how much she’s in love with him in front of the entire kingdom of mewni to hear” 

and as much as this quite an ass move… he was right

people with the purest voices

will connolly
ben platt
mike faist
george salazar
troye sivan
Barrett Wilbert Weed