wild mountain smokehouse


My wife and I went over to Nederland to have dinner.  It is only 20 minutes away and is the closest town to us (only by 10 minutes, but still…).  Saw this brewpub (Wild Mountain Smokehouse & Brewery)and thought “BBQ and beer - sold”.  The service was really good, the ribs were pretty tasty, and the beer was solid.  It was a funky little place with a cool atmosphere.  Saw several families, so it is not chasing the locals  away.  If you are in the area give ‘em a try.

Redemption Oatmeal Stout - Wild Mountain Smokehouse & Brewery

This one pours out very black with a thin tan head that left spotty lacing on the glass (I know I hate that beer glass - you lose all the aromatics).  Has notes of chocolate, roasted malt, caramel, and smoked peat.  Crisp at the start with a large mouth feel, medium carbonation, and a hoppy bitterness at the finish.  This went well with the food and I would certainly have it again.

Oatmeal Stout | ABV 6.5