wild morning glory

Wild flowers are not weeds

So In seventh grade, I had a favorite flower. It was small, it smelled nice, and it had pink and white petals. In my seventh grade mind, thes flowers were weeds because the grew wildy and someone once told me that all wild flowers were weeds (they were wild morning glories).
Anyways, one day during recess instead of just letting us play in the field like how we always did, the teacher lady just walked us around the school. While walking I found some of the flowers and picked them and smelled them and I thought that it would be funny to scream IM SNIFFING WEED
At the exact moment that I screamed it, a police car rolled around the corner, and the officer just looked at me, and let me tell you, I tried my hardest to hide behind my friend but it was too late. The police had already seen me.