wild mile

Sonic Forces’ release gets closer every day, so I thought it’d be fun to make a bingo for it while we wait! Fill it with theories to your heart’s content, be they serious or silly - and please tag me if you post it, i wanna see what you guys come up with!

Here’s mine as an example:


The fastest bird in the world arrives at WAF!

This beautiful juvenile peregrine falcon was brought into the centre recently after being found lying on the ground by a busy road.

These birds are a rare sight at WAF, so our vets were more than happy to give it a full examination! Luckily, all seemed to be well and it was moved into our larger aviary for a flight test.

After several successful flights and a clean bill of health from our vets, this beautiful youngster was taken back to where it was found and released back into the wild :)

I don’t wanna see one bad word about Kai or Krystal, I’m not here for it, you’ll get blocked, your sad delusional thoughts can be somebody elses problem because I haven’t got time for it.

// see? girls can’t resist me //

one of my favorite ff authors, @queercapwriting, just announced their debut ya novel, lunav!! i’m overly excited, as you might be able to tell (fanart even before its release? what are you doing). you can learn more about the novel on their author tumblr @jpolish-writes-queer-ya-fantasy!!

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Dear Maximilian Alexander,

I’ve heard many things about the Legend of Zelda series, mostly good, but it strikes me as a mixture of puzzles, lengthy exploration, and insanely difficult action-based challenges, among other things.  I’m certain I there are parts of it I could enjoy, but to spend hours on end simply trying to reach an intangible goal at the end of a story sounds like more hassle than I have the patience for.

-Miles Edgeworth

P.S. Well, now you have me intrigued.