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The cutest roar ever! Three-month-old lion escapes from his mother to test out his new voice in South Africa

He may only be three-months-old but this lion cub has proved it is never too early to start practising his roar. The young cat was caught on camera opening his mouth wide and testing out his voice in an South African game reserve.

And tourists who were lucky enough to catch the rare sight said the youngster looked exactly like Simba, star of the 1994 Disney classic, The Lion King. Heinrich Neumayer, from South Africa, snapped the pictures, and said this particular cub seemed to have a big personality.

He said: ‘There were eight cubs in total, but this little one stole the show, no one seemed to notice the others.

'The whole group were stunned by this little guy’s performance, the mischievous cub wasn’t listening to its mother.

'He definitely reminded us of Simba, he didn’t want there to be any rules. He moaned the whole time he was being carried by his mother and ran away as soon as he was let go.

'His mum called him back a couple of times but he was not finished and he didn’t even look in her direction.

'She was not having any of it and started walking to the cub, and continued calling him and he still ignored her.

'When she reached him he quickly tried to run away but she managed to trip him and he tumbled a couple of times.

The professional wildlife photographer and safari guide, snapped the pictures of the captivating cub in the early hours of the morning at the Sabi Sands game reserve, adjacent to the Kruger National Park. He said: 'We could hear the roars of the lion pride throughout the night, but in the early morning we were woke by raucous roars which suddenly pierced through the early hours.

'Our guide quickly walked to each room with his flashlight and gathered all of us for an earlier than usual game drive.

'We hastily made our way to the game drive vehicles and the excitement was electric. 

'Not even five minutes into the drive we found the entire Nkuhuma Pride; the kings responsible for waking us all.’

The pictures show the young lion cub breaking free from his mother before practicing his mighty roar to his adoring crowd. Mr Neumayer explained: 'He paused for a couple of seconds contemplating what to do next, he looked at our vehicle, then the most adorable little cub made an attempted roar.

'Our hearts melted and our cameras fired away!

'There were a lot of oohs and aahs from the group as the cub tried to state his authority.

'This little brave heart surely made it worth waking up so early and he stole our hearts.

'With a will of his own and not following any rules, this little fluff ball is all set to be a one of a kind ruler.' 


Lioness pulls hilarious facial expressions as she tries to shake off a pesky fly buzzing around her head

When you are relaxing in the sun, the last thing you need is to be harassed by a pesky fly. 

And that’s not just humans - as shown by these photos of a lioness trying to shake off an insect buzzing around her head. 

With one eye closed and shaking its head from side to side, she pulls all kinds of amusing facial expressions for the camera.

The images were captured by field guide Michael Anderson, 28, while he was leading guests on a tour at Ngala Private Game Reserve in South Africa.  

Mr Anderson said: ‘This set of images were a complete surprise.

'After watching the lioness being worried by the flies, for a while, she kept shaking her head and I wondered if I could capture the movement.

'After struggling to get at the water for a while, the lioness lifts her head up and has some moisture clinging to the fur around her mouth.’

Mr Anderson said he found it amusing that these fearsome hunters could be bothered by a tiny fly.

'The flies are attracted to the droplets because it’s hot and dry at that time of year and the drought means no water around for them to get at. 'It was funny because she was so desperate for the water but exasperated by the flies. 

'I love the images because these lions can be so intense when hunting, and they are the most powerful of all the hunters. But the simple fly drives this lioness to distraction.’