wild knight


And still more ten minute comics! 

I headcanon that Link’s dad is the dumbest knight ever, and people are secretly shocked he could have fathered such a brilliant son. Like, I don’t think his dad even really read who signed the letter. He was probably just like, “Dude a lady wrote you a letter! SCORE!”, which is his very low threshold for caring.

Also: the one thing Link did inherit from his dad is his taste in loud, bossy women.

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based on a real show my friend attended...

How did Shitty get himself into this situation? Who knows, Lardo probably had something to do with it. Either way, he has found himself at the end of a performance art course with a one man show to put on and no idea what to do (and only the vaguest idea of how he got there in the first place). 

Did he prepare beforehand? Take any of the continuous warnings about not leaving it to the last minute? Absolutely not, brah.

Cut to the performance, after a long week of freak out sessions with Lardo and a lot of crying and begging to Bitty. Surprisingly, the turn out is impressive, a full house. Lights up on Shitty, stark naked, sitting on a chair, slowly eating a grilled cheese sandwich - Bitty made it, so his rapturous expression and the single tear flowing down his face are only natural.

The critics all agree that it was the most moving moment of the otherwise slightly bemusing piece. How does a grilled cheese become a discussion of gender inequality in the US legal system, you may ask? Go along to the show and I’m sure Mr. Knight will let you know in great detail. More importantly, why is he naked? Why does his hair make me feel this way? Questions that may never have answers. 

Overall, a truly wonderful example of avant garde theatre at its finest. A roaring success, defying all expectations.

So I’ve been thinking

The reason why Sidon is so big compared to the other Zora’s is because he’s royalty and male Zora royalty tend to be larger than the average Zora given their royal status and such throughout the Zelda games

So by that logic that means Prince Sidon is gonna get as big as his dad right?