wild kangaroo

kangaroos are the final boss animal.  kangaroos are the hazy gap between zoo and wild.  kangaroos are the final thought before you go to sleep, the stingy reminder of a world both old and new, a microcosm into the deep down under


The wallaby is in the same family as the kangaroo, but it is much smaller. They inhabit parts of Australia in rocky terrain and share the a lot of the same characteristics and behaviors as kangaroos.

Wallabies use their strong hind legs to kick off predators. Not only are their legs strong, but their tails are also powerful helping them with their balance.

Wallabies are herbivores and eat grasses, leaves, and foliage. They tend to live near water holes, especially during dry seasons. Female wallabies, or better known as doe, flyer or jill, are able to produce two different types of milk at once. One type for her baby and another type for her older offspring.

Photo by:  D Coetzee via Flickr

I had to stop and give way to a kangaroo on my street this morning and it was just the most Australian thing that’s ever happened to me, like I’d never even seen one outside a wildlife park before this and I don’t live in a regional area and now when people make jokes I can’t be like “well it’s not as though we just have kangaroos wandering down our streets” because apparently we do.


Chris Stewart does it again