The Witcher 3 editing challenge -  favourite male character: Geralt of Rivia

“Evil is evil, Stregobor,” said the witcher seriously as he got up. “Lesser, greater, middling, it’s all the same. Proportions are negotiated, boundaries blurred. I’m not a pious hermit. I haven’t done only good in my life. But if I’m to choose between one evil and another, then I prefer not to choose at all.” ― Andrzej Sapkowski, The Last Wish

The Witcher 3 by StudioKxx Krzysztof Domaradzki

Series of artworks created by StudioKxx Krzysztof Domaradzki  for Limited Edition Steelbook covers for videogame The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt. The illustrations focus on depicting game characters, monsters and the gigantic, limitlessopen world of the game. 

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posted by Margaret


At the heart of the forest lies a secret. In a place born of darkness and primeval nature, resides a mighty and terrifying guardian. Immune to human steel, it is believed the Leshen is nature’s way of protecting the forest and the animals that live within it from the threat humans started to pose upon their ravaging expansion deeper into the lands…