wild horses standing

inspectorclarke  asked:

Do you have any children's books (or books you read as a child) that you still really love?

The first book I remember one of my parents reading to me is Le Petit Prince.  My dad had retained his battered (English translation) paperback from the late 1950s or early 1960s, and that’s what he read from.  In subsequent years, I inherited the copy and held onto it until it fell apart.  The cover was so blue.  That book, along with the highly inventive stories my dad’s storyteller mother flat-out made up, probably had a lot to do with setting the tone of my narrative sensibilities where bittersweet endings are concerned.  I never want bleakness to overshadow everything, and tiny, hidden corners of the world filled with roses and other oddities are the places I try so desperately to keep all these wayward lovers safe.

Strangely, I wasn’t much for picture-books when I was small, although I remember having Paul Goble’s illustrated adaptations of Native American stories (or perhaps they were just his tales influenced by those mythologies).  In any case, The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses stands out in my memory.  I’d call it a favorite, although I have no clue where my copy is now.