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Opposites Attract




“Hello, Y/N.”

You smiled as the angel approached you, sliding into the booth across from you. “Hello, Castiel.”

“I’ve missed you.”

Your heart couldn’t help but flutter. The angel was one of the cutest specimens you’d ever met and the way he moved through life… it was kind of like that scene in Bambi when he tries to cross the frozen pond. Awkward and adorable and it made you want to wrap him up in your arms and protect him. “I’ve missed you, too.”

Castiel smiled at you. Reaching across the table, he rested his hands on yours. “I am unsure why you request to meet at restaurants, though. Neither of us requires nourishment.”

“Well, neither of us require romance, but we like to indulge in it together, don’t we?”

At that moment, the angel’s phone rang. Leaving one hand resting on yours, he reached into his coat and pulled out the device. “Hello?” He was quiet for a moment. “Dean now is not… what do you mean, at the restaurant?”

At that moment, you noticed two large men in suits coming towards you. One was holding a cellphone to his ear.

“This restaurant,” the man said, taking the phone away from his ear and hanging up.

Cas had withdrawn his hand from yours, putting his own phone in his pocket. “Dean. Sam. What are you doing here?”

“Look, we gotta talk about this latest hunt you sent us on,” Dean said. He slid into the booth next to Cas, leaving Sam standing awkwardly. You gave him a nod, allowing him to scoot in next to you.

“What’s wrong?” Cas asked.

“Turns out the town’s already taken care of their were-problem. So what’s with the wild goose chase?”

‘Because I was hoping to have a few days without having to deal with you.’

You snorted slightly at Cas’ internal reasoning. You gave him a small smile.

At that moment, the waitress appeared. “I see our party’s grown. What can I get you?”

“Burger and fries,” Dean said. “Thanks.”

Sam and Cas ordered water while you indulged in a stack of pancakes. Once the waitress disappeared into the kitchen, Dean turned his gaze to you. “Who’s this?”

“This… is Y/N.”

“Another angel?”

You laughed slightly. “I’m–”

“My girlfriend.”

All eyes turned to Cas, whose own eyes were slightly squinted, questioning if he’d made the right decision.

“Holy crap,” Dean said slowly. “Never thought I’d see the day when Wings here would have himself a lady friend.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” Sam said, holding a hand out to you.

“Same,” you said, shaking his hand. His grip tightened ever so slightly, causing you to look up. You gave him a small smile as you slipped your hand out of his.

“So how long as this been happening?” Dean asked.

“We’ve been seeing each other for about five months,” Cas said. (You were touched that he’d remembered.)

“Five months? And we’re just now hearing about it? What the hell, man?”

“Y/N prefers our relationship to be… private.”

“Well, well,” Dean said, shooting you a wink. “What sort of things do you two do that requires privacy?”

“You do realize that defeats the definition of ‘privacy’, right?” you asked.


“Well, this was certainly… an evening,” you said as the four of you walked out of the diner. “I can’t say it was the most enjoyable, but hey, it wasn’t the least.”

“Aim for the middle-ground, that’s what I always say,” Dean said.

“At least you know where you belong.” You turned to Castiel. “I’m going to head back. Feel free to come over when you get done with these two.”

Cas nodded, giving your hand a small squeeze. The Winchesters watched as you disappeared.

“It’s nice that you found a girl, Cas,” Dean said. “Really. And she’s an angel, so she gets your whole lifestyle.”

“She’s not an angel,” Sam said.

“What do you mean?”

Sam turned. “Cas, you… you do know she’s a demon, right?”

“Of course.”

“She’s a what?!”

“It’s not that big of a deal,” Cas said.

“The hell it isn’t!” Dean turned to the angel. “So, what, you’re trying to get some info out of her? Playing a long game, keeping her under your wing until you get what you need?”

“No, Dean. She and I are in a legitimate relationship.”

“But she’s a demon!”

“And I love her!”

The Winchesters stared at Cas, unsure what they’d heard. “You…”

“Yes, Sam. I love her. I know she’s a demon and I know that I’m an angel, but that doesn’t mean anything. You know some of my brothers fall far from the ‘angelic’ nature you would expect. If there can be less-than-good angels, why can’t there be good demons?”


“No, Dean. Don’t try to explain anything to me. Y/N and I are good together and I have absolutely no intention of leaving her.”

“But Cas,”

“And I especially don’t want to hear anything from you, Sam.”


49. Leonard x young fem!reader x Mick (platonic)

( gif source: coldwavelegends trechos-of-books)

Summary: You’re a young teenager who has telepathy and is telekinetic. The team finds you after a particular nasty encounter with a criminal. They’re gonna go take him out but don’t want to leave you alone. Mick and Leonard volunteer to stay with you at first everyone is a bit weary but they realize that they want you be safe.

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By AllyinthekeyofX

Dialogue only for @xfficchallenges

They are driving.  It’s in-car dialogue and dialogue isn’t my strong point but I tried!  Thanks as always to @guitargirl48 for being my fic rock and telling me it wasn’t too crap.


“Hey Scully, you want to play a game?….eye spy? Make the trip pass faster.”

“Mulder, in case it hasn’t registered through your layers of obsessional focus - the same obsessional focus that dragged me out of bed at 4am on a  precious saturday morning to go haring half way across the country on what will probably be yet another wild goose chase, I should probably point out that it is still dark outside”

“There are lots of things we could see in the dark Scully.”

“lots of things YOU could see in the dark Mulder.  I on the other hand just want to sit here and try to persuade my body that it’s still under the influence of restful slumber.”

“Do I take that as a no?”


“Yes no or yes yes?”


“Yes you want to play a game or no you want me to shut the hell up?”

“Mulder you don’t have to shut the hell up.  I kind of like it when you talk..”

“You do?”

“Yeah.  The sound of your voice puts me to sleep.”


“I didn’t mean it like that.”


“Mulder are you sulking?”


“You are.  You’re sulking because I won’t play a game…..oh for fuck sake. Will you stop it?”

“Stop what?  I’m not doing anything..”

“You’re doing that thing with your face…that kicked puppy thing.”

“Kicked puppy thing?  Scully you’re delusional.”

“No.  I’m not at all.  Every time you don’t get your own way you pull this face….”

“Awww Scully you look kind of cute all wrinkled up like a baby armadillo”

“Eyes on the road Mulder, right now.”

“You were the one who told me to look at your face….your armadillo face…your cute wrinkled armadillo face…hey Scully did you know that armadillos are genetically predisposed to only giving birth to quadruplets?  Pretty cool huh?”

“Amazing.  I’ve been waiting my whole life to unlock the secrets of armadillo procreation.  Thanks for that.”

“Ok, how about this one.  Horses lack the ability to breathe through their mouths.”

“I know.”

“You know?”



“Mulder I just know.  I don’t know how I know.  How the hell do you know that armadillos only give birth to litters of four?…sometimes we just know pointless bits of information and our brains store it for no other reason than to annoy our FBI partners at 5am on a saturday morning.”

“No information is pointless Scully.”

“Yeah well, I’ll grant you that all information has a certain relevance to someone, but it’s all relative as to how much weight we allot to any given subject.  For example, did you know that brain freeze is actually an accepted medical condition?”

“Brain freeze?  As in eating ice- cream- too- fast brain freeze?”

“Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia; commonly known as brain freeze”

“I love it when you talk medical Scully.  Okay, did you know that comparative to body mass, a barnacle has the largest penis known in nature?”

“You just made that up.”

“No I swear it’s absolutely true. Why do you think lady barnacles always look so happy?”

 “Hmmm okay, well did you know the ‘dot’ over the top of the letter j is called a tittle?”

“Not bad Scully.  But yes I did and I’m never adverse to a nice tittle.”

“Mulder that was terrible even by your standards.  Ask me another.”

“Another what?”

“Another pointless fact question.”

“I thought you wanted to sleep? Okay, pointless fact about sleep.  Did you know that before the introduction of colour television, only around 15% of people dreamed in colour?  Now it’s more like 82%  I mean how weird is that?  It’s like The Wizard of Oz….everything in black and white and then suddenly there it is - a technicolour landscape laid out for the taking.  Makes me wonder if our dreams are somehow subconscious links to our viewing habits.  That if I watched nothing but cookery shows I would dream in smell-a-vision….it’s a whole new spin on waking up and smelling the coffee….in fact on the subject of coffee, I could use some caffeine right about now.  What say we pull over at the next………oh.”

(Whispered) “Hey Scully, did you know that sea otters hold hands when one is sleeping to ensure they never drift away from each other?…..”



Prompt: If you walk out that door, don’t ever come back.

AN: Thank you to my wonderful beta’s for plowing through my stories

Words: 741

“If you walk out that door, don’t ever come back.”

Your husband flinches as light floods the room. He’s dressed in his usual vigilante attire, and his hood is in his right hand. He turns towards you slowly, charming grin in place. “It’s just for a few hours.”

You smirk, “The party will be over in a few hours.”

He gestures towards the skyline of the city, just outside the balcony doors, “Gotham …”

You stop him before he starts, “Gotham will be fine for a few hours. The minute the party is over you and your brothers will be out on the street fighting the bad guys just like you always do. But until then, it’s Bruce’s birthday.”

Jason sighs and closes the glass door, “Honestly, the best gift we could give the guy is to get him out of this party. He hates these things, almost as much as I do.”

You laugh a bit as you take his hand and lead him back to the bedroom. As soon as the door is closed behind you, you let go of his hand and move towards the bathroom vanity. Your hair is already done, and all that’s left of your makeup is a bit of mascara and some lipstick. You hear the faint sound of clothes as Jason changes and grumbles.

“I just don’t get why we have to go, he doesn’t even like me that much.”

You smile, and look at him in the mirror, “You’re right, he loves you. You’re his son.”

He smirks, “Sure, throw that in my face.”

You shrug, and let your robe slip down before grabbing your dress. It shows a bit of skin, but still leaves something to the imagination. You walk in your stocking feet back to the bed before sitting down and sliding one heel on before holding out your foot. With the exception of his jacket, Jason is all ready to go.

He kneels, and without a word, fastens the straps before moving to the other one. He fastens the other one and winks at you “No wild goose chases tonight. I don’t want you disappearing and leaving only a shoe behind to remember you by.”

You smile, “Well, you are my very own prince charming. To be honest though, it will be a miracle if I make it through this entire party in these shoes.”

“Stephanie force you to go shopping again?” You nod.

He just winks at you and holds out his tie. You fiddle with it for a bit before actually tying it. “So how long do we actually have to stay at this thing?”

You shrug as you begin to tie it, “Three hours max. We eat some fancy food, drink expensive alcohol, make nice with your dad’s fake friends. Then we come home, I pry these shoes off, and change into yoga pants, while you change into your gear and save the world as we know it.” You finish the tie and make sure to leave it a little loose so he doesn’t feel trapped.

As you pull away, he pulls you back into his arms and kisses you. When he pulls back he has a smidge of lipstick on his lips “A very solid plan, light of my life, but you forgot one part.”

You wrap your arms around his neck with a smile and say, “Oh, and what’s that?”

“In-between the taking off the clothes and changing into new ones you forgot the part where I ravish you, and then go and save the world as we know it.”

You nod your head a bit before saying, “I’ll have to check my schedule, new episodes are released tonight on Netflix and I need to see what comes out.”  

You pull away from a baffled Jason, before grabbing your clutch and running down the hall. He picks up the chase with a grin. You make it out the front doorway, and he all of a sudden just stops in the doorway. You raise an eyebrow in question, and he asks, “Do I get to come back if I step through this doorway?”

With a grin and a wink, you say, “Just as long as you follow through on that plan to ravish me.” And without another word you begin making your way down the hall.

Jason just grins, does a little fist pump, and watches you walk, as he follows you down the hallway.

Frozen! Michael

So I switched it up a bit, Y/N and Michael’s storyline is different to Anna and Kristoff’s, but the roles are the same so Y/N is a Princess and Michael sells ice. 

Words: 6.8K 


Summary: Y/N is the Princess of Arendelle, sister of the Ice Prince Ashton. She’s always disliked Michael, mainly because he disliked her. After 5 years of not seeing each other due to Y/N being on a Princess trip around the world, things get strange when she has to pick a Prince to marry.


I was the Princess Y/N of Arendelle. A Princess. I did not expect to be treated like this, especially starting a new school. I had gone into the forest, expecting to read a book by the riverside as it was now summer. Plus my brother, Ashton the Prince of Arendelle never liked to come out of his room. I was 14 and I wasn’t the best looking Princess but being jabbed in the side constantly wasn’t very nice. I had managed to get around halfway through the forest before tripping over a rock. Then Michael came out with his stupid moose or it might have been a reindeer Sven and started bothering me like always. 

“Please get away from me” I groaned walking towards the glimmering water that I could see between the tree’s. I sped up my footing trying to get away from the blonde boy. Me and Michael had been like this for a while, he was the annoying kid with no parents and talked to rocks. At first when we met ages ago I felt bad for him, that was before he shoved a frog in my face and placed it on my hair. 

“But why?” he giggled, treading on the backs of my shoes. Which happen to be my favourite pumps that my mum bought me for the royal ball. I turned round a glared at him. 

“Because you’re annoying me” Michael was still the most annoying kid ever with his green eye’s and blonde hair, he was certainly no Prince material. I rolled my eye’s and skipped to the lake, outrunning Michael. I got down to the tree near the lake and sat against it, the bark most likely rubbing up my dress.  The lake appeared as if by magic as I crested the ridge. It was in teardrop-silver in colour and it was shaped like a perfectly flat disc of metal. No sound rang out from the shimmering emptiness of space around it. Monastery quiet, it was lined with pine trees and the whiff of mint wafted around. 

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Son of a Patriotic Biscuit (Part 4)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 2067

Warnings: Mentions of torture (Nothing particularly graphic, but if I’m wrong please correct me)

A/N: Two parts to go after this, guys! Thanks for sticking with me for the ride, I really appreciate it! Tag list for this as well as other fics is open, so if you want to be added don’t be afraid to let me know! As always, feedback is appreciated. Gif is not mine

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

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“So, it appears that our very own little experiment 239 has come back to us.”

“Really? I’ve heard the stories, but I honestly thought they were a myth.”

“No, they’re true - this is the only one that ever escaped us. But we’ve got her back now, and she certainly isn’t getting away again.” I heard three voices as I returned to the waking world, my head throbbing viciously. Keeping my breath slow and even, I cast out my net of available senses into my surroundings. I was bound on a table, my wings stretched and restrained as well (no surprise there). With a sinking heart, I realized where I was - back in my old room.

“I think she’s waking up,” one of the bunch finally noticed.

“Well, let’s give her a nice warm welcome home then, yeah?” It was anything but warm. A bucket of ice cold water was tossed over my body and I instantly reacted, only to find that the restraints let me move no more than a couple of centimeters.

“I’m not telling you anything,” I spat once I had regained my breath.

“Oh no, we don’t need anything you can tell us.” The blond scientist on my right chuckled. “No, it’s back to the experiments with you.” With that, I was whisked off under heavy guard to the lab room I knew too well. It doubled as a simulator room - they would throw any possible obstacle at the victim and record the response. Simple enough, but it could be deadly. It was even worse, knowing there was nothing I could say or do to get them to stop, short of dying that is.

Several hours later saw me curled in a corner of the room, shivering violently. I had just faced extremely cold temperatures, and I was only in my battle suit, which was not particularly built to withstand freezing to this degree. My wings were curled around me as best as they could, but they were stiff with injuries and the cold. A strangled gasp left my throat as a massive shock ran through my body, likely generated by the floor. Before, I would have fought to find something non-conductive to climb onto, but my vision was already spotty at best and with the bullet wounds still tender (there was blood leaking through the bandages by now) I was unable to even stand.

All of a sudden, the torment stopped and I looked up, wary of something else starting. The only things I heard, however, were loud voices arguing over something in the observation room. Grateful for the brief respite, I sprawled across the floor, gasping for air like a fish out of water as every muscle trembled uncontrollably.

The door was slammed open and I shot bolt upright, falling backward again as I tried to stand but failed, my injured leg buckling under my weight. A military looking man dressed from head to toe in black tactical gear sauntered into the room, looking at me like I was less than the dirt on his shoes.

“You can’t just take our experiment!” One of the experimenters came rushing after him, white lab coat stark against the black suit as he tried to pull the unfamiliar man out.

“I can and I will. Do you not remember our agreement, doctor? Will I have to remind you?” I knew a bluff when I saw one, and the implicit threat was most definitely not fake. As the scientist shrank back under the man’s intense glare, he strode over to me, hauling me upright by my injured arm. I let out a howl of pain at that, but it only served to tighten his grip. He dragged me to a nearby room, throwing me roughly onto a steel table.

“Now, you’re going to tell me all about your little friends, the Avengers.”

“I am disinclined to acquiesce to your request.” I smirked slightly. “Means ‘no.’”

“I was hoping you would say that.” His own grin, though far more malicious than mine, spread crookedly. “After all, it gives me a chance to test out some of our new technology. I’d hate for it to go to waste. One last chance to give me what I want?”

“Over. My. Dead. Body,” I snarled.

“Lovely. Let’s begin, shall we?”

Days dragged into weeks, all following the same routine. The little guttersnipe would come in, wake me up with a nice, cold bucket of water before asking me to just tell him. I would say no, he would laugh and say that it was the answer he was hoping for. I had been moved into another room, one where I was strung up, dangling by my hands, with my wings held outstretched and my toes barely reaching the floor. Somehow, I continued to hold out against the torture, though I would have preferred to be dead right about then.  Some days, he would be the one tormenting me (quite honestly, I had never bothered to learn his name) while other days he would send a lackey in to do his dirty work. Poisons that made the nerves extra-sensitive were commonplace at the start of these little ‘sessions.’ Blowtorches were a favorite and a common occurrence, as were knives and a particular whip.

“Just give him what he wants. He always gets what he wants in the end.” Today’s minion was just like all the rest of them. “It’ll be easier for you to just tell him.”

“Tell him, huh?” I raised an eyebrow, cracking open a scab a little. “Well how about this. You tell that loathsome, foul, little cockroach that I’ve no intention of telling him. Ever. Capiche? He might as well stop trying.”

“Very well.” He rolled his eyes at me as he stepped toward where I hung, my clothes in tatters, with the vicious whip in his hand. My one good leg wouldn’t hold out much longer, and that would then pull both shoulders from their sockets. It wouldn’t be long now, I could feel it. Whatever had been protecting me was wearing away, and I was tiring. Thoughts flew through my head at a mile a second, thoughts of what false information I could trick him with, what wild goose chases I could send him on.

The sounds of a commotion barely registered in my ears over the tongues of flame licking at my back and the screams I hardly recognized as my own. Even when it did, I was sure I was imagining it, like I had done countless times already. It finally caught my attention when a white-coated scientist came bursting through the door, bringing with him the sounds of a fight as he pulled my tormentor aside and murmured a few words in the man’s ear.

“What? Are you sure?” Black-Suit exclaimed, apparently taken aback at whatever news he had just received. “Alright. I’ll deal with this end.” With a nod, White-Coat went running back through the door, only to be shot down directly in my view. That definitely startled the man still in the room, and he moved to gather up something  from behind me.

As it turned out, even with his speeding up the man moved too slowly. A round shield came flying out of nowhere, barely missing me but hitting Black-Suit squarely in the back of the head. I was too far gone at that point to realize the implications of it until Steve appeared in the doorway. The worry in his gaze only half registered then, but I knew I had to be quite the sight, blood-covered and half dead as I was. Thor was only a half of a second behind him, and while Steve moved to free me the god took care of securing our prisoner.

“Feathers? You with me?” His voice was gentle as he undid my chains and I collapsed into his arms. Despite his tenderness, I let out a cry of pain at the added agony from jostling my injuries.

“Fricken fracken, mother truckin’, son of a biscuit eating, little artifact with the brains of a donkey,” I managed a smile that felt more like a grimace, curling into Steve’s arms as comfortably as I could. My blood was draining from me much faster than he would’ve liked, I could see it in his eyes.

“How is the Lady Y/N?” Thor asked in his booming voice, though he made noticeable effort to speak more quietly than normal as he slung my tormentor over his shoulder roughly.

“Definitely going to pull through, if her insults are anything to go by.” His words sounded almost more like a reassurance for himself than anything else. The rocking motion of the super soldier’s gait was calming, the safety I now felt slowly luring me away from consciousness. “Hey, stay with me, alright, sweetheart?”

With valiant effort, I managed to crack one eye back open and glare at him like he had woken me for early morning training. “Fricken fracken, mother truckin’, son of a biscuit eating, little unpunctual perpetually late, purple twinkie… I can’t seem to stay away from you,” The pain must’ve been getting to my head if I was saying that out loud, albeit muttered under my breath, even quieter than normal because I was almost completely unconscious.

“Aren’t you ever going to stop with the insults? I did just save your life.” I felt the vibrations of his laughter from where my head rested against him.

“That’s commendable. Really, it is. But the stars are not in position for that. Nope. Can’t do it. Not today.” The smell of him surrounded me, and I knew I was safe at last. Safe enough that I wasn’t afraid to let go. My fear regarding death had only ever been that I was going to die alone, but I was home now, in his arms. Or as close to home as I was going to get. “Hey, Steve?”

“Yeah, doll?”

“I’m… sorry… I don’t think… I’m gonna…” I trailed off, my eyes closing when I no longer had the strength to keep them open.

“No, no, no, no. You’re gonna be just fine, Feathers.” His voice was desperate, and I felt a little sad at the thought of leaving him behind, but the darkness around the edge of my mind was calling me. “We’re almost to the jet. We’ve just got to get you home, and it’ll all be alright. Open your eyes back up for me. Just look at me, please. We barely got you back, you can’t leave already!

“Please…” I didn’t hear the rest of the phrase as the darkness enfolded all of my senses, warm and comforting like an old friend.

Steve’s POV

“No, no, no, no. You’re gonna be just fine, Feathers,” I said, panicking as I saw her eyes closing. “We’re almost to the jet. We’ve just got to get you home, and it’ll all be alright. Open your eyes back up for me. Just look at me, please! We barely got you back, you can’t leave already! Please don’t go.” It was too late - her eyes were already shut and she had gone limp in my arms.

“Please, doll,” I repeated, blinking back the sudden wetness in my eyes. “Please, I love you. You can’t leave. Not like this.” In a haze, I rushed to the quinjet with Thor on my tail, desperately hoping that there was still something that Bruce could do. When we made it, I saw his face pale at the sight of her as he moved to check her over. I barely registered anything more than his voice telling me where to put her, to hold her down, to lift something as he examined the suddenly small figure I had been holding in my arms.

What felt like hours later, he finally slumped into a chair with a sigh of some emotion I didn’t pay attention to. I could feel my heart sinking, thinking that there was nothing more to be done, when he looked up at me with an exhausted smile.

“She’ll pull through.” Three little words brought the smallest of smiles up to tug at my lips, too tired to do more than twitch. That was all it had taken to bring hope back to what had become a very dark and almost empty world at the thought of her not being in it.

Part Five

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Series Masterlist

Something That Finds You: Chapter 9

Fandom: Zootopia
Pairing: Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps
Rating: T
WC: 3418
Summary: “Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.”

In a time of tension in the land of Zootopia, Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps are arranged to be married as a symbol of peace and unity. The only problem? They can’t stand each other (the 8 year age gap doesn’t help either). A story following Nick and Judy growing up together, through all the good and bad.

[A/N]: While writing this chapter, I was heavily inspired by the song “Hunnie Pie,” by Zella Day. It’s so fluffy and romantic, if you’re interested you guys should totally check it out!

Chapter Selection: [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]-9-[10]

Judy was tucked away in the shade of an apple tree, the same apple tree she’d practically grown up under. Her lessons were over for the day and she’d wanted to find a nice spot to read; this seemed like the perfect place. When she’d first approached it, she couldn’t help but remember that this was the same tree Nick had kissed that vixen under when he was 16, then immediately hated herself for remembering that, let alone caring at all.

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Kelly Clarkson Talks New LP, Top Female Execs Speak Out at Music Biz 2017
By Chris Talbott

NASHVILLE  — At the “Music’s Leading Ladies Speak Out” presentation at the Music Biz conference on Tuesday, Atlantic Records co-chairman/COO Julie Greenwald told a story that more than lived up to the event’s name. She was speaking of the first time she heard the forthcoming new album — and Atlantic debut — from Kelly Clarkson.

“I put the record on and it was like she kicked through the door,” Greenwald said in a Q&A session with Clarkson moderated by NPR’s Ann Powers. “I say to people all the time: I run a record company, I could eat you, that’s part of my rep. And we all know Kelly has this big voice. But these songs have so much attitude. She’s not walking through the door, she’s kicking it the f— open.”

She may have been talking about an album, but Greenwald set the theme for the presentation — which also featured an introduction from Nielsen Music SVP Erin Crawford and a panel with CMT senior vice president Leslie Fram, Country Music Association CEO Sarah Trahern, Red Light artist manager Tracy Gershon and Cosynd CEO/Women in Music president Jessica Sobhraj — offering insights on how to bring more women into the industry as artists and professionals.

“It’s got a lot of sass — like I might beat you up with my sound,” Clarkson said of her still-untitled album, which she says is a mixture of “urban, pop, soulful R&B” and is due later in the year. “My backup singers who’ve worked with me for years said ‘It’s the first time you’ve done a record that’s, like, full-on your personality.’”

For an artist who began her career by topping a favored Justin Guarini in the first season of “American Idol,” sparred publicly with music industry titan Clive Davis and is known for empowering songs like “Stronger” and “Since U Been Gone,” that’s saying something.

“I’ve always been a confident person, I think that’s just being Texan,” Clarkson said. “But I think being a mom has brought another level of confidence, because basically the things a mom does daily — without adding a job — is pretty insane. We’re gladiators, basically.”

Finding that elusive work/life balance that also allows an artist or professional to chase her passion was a key topic during the two-hour discussion.

Greenwald explained how she rose through the ranks under the tutelage of Lyor Cohen, with whom she worked at Rush Management, Def Jam Records and Atlantic. She said she was often the only woman in the room and found ways to engineer greater acceptance for herself in the highest levels of the industry. She believes in building an environment that fosters risk-taking and free-form ideas, things that helped her and Cohen innovate on the frontlines of hip-hop in the early 1990s.

“Lyor was incredible,” she said. “He allowed me to be fearless. He encouraged me every day to take risks, and I take everything that I learned from him and share that with everybody that I mentor,” Greenwald said. “But one thing I did change is he really didn’t let me take maternity leave with either of my kids. There were just certain things like that where if I’d had a woman boss, maybe she would say, ‘You could at least take a week off.’”

She fights that syndrome now, trying to help her employees avoid the familiar traps she fell into.

“I really only see my children in the morning and then on the weekend,” Greenwald said. “So I really try to make sure the other women who work for me know, ‘Hey, listen, you have an iPhone, you have a laptop, it’s okay. Don’t miss certain events, because you’re not going to get them back. I try to teach a lot of my young ones to learn from my mistakes. That new-baby smell goes away and they become smelly!”

She said she admires Clarkson’s fierce protection of family time — the singer has a blended family of four children with husband and Nashville manager Brandon Blackstock — or at least including them in her life.

“She protects her family,” Greenwald said. “‘I’m going to work, I’m going to kick ass, but I’m going to protect my time for my family. As a woman, I respect that so much.”

The panelists stressed the importance of networking, building relationship and supporting other women to the scores of young female professionals and students in the several-hundred-strong crowd.

“Find the people that are your people,” Trahern said. “Tracy and I have been walking in the park on the weekends for many years. We may only get to do it a few times a year, but you can cut to the chase even if you don’t see each other often. We all grew up in this generation together. You find those people in your group and you’re going to grow together.”

And everyone agreed passion was the most important hallmark they look for when mentoring and placing potential employees.

“You’ve just got to roll your sleeves up and do it,” Sobrahj said. “Nothing pisses me off more than having an intern or an assistant who says, ‘I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to draft those tweets. I’m not going to get that coffee.’ I’m the CEO of my company and I’ll go get anybody a cup of coffee. I don’t care — because if you’re not going to roll your sleeves up and dive in, then why are you doing it?”

Gershon told a story that vividly illustrated Sobrahj’s point and demonstrated the lengths to which she’ll go to help a client — in this case rockabilly singer/guitarist Rosie Flores.

“She needed $1,500 to go into the studio,” Gershon said. “I said, ‘I know — I’ll [get the money by] going on a game show.’ I dressed up in the dumbest outfit and frosted my hair and jumped up and down like a wild goose and told them I was a senior aerobics instructor — and yes, I got on that show. It was called ‘Hot Streak.’ I won $1,600 and luggage, and literally that’s how we got Rosie in the studio. And basically, [the resulting recordings] won her a deal with Warner Bros.”

Drabble 4: Homecoming-- John Laurens

Request!: DRABBLE: JOHN LAUR 208. “It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.” MORREEEE

Paring: John Laurens X Reader

TW: Cursing, yelling, sadness… i hope there isn’t any others…

WC: 986

A/n- We hope you like it Anon who requested 8 request! ONTO AARON BURR!!


“John!” John heard a voice call his name and he turned around tiredly.   

“Hey, Eliza.” John yawned while walking over to hug his friend. It was 7:35 AM and John was at school when he was usually asleep.

“Did you finish it?” Eliza asked excitedly when she saw the rolled up poster board in John’s hand held by a single rubber band he stole from his younger sister.

“Yeah, Martha and I stayed up all night.”

“Can I see it?” Eliza asked and John shook his head taking out his phone.

“Not right now, we have to get to the others to finish up the poster they’re getting antsy.“

Eliza sighed and nodded. John and Eliza then started walking towards the auditorium.


John was currently on a ladder, trying to fix the banner so that it was straight.                                                    

“To the left.” Angelica instructed, John moved the banner. “No, to your other left!”

“Guys, emergency!” Alexander ran up the stairs to the stage. John moved the string of the banner to the right.

“No, no, down.” Angelica corrected, John huffed and moved it down.

“Guys!” Alex whined.

“What is it, Alex?” John said while he tied the banner to the mount on the wall.


“WHAT?” Everyone collectively stopped setting up the decorations to look at Alex, hoping that he was kidding.

“I’M NOT KIDDING!” Alex exclaimed.

“Holy shit!” John looked around, everything wasn’t finished. “Angelica, Eliza, Peggy!”

“Yes?” All three girls looked up. Eliza was on a ladder too, while Peggy was passing her decorations, and Angelica was next to John.

“Go distract Y/n until we’re done!” He ordered and Eliza started climbing from the ladder.

“On it!” Peggy ran from the back of the stage, jumped off, and kept running until she was out of the door. Eliza and Angelica were following close behind.

“Okay!” John clapped his hands together, getting the attention of the rest of his friends. “Hercules, take Eliza’s place! Alex, help him, Lafayette help me with the rest of the decorations!”

“Yes, sir!” The boys then ran off to finish up, before you entered the auditorium.

Ten minutes later, the door opened and Peggy ran inside whisper-yelling that you were coming. The boys scrambled to their places, and Alexander turned off the lights.

“Y/n!” A voice infiltrated the sound your headphones were blasting in your ears.

“Peggy?” You looked up from texting on your phone and stopped walking. “Why are you running?”

“Because I missed you!” She smiled an innocent smile.

“You saw me yesterday-”

“Y/n!” Two more voices called out and you looked behind to see Eliza and Angelica. They ran up and engulfed you in a hug somehow turning you away from your path. Peggy joined the hug.

“You are all way too excited to see me!” You said with the equal enthusiasm that they were feeling.

“Come on! The other’s will be too!” Peggy took your hand and led you towards the cafeteria, which ic all the way across the school away from the auditorium.

Then you were off on a wild goose chase.


“Girls! I love you, but we’ve walked all the way around the school just to end up back where we were in the first place! I need to see John!”

“Okay, okay. Let’s go!” Peggy took your hand again, and you were skeptical. She sighed. “Okay, okay, I’ll just walk ahead, if you don’t trust me to lead ya anymore!”

You followed behind Peggy, and started talking with Eliza and Angelica not noticing Peggy slipping ahead to warn the boys.


“Why is it dark in here? Doesn’t Letto always keep the lights on? Wait, where are the others? I swear to god Pegg-”

A blinding light suddenly illuminated the room. You instinctively covered your eyes trying to adjust to the new light, but kept walking. Once your eyes adjusted, you looked toward the stage.

In front of you, you saw John holding a poster, so you moved closer to view it. It was colorful and decorated in a bubble letter font.Looking closer, you noticed a small turtle as the dot in the exclamation mark.

“Remember when you said ‘It must be hard with your sense of direction,

never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.’?

Then you asked me if i needed a map?

Well I got a map, but it didn’t help

When I got lost in your eyes!”

You chuckled, “You still don’t know how to find a decent pick up line Laurens.”

“I know, I know, but hear me out, I’ve been practicing all day.” John smiled helping you up onto the stage.

“While I was looking at your eyes, I realized they were like stars, which so happens to be the theme of… TA-DA!!!” John pointed toward the banner hanging above him. It was also decorated with the font from the poster.


“Okay, what i’m trying to say is, Y/n, will you be my homecoming date?” You could feel everyone’s eyes on you. You stared up at eh banner and the poster in astonishment. All of this was for you?

“I would love to go with you-”

“YAY!!! SHE SAID YES!!!” All of your friends cheered, but then you remembered your reason of needing to speak to John.

Your smile faltered, “J-john..”

The cheering continued.

“John.” You tried again to gain his attention.

“JOHN!” You spoke over the loud cheering.

“Yeah?” He answered you, slowly halting his dance moves when he saw your expression.

You sighed, “John, I would love to go with you, but…”


“John, I’m moving.” You spoke quietly but loud enough for the others to hear you.

“I’m moving in a week, to England… Manchester, to be exact..” You sighed, not having the heart to look John in the eye. “I’m not going to Homecoming.”


anonymous asked:

Omg. Waru!! Haha! I'd actually managed to block that book's existence in my mind. There was another book I was disappointed in where Luke when on a journey to find his mom. I thought, "Finally! A mom is important in the Star Wars/STar Trek/ (insert book series here) for being more than just a footnote!" I think it turned out to be a wild goose chase or something? I was so disappointed because I wanted to learn about Luke and Leia's mom and got nothing.

There should have been a whole book just about those two discovering more about Padme but also reflecting on the women who were their mothers in al respects but blood: Breha and Beru. But instead we get more super weapons and WARU.

Sam Winchester-Too young Part 4

Title: Too Young Part 4

Pairings: Sam Winchester x sister reader

Word count:1025

Request:Omg I love Too Young! Please tell me there are going to be more parts!!


Request:Please tell me you are going toncontinue too young

Request:Hey, first of all I LOVE 5SOS too and second if you could please do another part for Too Young 🙏🏻🙏🏻 you’re writing is seriously mind blowing 💞 Ily😘💕

Links:Too young, Too young part 2, Too young part 3

As for now you were sleeping soundly.

Sam and Dean had been looking into your dreams; they contacted Cas and looked up every Lore they could. Cas too grew concerned over your well being but he was stumped on what it could possibly be.

At first, Cas had suggested that maybe you were having normal nightmares and had rolled about in your sleep and hurt yourself but when Sam explained that you got a hand print bruise and that there was no possible way of accidently making that, Cas too agreed something wasn’t right.

Cas sat you down and asked you to explain every detail. You didn’t want to and you grew uncomfortable but you really liked Cas and Sam was with you the whole time.

Dean went out to speak to professors near by or any type of Folk Lore they had missed.

You were currently sitting down next to Sam, your small frame merged into his large one as he ran a comforting hand over your locks.

Cas sat opposite the two of you, hands buried against his knee’s as he waited patiently.

You began to describe your dream to him (the one you had last night) even though it was hard to remember exactly.

“Do you see his face?’‘Cas asked quietly. You shook your head, looking up at Sam who gave you a nod of reassurance.

’'No. It’s too dark…b-but…’'You trailed off. Cas leaned forward, doing his signature head tilt as he squinted.

’'Yes, (Y/n). What is it? Remember, no detail is to small’'Cas smiled gently. You rolled your fingertips between the empty space of your palm as you licked your crackled lips.

’'He has red eyes. Big, scary red eyes’'You whispered, shrinking back. Sam patted your back soothingly as Cas titled his head to think.

’'Red eyes- that’s…a upper level demon. A really high level.’'Sam thought aloud. Cas nodded with a hum of agreement.

’'And you’re sure you didn’t catch anything else?’'Cas repeated slowly.

’'bubby I’m tired’'You yawned, tugging on Sam’s sleeve. Sam looked down, giving Cas a helpless shrug before nodding at you.

’'Okay. You did well, baby, c'mon’'Sam reassured, standing up and pulling you up into his chest. You rested your head on his broad shoulder, wrapping your arms around his neck as you closed your eyes.

Sam rocked slightly but remained where he was so he could talk to Cas. He rubbed his large hand comfortingly over your back whilst listening to Castiel’s words.

The door creaked open as Dean came through, he paused and made his movements more quiet when he noticed you were asleep.

’'She say anything?’'Dean asked, his green orbs flickering over to you and then back to Sam.

’'She said he had red eyes. You know what I’m thinking?’'Cas mumbled. Dean looked at Cas with a shocked expression as his brow furrowed.

’'No…he wouldn’t…oh that son of a bitch. I’m gonna kill him’'Dean grunted as he tugged at the strands of hair on the nape of his neck.

’'Dean, we’re not completely sure it’s him. What could he possibly get by doing this to her?-”

Dean cut Sam off with a short growl. “Because he’s a sick bastard that’s why. I wouldn’t give him the time of day, you can’t say he’s all rainbows and lollipops’'Dean grunted.

’'Yes but Sam is right. He has changed ever so slightly so unless he is after something important it may not be him. This leaves us with a bigger problem’'Cas informed with worry.

’'Let’s go check it out then. We can drop (Y/n) off with Jody and then head that way’'Sam stated.

Dean grabbed the Impala keys, all three of them heading out the bunker door and into the Impala.


The three tall men were waiting on the side of the road. A empty and silent path was filled with just the three fuming characters as they waited impatiently.

Dean paced back and fourth, the phone ringing in his ears as he muttered under his breath.

’'C'mon, C'mon. Pick up’'Dean growled out. He froze in his place when the phone was finally answered. ’'Finally! where the hell are you?’'Dean snapped.

Dean’s face contorted into a pissed expression as he rubbed his temples before his tried to relax his tense form. ’'Yeah, yeah, whatever. Just get here as quick as you can’'Dean snapped.

Sam leaned back against the hood of the Impala, his hands slumped in his pockets as he watched his brother with a worried expression.

’'He’s on his way’'Dean muttered, still pacing back and fourth.

’'What do we do if it is him? I mean we’ve always tried to do something but it’s always failed’'Sam broke in, finally saying the thing no one else wanted to admit too.

’'Yeah but this time it’s personal. Nobody lays a finger on my baby sister’'Dean barked.

’'I shall smite him’'Cas declared.

’'Easy there, tiger. No one’s rushing into anything’'Dean lectured. ’'If it is him then we’re gonna make sure he feels exactly what he deserves”

Sam stood up straight, Castiel’s face turning rigid and Dean spinning around so he was no longer facing his back to the on coming jet black car that strolled up the highway.

The car pulled over, screeching to a stop right next to them. The window rolled down as a musky scent left the air and coated their noses.

Dean rolled his eyes as the dramatic entrance before the door clicked open and shiny, black suit shoes hit the floor.

“Ah…Squirrel, moose…what can I do you for?’'he jibed. He stood up, gripping his suit collar and straightening out the crease before flicking away a speck of dirt on his collar.

’'Crowley’'Cas bellowed.

’'Geesh…what crawled up your angel ass and died. I’m so glad my presence brings joy to you’'Crowley mocked. ’'Always nice to be wanted”

“Shut up, Crowley’'Sam quipped.

’'Listen I’m gonna break this down easily for you’'Dean laughed bitterly. Crowley yelped in surprise when Dean’s fingers launched around his collar and slammed him into his car.

’'Whoa, whoa…calm down squirrel. This is brand new suit! it’s Italian!’'Crowley reminded as he looked down at his suit to see if any damage had been done.

Dean rolled his eyes sharply before slamming him once more. ’'What have you been doing to, (Y/n)?!’'Dean raged. Crowley’s brows shot up as an amused expression yet slightly confused fell on his features.

’'Well I have to say Squirrel. She’s a bit young for my liking’'Crowley wheezed, flinching slightly.

’'So it is not you’'Cas queried. Crowley gave him a startled and confused look as he kept his arms held up in defence.

’'Look, as fun as it is to watch you go on a wild goose chase; I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about’'Crowley urged.

Dean slowly let him down as Crowley wiped down his suit with a sharp glare in Dean’s direction.

’'What’s baby Winchester got herself in now?’'Crowley asked with curiosity.

’'That’s none of your business. But if I find out you had anything to do with it, or you’re lying to us then you’re dead meat’'Dean drawled. They all parted way and got into the cars as the three men sat silently in their own thoughts.

’'Dean…if it’s not, Crowley… then who is it?”

I know I am an over thinker, and an over reactor. I know that when I see the slightest change in your behavior it sends my mind on a wild goose chase. I know that I get a little much sometimes but believe me when I say I continuously beat myself up over taking it out on you. I know that being dependent on someone else is scary. I know that it does sting a little when I know something’s up and you won’t tell me anything. I know that I’m a brat all the time and I hope you know not to take me too seriously all the time. I know that you have the weirdest allergies I’ve ever heard of and that makes me laugh. I know that you think your laugh sounds like a lawn mower but I want to hear that laugh for the rest of my life. I know that you hate when I put my feet on the dash, but you know Im probably going to do it anyways. I know how you get embarrassed of me when I go on a rant around people, I can see it in your face. I know I’m loud and overconfident and proud, but please understand it took me such a long time to feel myself and be those things. I know that your eyes are my favourite shade of green I’ve ever looked at. I know to get extra croutons because you’re going to eat them all if I don’t. I know that you don’t like hearing bad things that have happened to me because you’ll get nightmares. I also know that you light up my day, that I don’t know how my life would be if I didn’t have you to laugh with, that I love you more than I’ve loved anyone, that you’re my person, and no one has ever earned that title before.
—  I know, believe me
Neighbors (8/?)

Summary:Kat is an Avenger and an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and when S.H.I.E.L.D. finds the Winter Soldier in a domesticated life she is sent in to watch over him undercover as his new neighbor.

A/N: Part eight of Neighbors. And again thank you to everyone who has sent me messages telling me how much you like the story. 

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I should have told him.

I should have told Steve everything.

But I was selfish. I knew that by telling him about Bucky he would go after him, and I would have to face the consequences of what I had done. I was finally with someone who made me fell things I had never felt before, and I didn’t want it to end.

When I left the safe house Steve told me to keep an eye out for Bucky, and gave me a map similar to his. “Call me if you see or hear anything that could help,” he told me.

Now more than ever I knew Steve would be mad at me. I was sending him on a wild gooses chase while I was with Bucky the whole time.

Before going back to the apartment I stopped by the coffee shop in front of the tower. I wasn’t expecting to see anyone from the team there, but I found Clint leaving the shop with a cup as I was walking in.

“Hey stranger,” he said when he saw me. “Long time no see.”

“I know,” I laugh.

He looks around for a second before leaning in closer to me. “We need to talk,” he whispered so no one would hear. “Nat told me about the ‘problem’ your having.”

“Of course she did,” I sighed. “Let me get some caffeine, and then we can talk,” I told him.

After getting my drink I meet with Clint outside the coffee shop and we walk down the street away from the tower and to the park.

“What exactly did she tell you,” I ask him.

“That you are in quite a pickle,” he tells me.

“That would be putting it lightly,” I mutter taking a drink of my coffee.

“Do you want to tell me what is going on?”

“I can’t,” I tell him.

“Right, because it’s ‘Top Secret,’” he says.

“How did you know,” I ask. “When you were sent after Nat. How did you know she could be saved?”

“That is a long story that I will need a few drinks before being able to tell it,” he sighs. We find an empty bench in the park and take a seat. “Do you think he can be saved?”

“Yes,” I tell him without hesitating. The James I knew was not the Winter Soldier. Hydra was not controlling him anymore. He was a victim of them as much as any one else.

“Wow you really do care for this guy,” Clint says with a smile. “I hope you can figure this out soon because I would like to meet the man who has you like this.”

“It might be over sooner than planned,” I mutter thinking back to Steve and Sam, and their search for Bucky. “I just hope I can get everything strait before then.”

“Good luck,” he says standing up. “If you need anything I’ll be there for you, even if you just want to talk.”

“Thanks Barton,” I tell him as he leaves.

I sit alone on the park bench for a while not wanting to go back to the apartment to face my problems, or make more. The sun was setting now and soon it would be dark. I tossed my empty coffee cup in a trashcan before leaving the park and waking to the apartment.

It was now dark and I was still pretty far away from the apartment, so I took a shortcut through an alley.

It was fairly lit by the bright moon as I walked through it, but that didn’t stop idiots from doing something stupid.

Even though the footsteps were quite and a good distance away I knew they were coming. The one behind me, thug one I would call him, was coming in with some speed, and the one from in front, thug two, was walking along the wall to hide in the shadows.

Thug two jumped out from where he was trying to hide and grabbed my shoulders before trying to push me down. I held my ground well before thug one came in to help. I lifted my arm up and punched thug two in the face before lifting my let to kick thug one in the stomach. They both stumbled back groaning looking at me surprised.

That surprise soon turned to rage as they both charged at me. Thug one came first. His fist was raised and ready to swing at me. I easily ducked out and dropped to the ground before sticking my leg out and swiping him off his feet.

Thug two had better luck. He took advantage of my new level to tackle me to the ground. The pushed me down and raised his fist. When he dropped it to hit me I moved my head to the side and he hit the hard concert floor instead. As he cried out in pain I pressed my hands to his chest and pushed him away from me. The distance between us allowed me to bring my legs up and I kicked him as hard as I could. He stumbled back before tripping on his friend that was still on the ground and fell to the floor.

I place my hands on my hips and look down at the two pathetic assholes in front of me. What I hadn’t expected was a third thug to come out at me.

He shoved me against the wall harshly causing my head to bang on the brick wall behind me. My head spun for a moment before I could focus on my new attacker. He was using his whole body to keep me pinned to the wall, one arm was pressed across my chest and the other was lifted to my throat with a knife.

My knee shot up and I hit him between the legs. His hold on me loosened and I managed to step out. He recovered form my hit quickly. Turning around to face me he still held the knife in one hand, and the other was raised into a fist.

He lunged at me waving the knife in front of him, and I easily blocked him with one hand and made a sharp jab to his side with the other. He swung the blade at me again this time making a cut on my shoulder. The pain of the gash stung and I pulled back.

Thug three smirked at the damage he had caused. I reached behind me and pulled out the gun I had taken with me. His smirk disappeared when I held the gun out in front of me painting at him.

“Not so tuff now huh,” I smirk.

He holds his hands up in surrender and lets the knife clatter on the ground.

“On your knees,” I tell him. “Hands behind your head.”

He does as I tell him and slowly gets on his knees holding his hands behind his head.

I take one step toward him and I see him flinch. I wanted to laugh at his how pathetic all three of them were. Instead I keep walking toward him and step behind him.

“Maybe this will teach you not to mess with women,” I say before bringing the back of the gun to his head. He falls forward on the ground with a thump.

I sigh and place the gun back where I had it. I take out my phone and leave a quick call to the police to leave a tip of what happened.

“Thanks fellas I needed to blow off some steam,” I call out behind me before leaving the alley.

I walk the rest of the way to the apartment with my hand pressed to my bleeding wound. The cut was deep, and could possibly need stitches. I wouldn’t know until I was at the apartment and cleaned it off. I wasn’t afraid of the blood streaming out of the gash, or all the bruises I would wake up to, it was my head I was worried about.

The idiot had managed to make me hit it pretty hard, and a concussion was a possibility.

I stumbled out of the elevator when it reached my floor and walked to my apartment.

With a bloody hand I pulled out my keys and opened the door. Before I could step inside I heard a door opening behind me.

“Kat,” James said behind me. I mentally cursed. I didn’t want him to see me like this.

“Hey James,” I said turning around and giving him a strained smile.

His eyes dropped down to where I was holding my arm again and I saw something dark cross his eyes.

“Who did this to you,” he growled taking a step closer to me.

“I’m fine,” I tell him. “It’s nothing.”

“It is not nothing,” he says angrily. “Who hurt you?”

“James I’m fine,” I try to tell him again. I take a step back into the apartment. My head spins and I reach out to grab the door for support. James is quick to come forward and takes me in his arms before leading me to my couch. I am in too much pain to complain that the blood will stain the couch as he set me down.

“I will kill whoever did this to you,” he says.

“James don’t,” I reach out for him. “The police will take care if them.”

“Them,” he says outraged. “It was more than one.”

“Yes, and this is the part were I say ‘you should see the other guy,’” I laugh softly before flinching because my head was still hurting.

“What happened,” he insisted.

“Some idiots thought they could jump me in an alley,” I tell him. “One of them pulled a knife on me and I hit my head pretty hard.”

He looks at my bleeding arm for a moment before looking back at me. “Can you lift your arm,” he asks.

I try to lift it, but hiss in pain before it can get too high.

“Do you have a first-aid kit,” he asks.

“Under the kitchen sink,” I tell him.

He disappears into the kitchen, and I hear the sound of the cupboards opening and closing before he walks back into the living room with the kit.

He sets it on the coffee table and opens it before kneeling in front of me.

“I have to cut you out of that shirt,” he says pulling out the scissors from the kit.

“It’s fine,” I tell him. “Nothing you haven’t seen before,” I chuckle trying to lighten the mood.

He ignores my comment and begins to cut through the fabric. Slowly he peals the shirt clinging to my body.

Once the shirt is off he takes out some supplies from the kit and begins cleaning off the wound. I take in a sharp breath through my clenched teeth.

He stops what he is doing and looks up at me, “I’m sorry,” he says looking at me worried.

“I’m fine,” I reassure him. He continues cleaning off the blood and I dig my nails into my palm to keep from flinching again.

After he is done cleaning it off he looks up at me again. “It’s going to need stitches,” he tells me. “I can do them, but I think you should go to a hospital-.”

“No,” I cut him off. “No hospitals.”

“It’s going to hurt,” he says looking at me concerned.

“Just give me some ibuprofen,” I tell him. “I’ll be fine.”

He stitches the gash with precision and caution, and looked up at me often to see if I was fine. I would give him a small reassuring smile before he continued his work.

When he was finished I looked down to see the perfect row of stitches in my arm.

“Thank you James,” I tell him as he puts away everything.

“You’re welcome,” he says. He was still kneeling in front of me when I reached out with my uninjured arm to caress his cheek in my palm.

How was it possible that in such a short amount of time the man in front of me could make me question everything about my life?

I lean into him and press my lips to his. What should have been a simple kiss quickly turned into something more. I pulled him closer to my by the collar of his shirt and leaned back on the couch with him hovering over me. He used his metal hand to support his weight and the other moved to my cheek.

I needed him closer to me so I lifted my other hand to close the space between us. A sharp pain shot through my arm when I moved it and I pulled back from the kiss hissing in pain.

James begins to pull away completely when I stop him. “Wait,” I say grabbing his arm.

“You’re hurt,” he frowns.

“Don’t leave me,” I tell him.

“Never,” he says kissing me again.

Part 9