wild glass look back

Zootopia Fan-story ENTRY 8 Tumblr- Lonewolfwriter

Jack was happy about what he had done to Nick but not nearly satisfied enough, he walked up to the closest coffee shop where a buffalo and rhino were speak.

“Good Morning gentleman” greeted Jack almost boastfully.

The rhino and buffalo turned with smiles the rhino moving out of the way so Jack could order “Well good Morning sir”, stated the buffalo “what can I get ya?”

“Just a coffee, thanks lads”

“One coffee coming right up” confirmed the buffalo.

While the buffalo was making Jacks coffee he turned Back to the Rhino “and yeah like I was saying, I wasn’t gunna tell the fox, I was the manager, as if I’d ever hire him!” Jacks ears perked up and he turned his head interrupting immediately

“Pardon me, what did you just say?”

“Oh, a fox came looking for a job I had put in the paper” explained the buffalo while frothing the milk for Jacks coffee.

“You don’t say…? Any idea which way the fox headed?” questioned Jack, making sure it was Nick.

The rhino pointed “yeah he went off that way”. The rhino pointing in the direction of Judy’s apartment. “Oh this is just too good” murmured Jack “he thinks he can prove something by getting a job?”

“What was that buddy?” asked the buffalo reaching down to hand Jack the coffee.

“Nothing at all gents, good day to you” he stated with a tip of his coffee.

Jack headed back the way he came from, following Nicks trail. Jack pulled out his phone dialling a number as he followed Nick’s tracks to the laundromat, as he spoke to the laundromat owner he held the phone to his chest so that the person on the other end wouldn’t hear him. “Excuse me?” he asked the lioness in the laundromat “Have you seen a fox?”

She rolled her eyes “ye, always get the shifty ones answering my ads”.

“Do you know where he went?” pried Jack

She pulled up yesterday’s news paper from her desk, it was identical to Nicks, she handed it to Jack “Well if he’s following this list, he’ll be at the “watering hole” pub two blocks down, there looking for a security officer for nights… perfect for a fox” she added slyly.

Jack leaned his elbow on the counter “tell me about it!” he said with a roll of his eyes. “Aren’t they the worse?”

The lioness nodded “you’re telling me… so is he a friend of yours?” she retorted.

Jack pulled a face of grotesque “absolutely NOT!”

“So why you so interested?” she asked folding a shirt.

“Its personal I guess”.

Nick got to the Watering Hole tavern and opened the rickety door, it was dark and dingy and there was only one animal behind the bar, a hippopotamus with thick eyeliner, obviously covering the bags under her eyes from her lack of sleep, she had two hoop earrings in and she wore an apron that came to her waist and was drying a set of beer glasses with a red and white checked tea towel.  

She looked over seeing Nick looking around “Hay, Hay sweetie were not open for anudda hour” she explained speaking from the side of her mouth.

“Oh I apologise, the door was open so I thought perhaps, you were open”.

“nah-uh not for another hour, sorry Hun”.

“Well, I mean I’m not here for a drink, I’m actually here to answer the job ad in yesterday’s paper” explained Nick holding up the paper and pointing his paw to it.

Pricilla, the bartender and manager, starred at the paper and saw all the ads with red marks through them then saw her own ad.

“Awww sweetie, sorry, I thought you were tryna get in eraly, wouldn’t be the ferst time lemme tell ya, come have a sit” she stated pointing to the stool in front of the bar.

Nicks face lit up like a Christmas tree, perhaps he was finally catching a break he thought. He jumped up and cupped his paws in front of him and could feel a ridiculous smile making its way across his face.

“I’m Pricilla by the way, I own this here pub” she stated putting her hand out for a shake, Nick grasped it tight and shook it once

“it is lovely to meet you Pricilla” he responded

“You to mister….?”

Nick put his paw to his forehead “Oh how rude of me Nick, Nick Wilde”.

“So can I getcha a soda water or sometin?”

“Please” beamed Nick.

“well arnt chu a well-mannered fella” she complimented as she slid a glass in front of him “ere you are foxy, enjoy”

Pricilla flicked the tea towel over her shoulder and leant in over the bar so she was face to face with Nick “so, whachu got der?” she stated pointing to the folders under his arm.

“Oh right” he lifted one up and handed one of the folders to her “This is my resume” she lifted it up and down several times “aint real weighty is it?”

Nick looked down to the bar a little disheartened.

“Hay look hun, how about this, you just tell me ya good points and I’ll make the decision?”

Nick looked back up, this was his chance he took a breath “well mainly I did a little hustle and bustle, got street smart, then became a cop and that didn’t work out so here I am” short and quick thought Nick.

“A coppa aye? Well that’s pretty impressive, you wouldn’t be lying to me now wouldcha?” she asked sceptically

Nick put his hand on heart “absolutely not ma’am you can see the form in my credentials”.

Pricilla flicked open Nicks resume and there it sat as big as life the work history of Nick and his diploma in policing.

She raised her eyes brows “Well I’ll be, never thought they would…” she stopped and looked at Nick “well you know with all the stereotypes”

“You never thought they would recruit a fox” he finished for her.

She shrugged and nodded simultaneously in agreeance before continuing “So the job is mainly night shift I’m sure that won’t bother you, you may have to get rough every once in a while but with you police background I doubt dat will be a problem and you’ll be workin bout 4 days, mainly weekend, So sugar, when can you start?”

Nick grinned “when do you need me?”

Jack walked down the street on the phone “yes, so you got the picture I sent you? No, the mugshot…yes, Yeah channel 22, no thank you my friend, I owe ya”

Jack hung up the phone as he reached the door to the “Watering Hole” He gently pushed the door open making sure it wouldn’t creak, the bar was on the far right hand wall and he made his way to the left hand side of the room and sat down, when Pricilla noticed him.

“Oh, sorry Hun were shut, this here’s just a private interview”.

Jack put his feet up on the table leaning back “A job interview, I assume?” he questioned rhetorically with a cock of his head.

Nicks fur raised on the back of his neck he didn’t have to turn around to see who was sitting there.

“Yeah, why? You after the job to Bunny, cause no offence you don’t look like you can handle yaself real well” accused Pricilla, annoyed at Jacks arrogance.

“Oh me, no miss, I don’t need a job, I have a perfectly good one down at the ZPD”

“Yeah so why you here then?”

Jack smiled “I’m soo glad you ask, because, well, you see” he stated Kicking off the table and standing up “I’m working on this Reeaal important case”. He made his way to the bar stopping just behind Nick.

“And you see, well, I just gotta make sure things are ship shape when it comes to my investigations”.

Nicks was trying to keep his cool and so just drank the water in front of him. Pricilla noticed Nick’s agitation. “whadaya want Rabbit? I think you should leave” she barked bluntly.

“Okay that’s fine, but before I leave can you just turn on channel 22 for me a moment?” Pricilla looked at Jack a moment and he just nodded in approval, she turned hesitantly and clicked the television that changed channel and the first thing that popped up made Nicks eyes widen.

“an anonymous tip of to our news teams has confirmed, that Officer Nicholas P Wilde of the ZPD, is pending investigation, in the attempted murder of His long-time partner Officer Judy Hopps, and one agent Jack Savage, Judy if you recall, was the officer who foiled Mayor Bellwether attempts to divide Zootopia, Chief Bogo head of the ZPD refuses to comment at this time.”

The reported spoke, with a mugshot of Nick beside her, Pricilla turned back to Nick who slowly undid his tie to expose his shock collar that beeped once. He placed his tie on the bar top and sighed awaiting scrutiny.

Pricilla however didn’t attack Nick or slander him she put her hand over her mouth. “Oh sweetie…”

Jack fixed his cufflinks “he’s no sweetie, just a typical fox, just a criminal”

Pricilla looked at Jack mad for his prejudice “yeah well, whatzat got to do with anything? Huh? Who cares” she stated trying to defend Nick who just sighed, Knowing Jacks answer.

“well, Hun-“he started sardonically “as his probationary officer, I sign of on where he works, and a pub, with a known felon, well I can’t sign off on that and as a bartender and owner you should know section 17 of the liquor act, no one with a criminal record or pending investigation can serve in or behind a bar, especially as security”

Jack walked up beside Nick grabbing his collar roughly and pulling him down to his level “Just leave Zootopia fox, I will make every day here hell for you”.

“And what if I tell Bogo you’re targeting me?” Nick responded.

Jack smiled and pulled his ear right into his mouth his whisper so faint, “it’s my word against yours!” he threw Nick back up “Try getting that on your recordings” he spat, buttoned his shirt and bee lining for the door. He stopped at the door and turned “and don’t worry fox, I’ll take real good care of Officer. Hopps”.

Nicks Grasped his glass so tight it shattered into his paw, his collar shocking him. Jack smiled pleased with himself walking out.

Pricilla who had her hand over her mouth, quickly jumped into gear grabbing Nick’s paw gently and wrapping it in the tea towel.

Nick looked up to her his eyes pleading, Pricilla knew the look, she wished she could give him the job but she just sighed “I’m so sorry Hun…”

Nick understood what she meant. “No…I’m Sorry, thank you for your hospitality…Can I borrow this?” he finished pointing to the cloth.

“Sure Hun”.

Nick slid from the bar stool and made for the door “Sorry about your glass”


Wilde looked back without a word

But Pricilla was lost for words, nothing she could say would comfort him.

As Nick walked out onto the street from the dimly lit bar, his shoulder hung low, his face was vacant, all sadness and anger aside he was just cold and numb, even when a older boar had walked into him screaming “watch it fox!” he just moved with the nudge, no resistance, no fight.

His shirt, that had been pristine in the early hours of the morning, the hopeful hours, was now crinkle and wrinkled; he dragged his non-bloody paw through his combed hair messing it up gently, his tie thrown over his shoulder. He looked at his watch and sighed shutting his eyes tight wishing that this was all a dream, 11:29, 31 minutes and he would be have to be at the ZPD, for a meeting…with Officer Jack…. and Judy.