wild friday night on tumblr

i know i’ve made this exact post before but like……….. when i first started watching wrestling a few years ago and when i first started liking 3mb i never once thought they would be as successful as they’ve been in the last year or so and im so happy

like………. everyone wrote them off as jobbers!! failures!! guys who had no future in the business!! and meanwhile all three of them have accomplished so much

im very emotional about 3mb okay


What’s happened so far on Tumblr for me thus far.

Three years with:

8,000 likes per year

1,000 posts per year

100 new followers (who are the best!) every year.  Even after clearing out grey-faces!

One new additional Tumblog each year

A weekly feature that I’ve been doing for almost two years!  Unfortunately, I have had some trouble keeping up on my other attempted weekly feature

My queue is mostly full of reblogs and those drafts are all future Wendt’s Day posts.

I’m not especially prolific, I handicap myself by only following 50 Tumblrinos (it shows 52 because of a glitch when people delete their Tumblogs right now {I’m looking at you, Bramble}) and I am not ‘Tumblr famous’ by any stretch (but that one thing did get like 15,000 notes…) but I love it here and hope to be going to more Tumblr Meet-ups too (I’m just so lazy though!).

I get pretty excited about my Tumbrversary, you know…