wild flour

day 38: things to fill my heart with:
  • sparkles, silver dusts, and pretty feathers
  • rainbow things (pancakes, ice creams, cakes, cupcakes)
  • three am journal entry (esp poetry and sad thoughts)
  • pressed pretty flowers with washi tapes
  • leaves from different parts of the world and country
  • indie folk music esp flightless bird; american mout
  • four am music playlist for when im studying or chilling or crying
  • bread & butter & basically all things flour
  • little (wild) flowers from everywhere esp if i know how to identify the specie
  • mediterranean winds tickling the skin on my face and kissing my nape
  • happy memories with the family and the complete, truest form of family
  • black forest cake and fun birthday celebrations before turning 18
  • chilly evenings while star gazing and pondering upon my could’ve beens.
  • coffee from foreign places and coffee stains on my fave shirt & journal pages
  • quiet pondwater with quiet fishes enjoying the natural & quiet atmosphere
  • architecture and marble and sculptures and porcelain and renaissance things
  • paint brushes of different size, brand, ancient, old, or fresh
  • grand cathedrals with grand interiors and golden streaks of art
  • bamboo forests with pandas feeding their smol pandas
  • art museums and mustard pedestrian lanes
  • climbing fruit trees and having the satisfaction of eating the said fruit
  • tiny hummingbirds and their melodious chorus in the middle of the forest

mostlyjudson  asked:

I actually had a question about the grass. If one where to allow grass to go to seed, and collect that seed could they make flour from that seed?

It depends on the kind of grass, but the short answer is: yes. How laborious this is depends on how easy the seeds are to hull, if they stick to the stalk, and how large/numerous they are, but there are several species of wild or semi-domesticated cereals that can be processed like wheat.

It also depends on how willing you are to sit and grind seeds with a millstone.

Seeds can generally be processed this way into nutritious cakes, like bush bread.

You can also make flour from acorns and chestnuts, as well as yams, clover, arrowroot, mesquite pods, and some kinds of palm trunks. Eat the Weeds has a great article on wild flours, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

In terms of edible grasses, Eat the Weeds also has a number of pieces on that topic, from a North American perspective: ‘Can we eat grass?‘ and ‘Crabgrass was king’ are a good start for learning more.


CRONUTS A piece of heaven in a errr… Donut? Croissant? 

A new type of food craze has took over the city of New York in the United States now, it’s in Manila!  A cross between a doughnut and croissant,  filled with flavored cream like a cream puff then, lightly coated in sugar and garnished with a ring of brightly colored glaze.

Ever since I’ve heard of the Cronut, I started to do some research on the shops that would be selling it here. I managed to find four, Chatime, Dunkin’ Donuts, DolceLatte and Wild Flour and based on the reviews, the best of them all was at Wild Flour. Went there this afternoon to sample out their “Croissant Donuts” but as I reached the store, there were no more Cronuts and I asked one of the hostess there if they would still have some delivered and she said yes and I have to sit it out for 4 hours. When the new stock arrived, I quickly bought 3 pcs (They only allow you to buy 3).

It isn’t the prettiest thing, but as I took my first bite into this food sensation I already knew why Americans went crazy over these heavenly donut. It was crunchy outside but soft and chewy in the inside. The Glaze on top and the cream inside really made this very delectable.

I’m sure that the Cronut would be a hit with Filipinos Why? Well, we all love to eat sweet stuff and we all love donuts just look at J.Co’s lines everyday. 

Try it out now, I’m sure you’ll love it as well. Wild Flour is located at BGC a few feet away from High Street and Fort Strip. They sell it for 120-150/pc. 

And oh… They sell like hotcakes, well I think they “Sell like Cronuts” should be the new term. They Sell fast! 10 minutes BAM! All gone! So you better wait for yours too or you can reserve a day ahead.