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I moved drum covers from the second channel to this new ‘Caddy’ show - and here’s one for Hog Wild ;-) Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpAVy7k3ZcY&list=PLuau-_j-Mhpg9WFWlJWx2EuQy0kcTOr2T&index=1


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Wildtale, Xerotale /c/ @metalphoenixxwolf

We’re getting ready to hit the road for another great year of Babes Ride Out East Coast. To help get us in the mood for a rad adventure we’ve put together a playlist to listen to while you cross each state boarder from California to New York. Listen to it now on Spotify, and be sure to check back on Vans Girls for the full adventure. 

Never Again. Again.

Or the second coming of Ed Jerse. Post IWTB. Pre-Revival. 

You can blame @dangerscully @defnotmeyo @startwreck @sunflowerseedsandscience and the rest of the rewatch reprobates for this. It’s definitely mature, tw: for rough sex and extreme angst. No beta and my apologies. In advance.

Scully hadn’t noticed him at first. She’d been too busy holding it together, painting on a neutral mask that identified her neither as the terrified newcomer or someone who truly needed to be in this dingy hall. She’d avoided eye contact, made crap coffee at a table whose uprightness was only slightly more precarious than her own, and found a seat without incident. She could do this, she reasoned, keeping her shoulders square like this whole scenario wasn’t a last, desperate resort. The therapist that the hospital had forced her to see after the incident had insisted she try group therapy. The words had been kind, logical even. “Your insistence upon isolating and internalising your unhappiness is hindering any sort of progress”, but Scully knows that her personal brand of tragedy goes far beyond what any other person, let alone group of people, could understand.

 After all, that’s why Mulder won’t -


She doesn’t want to think about him now. She needs FBI distance to survive this hour of shared human misery. Her fingers crimp the cup and the coffee inside swells up and subsides along with the averted crisis, taking with it the noise in the room as introductions begin.

 Dana. She says quietly. These people don’t need Scully. That’s all she says as she scans the circle of faces impassively and selects an area of mottled wall to drown out the sympathy she can’t stand to see. She plans to offer no more. She plans to sit, to count out her hour, in breaths and heartbeats and then go back to the darkness of their home where at least she can hide from it all.

 But there’s movement on the edge of her vision. A pale crescent of anonymous face leaning in, again and again, until not looking becomes harder than just a glance and for the first time in her life Scully sees a ghost.

 Under the fluorescent striplights his face is flat and wraithlike and his eyes are hollow. Maybe this was always how he looked in the light, but Scully had only known him in shadow, in the flickering sin of a neon sign, in the stark white lines street light cast on tangled sheets. By firelight.

 “I’m Ed. Jerse,” he says. To the whole group but really just to her and his voice is a nightmare that burns through three years of numbness to coil in her belly.

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Home — Bruce X Daughter!Reader — Part 6

Part 1 — Part 2  — Part 3  — Part 4  — Part 5



Summary: You end up spilling to both Tony and your dad that Peter is taking you to Homecoming.

Warnings: None.

Words: 2 540

A/N: This is a shitty filler why the fuck do I do this

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

She felt the elevator slow down at the floor which Friday had guided her to, to Tony’s, personal, workshop where her dad said he would be for the day. She had thought the day meant something like mine to five, but he had missed both lunch and dinner and she was starting to wonder what was going on.

The door opened with a ding which alerted Bruce further inside the room where he had hunched over a table with half a dozen screens surrounding him and just as many, printed out, blueprints sprawled before him. His eyes were slightly bloodshot from how tired he was, the stubble on his neck seeming darker in the dim room and making him seem even more worn out than he perhaps was.

“There you are.” Y/N sauntered towards him, watching as he removed his glasses to rub his eyes with a tired groan. Her eyes diverted to the side of the table where there was a clearing in the mess of instruments and materials where the remains of takeout food unsafely created a change in the pattern of chemical compounds and other hazardous substances. “Working overtime, I see.”

“I’m so sorry, kid. I’m trying to work on a new type of fuel for all of Tony’s, god damned, aircrafts, but it either flames up in a quarter of a second or it doesn’t burn at all. I’ve been mixing different formulas all day.”

She looked around the table, almost taking a step forward to attempt and help, but creating fuel was far from her level of competence. That, and chemical science was a field she had barely had the chance to explore. She wouldn’t know where to start if she was to help him.

“I still don’t think putting your food next to…” She grabbed a clear bottle filled with a translucent liquid and flipped it around to read the label. “Sulfuric acid? You’re really begging to get your throat melted.”

“I…” He began, realizing how reckless he had been in his own workspace and how his daughter, who was not even a third of his age, had better, common, sense than he did. “Oh god… I can practically feel all these formulas frying my brain.”

“Of course!” She let in a sharp breath, crossing her arms nonchalantly and hinting a smug smile. “I thought I smelled barbecue when I got in here.”

Bruce chuckled, looking at his daughter as she gave in to her act and laughed loudly. She was like a flower, little at first but growing until finally sprouting and showing her true self. Bruce could sense they had reached that moment. She was herself. After so many years of living with her mom that made her into someone completely else, she was herself at last.

“Since I know you so well, and I know you don’t want to stop working on this despite that you should, let me accompany you at least?” Y/N requested and pulled her dad from his thoughts. He kept his smile, nodding slightly.

“Of course.” He accepted and on cue Y/N walked over to the side of the room to retrieve a stool which she then brought back. She sat down and Bruce began to get back to his latest batch of fuel. “How was your day? You and T'Challa seemed to get along well this morning?”

She grabbed the fast food box and opened it up as he had clearly left it, finding a few sushi rolls and some other, Japanese, dish for her to devour. “Yeah, we met at dinner too. He’s kind, very understanding, and doesn’t really treat me like a kid like a lot of people do. He’s pretty cool.”

“He definitely is more disciplined than the rest of us.”

“That, I’ll have to agree with.” She mumbled as she spoke with a California roll in her mouth. She recalled hers and T'Challa’s conversation from the morning and her mind slowly played forward until she remembered Peter and her body froze in the presence of her father. She had never gone to a school dance of any kind and if she would hypothetically gone, she wouldn’t have gone with a date. She had never talked to her mom about anything of that genre and talking to Bruce about it would be even worse than what it could have been like with her mom.

“Y/N?” Bruce asked as she had gone silent and her eyes were staring emptily before her.

“Ehm…” She swallowed the sushi with a loud gulp, her mind reeling between telling him about her date to the homecoming or if she would keep it a secret. After realizing that the odds of being caught leaving the Avengers Tower in a homecoming dress at the time where she would have to leave was nearing ninety eighth percent, she gave up. “Hey, dad… So, homecoming is next week.”

Bruce parted his lips for a moment, eyes widening slightly. “Okay.”

“And, I’m actually going this time.”

“That’s good.”

“And I might have a date…” She felt her heart skip a beat, her limbs almost feeling numb.

Bruce swallowed harshly. “Right…”

“And…” Y/N said in a shaky voice, wanting nothing but to rewind time and shut herself up. “That date might be Peter…”

“You and spidey-boy are going to homecoming together? Aw, they grow up so fast.” Tony stood in the room from out of the blue, his sudden presence causing Y/N to jump out of surprise. Her cheeks began to grow flaming hot and her heart was going like a wild drum inside her chest. She didn’t doubt that Bruce and Tony could see it.

“That’s…” Bruce began, still trying to process what Y/N had just said. “That’s okay, I guess. Peter’s a good kid. He’s Spider-Man, which I would have much rather seen your date was not, but he’s good.”

“Of course the two of you’re going!” Tony exclaimed like he had much say in the matter. “I’ll drive you up to the entrance in the red-”

“That, won’t, be necessary…” Y/N interrupted him, dragging out the pauses in between the words. “I really don’t want to make this into a big deal.”

“Oh nonsense! This is a big deal. I’m calling Pepper to set you up with a tailor for a fitting. She’ll gladly help you with accessories too, I’m sure. Any chance to shop with another woman is a chance taken with her. You’ll be in a good hands-”

Tony.” Her voice was loud, but she was still only speaking. Nevertheless was it enough to cause Tony to shut up and to really get the attention of both the men before her. She had never taken tone like that, not once in her entire life. “I mean it. No big deal.”

She and Tony looked at each other and Tony was the first one to break, diverting his eyes to the floor for a moment. “Alright, you got it, but I would really like for you to at least talk to Pepper. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, but you need a dress nonetheless. Might as well get it with Pepper.”

She kept looking at him, once again surprised by him but not startled like before. His voice was sincere, holding a trace of regret and making him almost apologize without actually saying he was sorry. “Okay… Maybe it was time I meet her anyway?” She questioned even though she had barely had chance to speak to those on the already, large, team. She concluded there was no correct order to get to know them all and would have to simply handle things as they came.

“I’ll give her a call and see when she can meet you.” Tony flashed a short and tight smile, feeling bad from having crossed the line with her. All he wanted was to get on her good side, treat her rightfully with her past in mind, and fill whatever disliked and unexplainable void he had from not having a child of his own. “I just came here to order your old man here to drop this all for now. You need a break, Banner.”

“I’ll have to agree with that.” She admitted, turning towards her dad along with Tony.

Fine. I’ll get back in the morning then.” Bruce gave in and straightened his back, stretching his arms up to his head and wincing at how stiff his neck and shoulders were. “What time is it?”

“Five past nine.” Y/N answered, glimpsing down at the watch around her wrist.

Really?” Bruce furrowed his eyebrows, catching a glimpse of his own watch as he lowered his arm which he had completely forgotten, seeing the time for himself. “I would have guessed six, seven, maybe.”

“You missed dinner, and you really missed it. I hired the chef from my favorite Indian place. Of course, that place is in India.”

Of course it is.” Y/N rolled her eyes with a hopeless smile as she started making her way outside, her casual tone yet another sign that she was starting to ease in to her new life to both Tony’s and Bruce’s joy. “Well, I’m heading downstairs to my workshop.”

“The equipment order arrives on Monday. You can always head up here if you need to borrow anything until then, as long as you return it.” Tony called to her as she was by the elevator.

“I’ll make do with what I have, thanks.” She smiled back at him as she stepped inside the elevator, waving towards her dad just before the doors could close. She pressed the floor of her workshop and leaned against the elevator wall, letting out a shaky breath from having told that she and Peter would go to homecoming together. She had never had friends, and if someone had told her only a few days prior that she would go to homecoming with a boy she had barely talked to, she would have told them they were insane. She had never gone to a dance of any kind, let alone had a date. A hollow feeling erupted in her stomach every time she thought about it, and she thought about it a lot. How couldn’t she? It was the most exciting, non-scientific or technical related, thing that had ever happened in her life.

The doors opened up and she turned left out into the hallway but could barely take a step before she nearly collided with someone. She looked up just in time and put her hands in front of herself, bouncing of the person like she had walked into a brick wall. She looked up at Thor who seemed just as surprised as she did by their sudden meeting.

“I’m sorry, Miss Banner. I wasn’t looking.” He apologized, placing his hands on each of her shoulders to steady her before taking a step back. “Are you alright?”

She pushed back her anxiousness of speaking to someone new and the fact that she was speaking to a literal god, letting her smile return. “I’m fine. I didn’t really look where I was going either. I’d ask you if you’re fine as well, but my guess is it takes a lot more than a teenage girl bumping into you to actually hurt you.”

Thor laughed, not too loud but still clearly, already liking the young woman he hadn’t gotten the chance to know. “I would say you need quite a lot more. Maybe if you were twice as big, wielded some kind of weapon, had large teeth… Maybe then I would be worried of bumping into you.”

“I’ll see what I can do.” She let out an airy huff and pulled her lips between her teeth to settle her wide smile.

“We haven’t gotten the chance to talk since you came here. I hope you find this tower to your liking?” Thor said whilst gesturing around them and towards the windows showing nighttime Manhattan it it’s full, glory.

“It’s everything I could have ever dreamt of and more. I love it here.”

“Wish I liked it as much as you do. It’s dull, in my opinion. Where are the grand halls? The golden decor?”

“I assume you have both of those in Asgard, then?”

“That and so much more. I’ll take you some time and show you what a real palace looks like.”

She swallowed dryly. Even if Thor had said what he had just for the sake of the conversation, the fact that the god of thunder had offered to take her with him to Asgard, a kingdom in a realm beyond her very comprehension, was enough to knock the words out of her for a few moments.

“I heard you and the Spider go to the same school?” Thor changed the subject, not bothering to call Peter by his name.

“Ehh, yes, we do. We have plenty of classes together and go to the same, voluntary class after school hours.” She confirmed and nodded her head. “We didn’t really talk to one another until I moved in here.”

“Talk to who?” Steve appeared, smiling between Y/N and Thor he had last seen at dinner a couple of hours earlier.

“The Spiderling.” Thor answered, turning his body slightly to the side to invite Steve in the conversation.

“Oh right, you attend the same school. I almost forgot that.” Steve recalled the night Y/N had first came to the tower and more specifically the realization between Y/N and Peter. “What do you two have planned for tonight? Talking in the middle of the hallway seems a little odd.”

“We bumped into one another.” Thor explained, keeping it short yet clear.

“I was just on my way to my workshop. I’m going to try and organize a bit and inventory everything, if I can.”

“I was looking for a drink. Care to join me?” Thor turned towards Steve with a hopeful smile that he would have some drinking company.

“Sorry, my friend, not today. I’m leaving tomorrow morning at seven and I want to arrive well rested.”

“Where are you going?” Y/N questioned, hears heating up as she realized how disappointed her tone had been.

“The new facility up state. I’ll be back on Wednesday again.” Steve assured, sensing that Y/N didn’t particularly like one of the few persons she had spoken to, to leave. “Hopefully this place will still be standing once I get back.”

Y/N stared at him, unable to tell which level of seriousness his words held. “Is- is that a legitimate concern you have?” She asked intimidatingly.

“Knowing the Avengers, anything and everything can happen in the blink of an eye, but no, I’m not worried, so you can sleep soundly whilst I’m away.” Steve smiled, winking jokingly at her.

“Excuse me.” Thor parted as he had caught sight of Clint further away heading towards the lounge and the bar, hurrying to catch up to him.

“Well alright, I’ll see you on Wednesday.” Steve turned back to Y/N. “You take care of yourself now, Banner. Make use of that workshop of yours.”

She followed him with her eyes as he too walked down the hallway, leaving her alone.

I will.”

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Walk on Memories (AU/Part 1)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 2.3k

Warnings: mentions of death, implied sexy times

A/N: Here’s my entry for @sanjariti writing challenge! This is the first part, the second part will be posted tomorrow (Tuesday) 12:00 GMT-5 and my word was “Immortal”. Feedback is appreciated 

Part 2

Originally posted by nerdyfandomimagines

The wind was sharp, blowing away fallen leaves along the pavement as you, with a bouquet of flowers in hand, made your way across the countless number of tombstones. Your heart was heavy with every step you took, each of them bringing you closer to a spot you were very much familiar with.

It was early in the morning, the sun had barely risen yet you could already hear the loud noises of passing cars and chattering people. After all, New York wasn’t deemed the City that Never Sleeps for nothing.

You stopped in front a single tombstone, a few fallen leaves had come to rest on top of it thanks to the wind. You shoved them away with your gloved hand, and dropped to your knees to place the bouquet of flowers in front of it. The inscription craved on the stone stared right at you.

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is this who we meant to be

ship: portgo (one-sided)
word count: 1063
warnings: anxiety attacks
soundtrack: madeon - beings

Hugo wakes up and he’s crying.

He hasn’t been sleeping much since he got back to France, not really. His bed is too cold, too empty without anything to look forward to.

The tour had ended as he’d known it would. He’d gone home and Porter had gone to stay with his girlfriend - “a whole month,” Porter had said, breathlessly happy, “a whole month just for us,” - and it’s only been two weeks but Hugo misses him. He misses him more than he could have ever been ready for.

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Heart Trouble: Chapter 2

A/N: Delayed.

Please sue me if you’d like… I am soooooo sorry. I know, I’m a horrible person.

But first, do join me in screaming…


Khazumi pulled herself together!!!

Not that I meant to be messed up and all, but my past month was just.. ugh… but anywhooooo… on to the story!

Btw, thanks for nearly 500 follows! (T-T) Maybe this should have been a 500-follower fic… Thank you all so much for the support and patience!!! I’m so happy to have such nice people as you be part of my experience as a writer! You all are my inspiration!

Also, some facts might be wrong xD I did my research randomly and some discoveries late xD. Sooooo… forgive those.

So… I chose this end out of 4. I’ll post the alternate ones in one go maybe. Or maybe not. The alternate ones are either happier or sadder so let’s see how that goes… but for now, I chose the first thing, the original thought I had in mind, which is this.

I REALLY want to make you guys cry… Is that bad? I don’t think I’d be successful tho… : (

But I think I did badly on this… it seems too strewn about and confusing… sorry if it’s not good… my bad…

@hermaeu5mora @r-lon @melphis-amekia @tortaki @laulink @utsuho @silverteresa @emutant @fatedestiny @croissantrose71 @mrs-kagari since I think you guys need to see this first after waiting on me so long!


~Shintori Khazumi




“You can’t love me.”


“Because I don’t care.”


She cared too much. But there was a fact they both had to consider. One she realized, and one Akko was about to know.

“I just wanted to tell you, you know. It’s not like I expect something back. I just didn’t want to have regrets when I left.”

“That’s exactly why.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You can’t tell me you love me and leave me behind.” Diana looked into her eyes, silently admitting to herself that there was a possibility to her returning these feeling, her gaze intense, compelling, yet kind. “I don’t want to love you back if you’re already dead. So you can’t tell me that if you’re not going to live for me.”


“Diana… I’m sorry.”

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🎶The School Band 🎶

Aries: Electric Guitar (edgy and wild)

Taurus: Drums (steady and proud)

Gemini: Piano (complex and ever changing)

Cancer: Violin (sad and beautiful)

Leo: Tumpet (loud and clear)

Virgo: Viola (rich and underappreciated)

Libra: Flute (popular and airy)

Scorpio: Saxophone (sexy and sophisticated)

Sagittarius: Trombone (bold and direct)

Capricorn: Cello (mournful and serious)

Aquarius: Clarinet (unique and daring)

Pisces: Bass (peaceful and quiet)

Title: Peculiar Familiarity (Part 3)

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing: Marichat

Word count: 2346 I die why does the word count keep getting longer

Part 1 | Part 2

Third part of the multi-part fic for @kwiibi, who is an actual angel for being so patient about the parts coming out so slowly. Thank you, lovely!

“I mean, you two are partners, right? That’s a way more important relationship than someone you play the occasional video game with.”


“Why didn’t you just come down to begin with like you usually do?” Marinette asked.

Chat Noir folded and unfolded his hands in his lap nervously. What could he say that she would believe? His mind was blank. All he knew was that he didn’t want to tell her the truth: he’d been too afraid to go to her, after having treated her like he always treated Ladybug. He didn’t want her to know. Didn’t want her to think she was somehow a substitute for Ladybug, or some sort of backup plan, or any number of equally unpleasant ways of playing second fiddle to his superhero partner. But “I don’t know” wasn’t an acceptable answer, either. She would be able to tell that was a lie in a heartbeat. So what on earth could he say?

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I do this every year. Here are my favorite song released this year.  There was a lot I found this year that I loved thats not on this because it was older stuff.  But here what was released on albums this year.  In no particular order… except Small Black - Real People. THAT ONE IS MY FAVORITE!  Also I was trying to embed them but it just became too many so I just put links instead.

Small black - Real People

Craft spells - Changing Faces

Stars - No One is Lost

Phantogram - Celebrating Nothing

The War on Drugs - Disapearing

Wild Cub - Wild Light

Tom Vek - You’ll Stay

Bored Nothing - Do What You Want Always

Clubz - Golpes Bajos

The Drums - I Can’t Pretend

Royskopp - Sorid Affair

Bombay Bicycle Club - Luna

x priest x - Isn’t it so

Jessie Ware - Tough Love

ASTR - We Fall Down

Tov Lo - My Gun

Years & Years - Real

Day Wave - Nothing at All

Soldier’s Heart - New Housie

Broods - Bridges

Dornik - Rebound