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Draco smut based on the song wild thoughts by Rihanna thanks❤️

Draco Malfoy x reader (low key Slytherin)

Word Count: 3395

Warnings: smut!!!!!!!

You finished adding on the last bit of your makeup. You slipped on your shoes and stood up to look at yourself in the mirror. Your ripped skinny jeans hugged your legs and your hips perfectly. Your dark green bralette peaked out from your black crop top. Your breasts looked perky in your new outfit. You puckered your red lips as you turned and tried to make sure you looked okay in the mirror.

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If you’re looking for something to read this fine Tuesday evening you should!!! read Wild by the lovely lovely @seefin, which has got all the things you never knew you needed in your life like: a sisterhood of wandless witches, roadtrips through Ireland, make out-sessions in dark alleys and a house i’d die to live in and still all i’ve managed to draw so far is draco sleeping on a couch bc of my awful artist’s block

“Friends,” Ron said. “Go ahead and have your fling, Harry. But I don’t think I’ll ever be friends with him.”

“It’s not a fling Ron,” Harry insisted. “I love him.”

“What?” Ron cried.

“What?” Draco slowly rose from his place.

“Oh my,” Hermione brought her hand to her mouth and let out a small sigh.

Victoire, Dominique, and Louis enjoying their summer house in France. They grew up in London but every year they would travel to France so they wouldn’t forget their roots.

Drowning in Jealousy

Request: “I love your writing! If requests are still open can you do a Draco smut? Like maybe he hears that she’s been hanging out with Potter and gets extremely possessive and decides to claim her as his? It’s up to you though as long as it’s Draco smut.”

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: a lil (public) smut, jealous teasing playful draco!

A/n: for the sake of this fic let’s just pretend Hogwarts has a swimming pool OKAY? Okay.

It took a while to find Draco, his message so cryptic it was a borderline psychotic poem. His mother had inappropriately named him; he better suited “Drama”, although you didn’t think you would’ve fallen for him as hard if he boasted a name as ridiculous as his flamboyant attitude. But nevertheless, you found his pale body floating in the blue water of the school pool, relatively undisturbed as other students found more fun in the shallows. The smirk that graced his lips signalled his supernatural ability to sense whenever you were near, the fact both intimidating and endearing.

Meet me in my element, where you’ve sentenced me to wrinkle in despair.” You repeated the note he’d left, standing with your arms crossed at the edge of the pool.

He chuckled, rolling off his back and swimming over to the side, where he propped his arms up on the lip of concrete and gazed above to your impatient expression. “It got your attention, didn’t it?” He purred. “And you were smart enough to solve it. Well done, darling.”

“Don’t coddle me Draco, a ten-year-old could have figured it out.” You retorted through a teetering smile. “So what is this despair I’ve sentenced you to, hm?” You questioned, taking a seat and dipping your legs in the warmed water.

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Face claim for Victoire Weasley 

Gabriella Wilde 

anonymous asked:

Hi, Olivia Ellis here from 'Magic Celebs Weekly' You two are quite the wizard of Celebrities so could I ask you a few questions? *raises quill* 1.) Draco, what conditioner do you use? 2.) Harry, could you possible leak some of Mrs. Weasley's recipes? 3.) What are your favourite positions in bed (NSFW)? 4.) Who are you wearing right now? Kalvin Kline? Dumbleclothes? And finally 5.) Who are your idols? Thanks boys!

Draco: Oh, I’ve been waiting for one of you to show up!

Harry: She seems decent, love, it’s alright.

Draco: Decent? She’s asking for our favourite positions in bed.

Harry: She’s also asking about your conditioner! Don’t you want to tell them about that special stuff you brew?

Draco: Yes… Well, the secret to it is– Wait, what am I doing? 

Harry: Revealing the secret ingredient in your conditioner.

Draco: *sneers* I’m not telling anybody that. It dies with me.

Harry: But, I mean– Like… you’ll tell me right?

Draco: Why one earth would you even want to know?! You don’t care about hair products. *pointedly eyes Harry’s untamed mane*

Harry: No, but… I’m your husband.

Draco: So?

Harry: So… you’ll tell me right?

Draco: No. 

Harry: Why not?!

Draco: Because it’s a secret!

Harry: *impatient huff*

Draco: Now tell them about one of Molly’s recipes.

Harry: *grumpily* I don’t ask for her recipes, I just eat her food.

Draco: *snorts* Lovely.

Harry: But I’ve seen the way she makes cocoa and it’s honestly the best cocoa I’ve ever had.

Draco: Go on then.

Harry: So she boils the cocoa and sugar in some water until it’s really thick and sort of…heavenly. And then she pours in the milk and adds a pinch of…wait for it– salt!

Draco: Well, fuck. Now I want cocoa.

Harry: I’ll make you some if you tell me the secret ingredient?

Draco: No.

Harry: Well, in that case… Favourite positions, hmm– Well, I love taking him from behind, I mean, it’s when I’ve got the best view, right?

Draco: *steadily turning pink in the face*

Harry: Although I also love it when I’m on top ‘cause let me tell you, his expressions as I fuck him are fantastic.

Draco: *pursed lips*

Harry: He’s told you he loves being bent over things. Well, he also loves being on top– and boy, can he ride my cock like a fucking pro–

Draco: *wild shrieking* Alright, enough! I’ll tell you the fucking ingredient later!

Harry: *smug* 

Draco: I hate you. *irascibly* And we’re not wearing brands right now, what the fuck? We’re at home and are bloody barefooted, can’t you fucking see.

Harry: Most of his suits are Armani, I think?

Draco: Well, their suits are fabulous.

Harry: And do we have idols? Do I have an idol?

Draco: I’m pretty sure you are one.

Harry: Ugh, Jesus.

Draco: I’m sure you’re secretly so flattered.

Harry: Ugh, fuck you.

Draco: In what position?

(❤️ to @o0o-chibaken-o0o for the recipe and the shared love of salt in cocoa, LOL)

You and I (Draco x Ravenclaw Reader)

Warnings: smutttttttt, angst

Summary: Draco and yourself have started seeing each other secretly, but it becomes complicated.

A/N: first fic everrrrrrr sry if it sucks lmao

Originally posted by stunning-i

Last night had been a wild night for you. Draco met up with you in the Room and Requirement and let’s just say you both had a very long night. You finally went to bed around 4 am only to be woken up by your best friend, Luna.

“You’re talking in your sleep, y/n. Although I realize how loveley those conversations may be, we have exams today and I thought you’d want to wake up.”, she said calmly. You could only muster a nod to signal you were awake. Luna walked over to grab her robe and books, then walked out of the Ravenclaw dorms.

“Ugh, why today?”, you whispered to yourself. As you got out of bed you noticed your exposed legs were covered in love bites. You checked the rest of your body and saw that there was hardly a blank space left on your skin, a reminder of the amazing night you had last night. You smiled at the memory of you and Draco. With a quick motion, you got out of bed and got ready for the day.

While you were walking to the Great Hall for breakfast, you noticed a beautiful blonde boy standing with his friends. You shot him a quick smile, and he returned it with a wink. It was moments like these that made you two so crazy for each other. The thrill of secrecy was a huge turn on for both of you, and led to many wild nights like the one you just had.

The only downfall of the secrecy is having to watch Pansy drape herself all over Draco and act like his girlfriend. Nothing drove you more insane than Pansy Parkinson and her games. She loved to toy with anyone who she saw as a threat when it came to Draco, and she had quite a talent of sensing the smallest attraction. Of course, she noticed the glances between you two and proceeded to bully you nonstop whenever Draco wasn’t around.

You shrugged off the sight of Pansy holding Draco’s hand and continued your journey to breakfast. Just as you were about to sit down, a handsome, brown haired boy called your name. You turned to the Gryffindor table to see that Harry Potter wanted your attention. You walked over to him, who was sat with Hermoine and Ron per usual.

“Hi, Harry.”, you said giving him a confused smile. “Hey, guys”, you turned to Hermione and Ron.

“Hey, y/n.”, they both said in unison. Harry grabbed your hand and pulled you away from his friends. You were quite shocked, as you never really interacted with Harry.

“Um, y/n…I’m sorry to disturb you from your breakfast…I just wondered if you maybe wanted to accompany me to Hogsmead tonight?”, he said nervously. Your eyes showed clear shock.

“Uh, wow. This is kind of a shock, I mean we don’t really hang out. Excuse me if I act surprised. Haha. Um, let me check and get back to you.”, you turned and walked away quickly.

As you got to your table, you saw Luna staring off into space.

“Uh, Luna. You won’t believe what just happened.”, you said awkwardly.

“Harry asked you out and you awkwardly walked away. He’s quite hurt, but when is he not.”, she said in her typical calm voice. You were shocked only for a second, this was Luna after all.

“I hurt him? I told him I’d check. I mean I just don’t understand why he’d ask me, we’ve never really hung out before.”, you said.

“Harry isn’t the type of boy that needs to know you for very long to like you. But I assume you should just tell him you’ll be busy with Draco.” This made your jaw drop.

“How do you know about Draco?”, you said in a stunned whisper.

“You talk in your sleep.” At that she got up to go to class.

Even though most people had cleared out, you still sat at breakfast. You had a study period for your first class today and decided to spend it in the Great Hall. You watched as the last people left the hall, and turned to your book to start your reading.

“Hey, you.”, a sultry voice spoke. You immediately recognized the familiar rasp.

“Draco, don’t you have class?”

“Not today, I managed to convince Trelawney to give me a "meditation” period. What a load of crap she is. But I guess it worked out for me today. What are you doing?“, he asked sitting down. He placed his hand on your lower back which sent chills down your spine.

"Uh, I’m-I have a study period. Just ya know, studying.”, you let out a little laugh.

“What a Ravenclaw.”, he smirked. “I can think of a couple things better than studying that you could be doing.” He moved closer to you, and you were now sat between his legs.

“Draco, not now. And especially not here. Oh, I do have something to tell you.” He gave you a curious look.

“Go ahead, my love.”, the sound of those words warmed your heart.

“So, Harry Potter asked me out.”, you said, waiting for the anger that typically erupts from Draco when he hears his name.

“Oh, and you said yes?”, he said surprisingly calm. You were shocked as he kept his normal tone.

“No, I told him I’d check and then walked away.”, you said. “Why, should I have said yes?”, you asked suspiciously.

“Well, my father invited Pansy to join us for dinner tonight…don’t get angry.”, he said afraid of your response.

“You two are aware that you’re not dating, correct. Because by the way that you act, I couldn’t tell. It seems an awful lot like she gets to be your girlfriend and I am the girl you fuck on the side.”, you said, full of hurt. You got up to leave, slamming your books shut. “You know what, I will join Harry tonight.” You began walking away.

“Y/n! Stop, she’s not my girlfriend.”, he pleaded.

“Yeah, well neither am I.”, you said, trying to keep your voice from cracking. He didn’t chase after you, which made it all hurt more.

The only class you had together was potions, in which you were partnered with Hermione, and he was partnered with Pansy. The whole class she had been all over him. The only strange thing was that he was all over her too. You wanted desperately to leave, but you knew your education was more important than some beautiful boy. Hermoine must’ve noticed the hurt on your face.

“Are you okay? It sucks seeing the one you love with someone else. I completely get it.”, she said. You were shocked until you remembered that she caught you two a few months back. She’d been so good at keeping it hushed that you forgot she even knew.

“Yeah.”, you said simply.

“Professor, may y/n and I go to the restroom. You see it’s my time of the month and I have no products–”

“Yes, yes, Granger. No need to continue.”, Slughorn said awkwardly.

“Thank you, Hermoine.”, you said, proud of her wit.

As you two walked out, you saw Draco holding Pansy’s thigh. He looked up at you and immediately moved his hand. It was too late. He obviously was over whatever you two had.

“How dare he hold her thigh when last night we were–THE THINGS WE DID HERMOINE!”, you yelled. Hermoine sat listening patiently. “He told me he loved me. What a bloody liar.”

“Y/n, I know it’s still fresh and you may not be up to it, but Harry really is a good guy. He’s not interested in the things that Draco is. He cares about you.”, she said.

“Cares about me? He hardly knows me.”, you said, confused by her words.

“He’s hardly spoken to you. He gets to know you through people like me and Luna. He has almost every class with you. He watches you, and he likes who you are.”, she said causing you to really think. “Just come to Hogsmeade with us tonight. Get your mind off things.”

“Okay, you will be there?”, you asked hopeful. She nodded in response.

While it was hard for you with everything going on between Draco and yourself, you decided that you needed to feel better. You wanted to dress up tonight as hot as you could. You wanted Draco to realize what he lost. You put on a tight black dress, a black leather jacket and thigh high boots. Your makeup consisted of a brown smoky eye and dark lips. You left the Ravenclaw common room to be greeted by Harry, Hermoine, an Ron. All of their jaws dropped when they saw you.

“Holy hell, y/n. Is that you?”, Ron said causing you to laugh. Hermione hit him on the arm.

“You look great.”, Harry said, obviously nervous. You smiled and grabbed his hand.

“Shall we go?”, you said to the group.

As you four were walking, nearly every person you passed did a double take. This made you feel good about your outfit choice tonight. This also made Harry hold onto your hand even tighter.

You were laughing at something Hermione said when you saw a pair of grey eyes glaring at you from across the room. As hard as you tried not to look back, you knew it was inevitable. Harry excused himself to the restroom and Hermione and Ron were dancing, so you were left with no distraction. You turned to look back at him and he was gone. You were confused as he was just there. You turned back to the space next to you thinking Harry was sitting back down, but it was Draco.

“Enjoying yourself?”, he said coldly.

“Could ask you the same question. Seems as though you and Pansy are truly happy.”, you said, matching his tone.

“As if. Slughorn is invited as well, should’ve mentioned that. I had to make it seem like we were the perfect couple.”

“Oh, you aren’t?”, you said in a snap.

“I never expected you to actually go out with him. He seems boring. Don’t you crave more of a thrill.”, Draco said, grabbing your thigh. This only reminded you of earlier.

“I’m fine with the company I’m keeping.”, you said moving his hand off of you.

“You can’t pretend with me. You and I are more than just some escapade, y/n. No matter how hard you try and convince yourself that you’ll be happy with him, it’ll never work. You know that I’m the one you love. You know that I’m the only one who really…gets you.” He looked at your cleavage, which caused you to roll your eyes.

“What are you doing, Malfoy?”, you heard Harry speak in a tone so much different than how he speaks to you.

“Sitting next to my girlfriend, Potter. Thanks for keepi my seat warm.”, Draco said in a hiss. Harry looked at you, his eyes held a bit of confusion and a bit of hurt.

“Y/n?”, he asked you. You looked at him apologetically.

“I’m sorry Harry. It’s hard to explain.”, you said in a sincere tone. You didn’t like hurting Harry, but Draco was right. He was the only one you wanted.

Harry nodded and walked away. You looked after him, concerned with how he felt. Draco grabbed your hand, as he noticed you felt sorry.

“Potter will get over it. It was only a few hours you spent together.”, he said in a surprisingly comforting tone. You nodded. “Let’s get out of here. I think it’s about time I tell Parkinson off.”

You smiled at the thought of Pansy getting what she deserves.

“Let’s.”, you said following the gorgeous boy.

“Hey, Parkinson! Just thought I’d let you know that now that me and y/n are public, you can get the hell off of me and leave me alone. Her too. If I hear you speaking to her in any way other than complimentary, you’ll have to deal with me. Understood?”, she nodded, obviously intimidated. You loved when Draco used such authority.

As you two were standing with a group of his friends, you felt yourself getting more and more turned on by the power that he had shown. You leant in to him and whispered in his ear.

“How about we get out of here, you and I?”, you said as sultry as you could. He looked at you quickly, catching what you meant.

“If you’ll excuse us.”, he said to Blaise, Crabbe, and Goyle. He grabbed your ass as you both walked off.

Draco pulled you into some sort of shack near the pub and pressed you against the wall.

“Feeling a bit horny are we, my love?”, he whispered in your ear. You could only hum in response. “How about I take care of that, hmm? You can’t be loud, though. Promise me you won’t be loud, dear. If you are, I’ll have to punish you.” The act of Draco being so dominant made you dripping wet.

“I promise.”, you said in a low voice. At this, Draco turned to your neck and started kissing, biting and sucking on your delicate skin. He knew this was your most sensitive spot and he abused it.

“Ohhhhhh”, you moaned in response.

“What did I say, princess? Do you want to be punished?”, he said whispering into your neck.

“I’m sorry.”, you said in almost a cry.

He took off your jacket and pulled your dress up so that he could access your spot. He touched you through the thin lace of your underwear, causing you to gasp. You concealed your moans into his shoulder.

“How does that feel, baby girl?”, he said in between kisses.

“So good, Draco. Please don’t stop.”

“I wasn’t planning on it.”, he said assertively.

He moved your underwear aside, touching you completely now and you felt yourself ready to release.

“Not now, baby. Hold it.” You nodded and tried your best to hold of your impending climax. Draco unzipped his pants and pulled out his member. He looked at you for permission and you nodded. At that he lined himself up at your entrance, and pushed himself into you. He allowed you to get used to his large member before he continued thrusting. He was being slow and deep with you, rather than the rough sex you usually have. It felt so good as he pumped in and out of you slowly. He looked at you dead in the eyes and held your gaze as he reached his end.

“I love you, y/n. Truly.”, he said in a sincere tone.

“I love you, Draco.”

He sped up his thrusts as you both reached your end.

“Let’s cum together.”, you whispered in his ear.

He groaned as he unloaded into you, and you released all over him. You two kissed passionately until your breathing became normal again.

“You and I are something else, aren’t we?”, you asked.

“Yes, I think we are.”, Draco kissed your lips passionately.

Harry Potter Preferences - Part 3: Kisses
(bad boy edition)

Draco: Draco tends to kiss you when he’s a bit jealous and wants everyone around you two to see that you’re his and only his (which is nearly all the time). He smiles then a bit, two fingers laying on your cheek, when he turns your face to him, placing is soft lips on yours.
Lucius: Kisses just happen when you two are all alone, because both of you prefer to stay ‘professional’ in public, but Lucius’ kisses are wild and fiery, fingers curled in each others hair and leaving both of you breathless.
Regulus: He really enjoys kissing you, whenever he wants you close to him he pulls you into his arms. He’d look down on you for some incredibly long seconds with a cocky smile, then he’d place a kiss on your forehead, the next one on the tip of your nose and finally you’d feel his lips against yours.
Rabastan: Rabastan likes playing a bit, he’d give you his most charming smile, softly bite his lower lip and invitingly look at your lips. Bad luck for him that you like playing as well, you’d act as if you didn’t even notice and give him an innocent blink until he can’t stand it any longer and pulls you into a passionate kiss, making both of you grin against each others lips.
Draco malfoy x reader (feelings, other Side of draco, FLUFF!)

It’s was the night of the nights. The night that would be marked as party history in the hogwarts books. It was the yearly secret hogwarts party where only a couple of student of each house were invited to. And ofcourse the slytherin prince who made the party happening.

This year you were invited for the second time. The slytherin prince has noticed your presence once again. The one time you two talked was last year (5th year). It was a short conversation about quiditch… at least you thought..


Anyway, you were happy to be invited to this party. Especially because it was an masquerade party.


You opened the room of requirement, music was blasting really loud the minute you entered the big room.
You put on your mask and walked into the room. “Hello gorgeous..” draco moved closer and kissed you on the cheek. Luckily it was dark outside or else he would’ve seen you red cheeks. “Do you even know who I am?” You said smirking. “Definitely, I wouldn’t just kiss any girl on the cheek.” He reached out his hand to you. You grabbed his hand. He led you to the middle of the dance floor. Draco put his hand on your lower back, while dancing with you. Draco moved closer and whispered something in your ear. “I’m glad I invited you.” You laughed. “Girl number 47 right?” Draco looked uncomfortable at first but quickly got his ‘act’ together again. “You are not a number to me, I only had one serious girlfriend.” You stared at him. “One? I’ve seen you with other girls.” Draco smiled. “I’m not really a player if you think that, I rarely talk to girls. They come to me sometimes, not that often though. I only talk to girls who I’m interested in.” You gave him a questioning look. “Do you want something to drink?” You nodded. Draco grabbed you hand and leaded you trough the crowd. The lights were going on and off, and everyone was going wild.


Draco walked towards the bar and ordered two drinks. He grabbed the two glasses and handed you one. “How do you give such good party’s?” Draco smiled again. “I learned it from my mother she gave great party’s, when I was younger she would give these big masquerade balls with all her friends and acquaintances, it was amazing. She had beautiful decorations, and lights all over our ballroom. That what I thought of while walking in the room of requirement.” Draco pointed at the big chandelier above the crowd. “IT really is Beautiful! How do you choose the guests for your party’s?” Draco took a sip of his drink. “I.. i dont really choose the guests, I put you on the list myself thought but I always ask blaise and pansy to make the guest list. I don’t know many people, and I don’t have many friends to ask.” You looked at his pale face. His face impression was difficult to read. “It’s lonely on the top.” Draco put his glass on the table and leaned against the bar, his face emotionless. You touched his arm. “Let’s talk outside.” You held his hand and led him out of the room of requirement.


The moment you two walked out of the room draco’s face impression changed. The what seem to be a though boy turned into a sad boy, with a lot of demons to deal with.

“Tell me what’s on your mind.” You placed you hand on his knee. “I..” draco turned his face away. Nobody should feel unloved. Nobody should feel alone. You really wanted to be there for draco. “If you don’t want to talk about it, that’s fine. I don’t want to push you.” Draco looked at you and moved closer. “I just.. I just feel so alone… everyone has friends at hogwarts who care about them… I’m even jealous of Potter and his thight friendships. I just want to feel alive.. I.. want to feel loved.. and most of all.. I just want to be happy….” Draco broke. Tears rolled over his cheeks. You quickly moved closer and wrapped your arms around him. You held him for a long time

“I’m so sorry that you have to feel this way. Nobody should have to feel this way. You got me. Remind that please. You are always going to have me.”

Draco pulled out of the hug and looked at you. You wiped away his tears. “Thankyou..” he said whispering. You smiled at him. “No need to thank me.” Draco moved his head closer to yours and stopped for a second. He looked straight into your eyes waiting for an awswer of a kind of sign. You nodded softly and placed your lips on his lips. You tilted your head slightly and wrapped your hands around his neck. Draco placed his hands on your hips.

Draco broke the kiss. He grabbed your hand. “I really like you (y/n).” The moonlight was shining on draco’s beautiful pale skin. His eyes were sparkling. “I definitely like you to.”

Care for Me (Part1)

A slightly crack (maybe), modern/no magic AU of Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy drabble. Wasn’t gonna post it but whatev

Tag List: @xx-thedarklord-xx @drarry0394 (If anyone wants to be added, let me know)


“I just don’t see anyone caring about me.” Draco takes a sip of his tea, turning to glance out the large window on his left. His best friend sat in a booth across from him, scoffing loudly. “That’s not what I meant and you know it.” Draco whispered curtly, taking another sip of the hot liquid, letting it fill his mouth and burn in an almost-numb way. The peppermint flavour mixed well with the blinding snow outside covering the ground, and he could barely hear the soft sounds of carols playing in the cafe’s speakers.

“I care about you Draco,” Pansy shot out, and he sighed, glancing and giving her a small glare. “I know what you mean though, but I do want to say that.” She nursed her own cup, which surprisingly looked like delicate china (one of the reasons they two of them preferred this place), before she set it down gently onto the matching saucer. “Your mother cares-”

“Pansy,” Draco warned, and she just sighed in response. “I know my mother loves me very dearly, but again, not what I am saying.” He sets his own cup down as well, not too fond of finishing the spiky tasting tea. “I know I shouldn’t be acting so lonely or anything.” He whispered, pursing his lips and bringing a hand to run through his hair. He hated how open he was being right now, but after Pansy just admitted to something serious, he felt that he should give just as she did. “Anyway, I’m glad that you’ve finally found yourself.”

Pansy only smiled softly in response, studying the tea sitting in her teacup. “Yeah,” Was her only response, and Draco sighed, leaning forward and letting a hand reach out and lay on one of Pansy’s own.

“I’d like to meet this girl who has finally tamed that wild heart of yours.” Draco whispered, and watched as Pansy seemed to light up, sitting straighter and looking directly into his eyes. She began to bite her lip uncertainly before sighing, letting it out.

“Her name is Luna. She may seem a bit odd, at first, but she will definitely make an impression.” Pansy stated, seeming somehow nervous with this admission. Draco found her expression odd. Did she think he would recognize the name? It’s not like it’s a very common name-

Draco withdrew his hand, narrowing his eyes at Pansy who seemed to sag slightly, realizing that he recognized the name. “The girl from the Photography class?” Draco whispered, glancing around the cafe quickly before leaning forward and whispering quickly. “Pansy, you have to be kidding. Everyone thinks she is mental.” This caused Pansy to grow angry, and he leaned back and dared to look a bit sheepish.

“Look, she just has a unique way of looking at things.” Pansy whispered angrily toward him, before studying him and sighing out some anger. “Whatever, you were the one who said you wanted to meet her.” Draco bit his own lip this time, studying his best friend before nodding slowly.

“I do. I want to properly meet her.” He admitted, watching as Pansy grew surprised and straightened in her seat.

“Oh. Well. Good.” She blinked slowly, reaching for her tea and taking a sip, glancing out the window. Draco smirked, taking his own cup into his hand, though not drinking it, glancing out the window as well.


Draco sat on a bench, leaning back against the attached table, under a large tree on the outskirts of his college. His book was interesting, or it would be if Pansy wasn’t distracting him with her nervous habits. Her hands were ringing and she kept asking a question every minute. Just because he was about to meet Luna for the first time, properly, and Luna was late. His eyes scanned the words on the page in front of him without really taking them in.

“Do you think she’s okay?” Pansy finally asked, scooting to the edge of her seat and scanning as much as she could of the school grounds that weren’t blocked by a large hill on their right.

“I’m sure she’s fine.” Draco lazed out once more, flipping a page for dramatic effect mostly. Pansy shot him a glare he could barely see out of his peripheral, before turning her attention back to the grounds. SNAP. Draco blinked, suddenly blinded, before glancing up and noticing a rather small girl with long blonde hair standing in front of them. Ah, the famous photographer.

“I hope you don’t mind. You just looked like the perfect model of indifference.” The girl replied, smiling softly down at Draco. Pansy jumped up, walking over to wrap her arm around Luna’s waist, smiling down at the girl.

“Are you okay?” Pansy whispered, leaning her head down to nuzzle into the smaller girl, “Did she do something?” Draco glanced away, pretending to not hear the private conversation.

“No, she hasn’t done anything. I’m sorry I was late, my astronomy professor had asked some questions about the positioning of the stars in early December.” Luna admitted, and Draco rolled his eyes. Of course she would be in astronomy. “I assured him that the stars held no ill will for him in this month.” She blinked up to her girlfriend before looking down and directly at Draco. He kept his eyes on his book. Silence ticked by for a moment before he decided they were probably waiting for him to speak.

“Ah, I don’t mind the photo,” Draco admitted lazily, scanning the book with his eyes still, “I’m sure I’ll look absolutely indifferent in it.” He finally closed the book, standing and turning toward the girl. He was about to introduce himself before she laughed, holding her hand out and letting her camera she had been holding hang around her neck.

“Draco, it’s nice to finally meet you.” He reached out, shaking her hand hesitantly. “I have someone I want you to meet.” She said quietly as if she were talking to herself, though he had been addressed in the statement.

“And you’re Luna.” He supplied, feeling a tad out of place. He glanced toward Pansy, who seemed slightly nervous with her arm still wrapped firmly around Luna, but gave her a reassuring smile.

“Well, you knew that already.” Luna mumbled, giggling lightly before shaking her head. “Yes, I think we should have some tea tomorrow.” She nods, as if the decision was made. He furrowed his brow, glancing back at Pansy as she just shrugs in response. “Let’s meet up at the Manor house, they’re serving excellent peppermint tea this time of year.”


So here he was, two days later, sitting in the same booth as he had before, drinking the same tea while listening to the same faded carols, and Draco wondered if he was living the same day on repeat. That was, until Luna walked in and slid into the seat next to Pansy, smiling as she received a peck on the cheek from her girlfriend. Luna waved upward, and Draco glanced over toward the standing body next to the booth. He froze, blinking as he studied the jock in front of him. He had to be a jock, at least, with his rippling muscles straining under his black t-shirt. Though, the man looked awkward, his eyes on the table as Luna introduced the man as ‘Harry Potter.’

Draco’s mind blanked. The Harry Potter? The one that Hogwarts, his college, was repping as football extraordinaire in the papers? Draco stared down into his peppermint tea, the smell filling his lungs as he tried to comprehend this situation. Why was he here? Why did Luna know him?

“Harry, this is Pansy, my girlfriend. And this is Pansy’s best friend Draco.” Luna spoke matter-of-factly, and Draco glanced up, eyeing his best friend across from him. She just shrugged, though had a silly smile on her face that said she knew exactly what had been planned for today.

“It’s nice to meet you Draco.” Harry murmured, and Draco and to forcefully keep his eyes from rolling. Even his voice was perfect. Draco glanced over, noticing the outstretched hand and shaking it awkwardly before replying a little late.

“You as well, Potter.” He watched Harry’s brow furrow slightly at the use of his last name, but Draco didn’t care. It’s not like they could become close friends anyway. Not with who Harry hangs out with. “But I should actually be going. I have a physics test to study for.” Draco stood abruptly, taking a step back so he wasn’t in Harry’s personal space. He glanced over, taking in Pansy’s worried expression before he repressed a sigh and addresses the two ladies. “It was nice seeing you again, Luna. I’ll see you later, Pans.” He began to turn but heard sounds of protest from his best friend.

“Draco, get back here, we haven’t even started.” He glared lightly at his friend, shaking his head slowly.

“I forgot about the test. But I remembered, just now.” Draco stated, crossing his arms defiantly.

“Look, if it’s about me, I can go.” Harry mumbled, and Draco couldn’t suppress his eye roll this time.

“No, Potter. This isn’t about you.” Draco responded, not unkindly, though with a lie. There was no way he was going to let himself befriend the jock, the boy whose friends bullied him daily. “I have a test.” He insisted, glancing down at the table. That, at least, was the truth. After another moment of silence, Draco just spun on his heels and began walking to the exit.

The cold air was welcome on his face as he exited the building, and he breathed in as if he had been strangled inside. He took a few steps before standing still, letting his heart rate settle that he hadn’t realized had spiked. No wonder Hogwarts was repping him in the papers, the boy was fit. Suddenly, the ding from the door behind him clued him into the fact he was followed, and the voice clued him into who it was.

“Draco.” Harry spoke evenly, and Draco slowly turned around to eye the boy. He must be cold, standing outside in his a black t-shirt in the snow. Harry glanced down, looking a bit sheepish, and Draco glanced away as to try to make him feel more comfortable. “Could I, at least, maybe, have your number?” It had to be a trick, there was no way this was-

Draco nodded and watched as Harry seemed to light up slightly, reaching into his pocket and dragging out a square touchscreen phone, navigating to his contacts. When Harry gave a nod, Draco glanced around and spoke his number politely. There was a small pause once it was finished, and Draco was trying to decide whether or not to just walk away or if he should say some kind of farewell again, until his phone vibrated in his pocket. He jumped slightly before realizing it was silly to, digging his phone out and reading the preview for the text: [Hey, it’s Harry] He glanced over, watching as Harry shifted from foot to foot, probably realizing how cold it was the git, and then nodded a farewell as he turned to leave.