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Face claim for Victoire Weasley 

Gabriella Wilde 

  • Draco: Don't cry.
  • Hermione: How can I not? You just said you loved me.
  • Draco: Well, why else did you think all of this was happening? The Death Eaters wouldn't be trying to kill you if I didn't love you.
  • Hermione: I didn't know. You never said anything about it. Every time I saw you, you just acted so... wild.
  • Draco: How was I supposed to act? You kept doing things like slapping my face.

If I told you what I was, would you turn your back on me? And if I seem dangerous, would you be scared?

Could you imagine that instead of the points system every year Hogwarts had a talent show for which house wins and it's something that goes on for a week because so many people want to participate. And everyone spends months working on their talents. And during their Eighth year Draco, Blaise, Pansy, and Theo participate. They have a band and they're REALLY good. Blaise is back up vocals and guitar. Theo is bass. Pansy is on drums. And Draco, he's the singer. And after they preform everyone's going wild and suddenly Draco's in front of Harry in leather pants and he's smirking and looks so happy. Harry can't help but kiss him. And that's how they revealed that they've been in a relationship since like 6th year tbh.

Written in honor of Draco Malfoy’s 35th birthday, and dedicated to my darling mangoapplepie who needs some fluff right now. (photos are not mine)

Harry enters the bedroom quietly, hovering the tray of coffee and croissants to the nightstand. Smiling, he notices Draco has kicked off the covers since he left the bed, and he takes a moment to admire his boyfriend in the soft morning light. They’d all thrown Draco a wild birthday party the night before, mostly coordinated by Pansy and Hermione, who were quite dangerous when they combined their efforts. There had been loud music, lots of friends, and a terrifying amount of alcohol. He’d been sure to set a Tempus Charm for the morning, so he could sneak out to Draco’s favorite bakery and get some breakfast and flowers. Setting down a handful of white gerbera daisies on the pillow next to Draco, Harry leans over to press a kiss to a pale shoulder.

Draco stirs and moans loudly. “What did you let me do?” Stifling a laugh, Harry nuzzles the blond hair. This is why he made sure to not drink too much last night. He knew Draco would be horribly hungover from the outrageous amount of firewhiskey he consumed.

“Happy Birthday, babe,” Harry murmurs, pushing Draco’s hair out of his face. His boyfriend rolls over to glare at him with bloodshot eyes.

“You arse. I can’t believe-” he stops when he notices the daisies, and his eyes soften. Draco loves daisies, even though he often pretends to be above ‘such a common flower.’ "You’re such a sap,“ he declares, but Harry can hear the teasing love hidden in his haughty tone.

"I’m also brilliant,” Harry replies, pushing a bottle of Hangover Potion to Draco, who beams at him and tosses the vile back in one go. Harry hands him a cup of coffee from the breakfast tray, which Draco sips on to rid his mouth of the aftertaste.

“Please tell me I didn’t do anything incriminating last night.”

“Um, actually-”

“Oh, Merlin,” Draco groans. “Just tell me.”

“Well, you did stand up on a chair and demand I give you a birthday blow job.” Harry grins at the memory. “Said that you ‘deserved some quality cock sucking.’”

“I did not.”

“You did, love. Everyone thought it was hilarious.”

“Bloody fuck. Blaise is never going to let me live that down.” He pushes his cup back at Harry. “I shouldn’t be allowed to drink that much. I’m old now, clearly my aging body doesn’t handle it well anymore.”

Harry laughs, “Oh shut it, you. Thirty-five is not old. You’re still young and you know you’re hot as fuck.”

Smirking at him, Draco stretches out his lithe body and Harry’s eyes dart to watch the contracting muscles. “Well, that’s true,” Draco drawls. “I’m still gorgeous.” The blond perks up suddenly and flashes a lazy smile at Harry. “You know, what I said last night was true. How about a nice blow job for the birthday boy-”

Harry cuts him off with a fierce kiss and Draco immediately wraps his fingers in Harry’s dark locks. Biting down on Draco’s bottom lip, Harry begins to slide his way down his lover’s body, sucking and nipping at every perfect bit of bare skin. Draco whines at him when Harry teases above his briefs, all pompousness gone from his voice. Harry revels in the needy sounds and sets about giving his boyfriend a teasing, languid blow job, ignoring every plea to hurry it up. After all, Harry remembers as he thinks about the little velvet ring box hidden in his robe pocket, They have all the time in the world.

Dorm Mates AU


  • Harry and Ron were SUPPOSED to be roommates but Ron fucked up and forgot to request him
  • On move in day Harry bumps into this asshole who’s bitching about someone touching his “imported scarves”
  • Harry doesn’t have a lot to unpack so he’s already set up when that same asshole barges into the room. He doesn’t even notice Harry as he orders the poor volunteers around, telling them how to set up and “that doesn’t go THERE what are you, an animal???”
  • When the storm clears Harry just stands there blinking as Draco finally notices him. He offers him his hand to shake with his signature “Malfoy. Draco Malfoy. And you are…?”
  • Harry reluctantly takes it. “… Harry Potter”
  • Throughout the school year they’re very short with each other, usually hanging out with other groups. They still respect each others rules and lifestyles within the dorm, but rarely ever talk.
  • One night, late into the year, Draco comes in shit faced drunk while Harry is studying.
  • He starts crawling all over Harry on the bed and ends up laying in his lap talking about how everyone wants to be friends with him because of his father and how sometimes he doesn’t even like the people he hangs out with and stuff like that
  • After his long rant they just kinda sit there and suddenly Draco looks up like “You’re really hot you know that? Like suuuper hot. That’s why all those girls are after you. But you’re so stupid you don’t even realize it. Honestly.”
  • He kinda goes on about how hot Harry is and how sometimes he wants to make out with his stupid face and how the way his expressions are on a day to day basis is practically killing him but then Draco starts falling asleep mid-rant and just passes out on Harry’s lap.
  • Harry just sits there in stunned silence before sliding out from under Draco and going to Rons to spend the night
  • Draco wakes up feeling horrible and he doesn’t remember a lot from the night before. When he sees he’s on Harry’s bed and Harry is gone he starts panicking like “fuck fuck FUCK what did I do??”
  • Later that night Harry comes back and they exchange awkward “heys” before Draco gets all formal saying he’s sorry if he said anything out of term or caused any trouble
  • Harry just laughs like “you’re fine its cute the way you act when you’re drunk”
  • Draco is internally screaming at “cute” but he’s like “nevertheless I should not have imposed you-”
  • Harry interrupts him like “dude enough you don’t have to act so up tight with me I’m not gonna judge you”
  • And after a bunch of back and forth they’re suddenly criss crossed on the floor talking about their stupid aunt and uncle or how strict their houses are and they’re up talking until 2AM and somehow Draco ends up in Harry’s lap again ranting away and Harry is playing with his hair, only stopping when he agrees with something (“RIGHT?? How stupid is that???”)
  • There’s a small pause as they catch their breath and wind down a bit
  • Draco closes his eyes while Harry combs through his bangs before asking “So last night I just ranted about my friends at you?”
  • Harry chuckled and makes a mysterious comment like “among other things”
  • “Like what?” Draco is sweating now oh god what did I say to this beautiful boy
  • “Apparently I’m hot and I don’t even realize it”
  • Draco’s hands are on his face because he’s beet fucking red and Harry is laughing trying to pry them away
  • “don’t worry, don’t worry! I thought it was cute-” “don’t make fun of me!” “I’m not! Really! It was adorable! To be honest, I think everything you do is adorable” “OOHMYGOD PLEASE STOP”
  • and they both act like total fucking dorks until Harry manages to get Draco’s hands out of his face and plants a weird upside down kiss on his lips
  • Harry half-expects him to get embarrassed, but after a beat Draco’s pulling Harry back down with messy kisses and reposition’s himself so he’s straddling Harry’s lap
  • They’re wrapped around each other, Draco holding himself up so he can curve Harry’s head back and force his mouth open
  • Harry’s clawing at his back, about to slide his hands down to grab Draco’s hips when there’s a loud knock on the door (“are you fucking kidding me” goes through both their minds)
  • Ron’s coming from a party, drunk, trying to get Harry to go with him. Harry just takes Ron back to his dorm instead.
  • He expects Draco to be asleep when he gets back, which he is.
  • But on Harry’s bed.
  • Deliberately leaving space for Harry.
  • For the rest of the year they switch off on cuddling and making out with each other on different beds. Ron finds out at the end of the year and is more upset about how he could have half-dormed with them since they had an extra bed than the fact they were secretly dating all that time.

I think I’m in love with muggle AU’s of drarry. Also, make out scenes are my life. Fight me.