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Why Thea Queen and Laurel Lance Are the Most Relatable Characters on ‘Arrow’

Recently, a list of Hollywood’s Best 50 Female Characters came out, and on that list was none other than Felicity of the CW’s Arrow. She is quoted by EBR as being “relatable and grounded,” and fans are running wild claiming she is the most relatable character on the show, and one of the most relatable on television currently. I’m here to challenge that notion.

Thea Queen and Laurel Lance are messy characters, and I mean that in the most positive way possible. They have been through hardships, they have made bad decisions, and they have paid the consequences of those bad decisions (a lot of the time made by other people in their lives). They both have dealt with extremely heavy and realistic problems that don’t fall into the realm of magically curing paralysis or somehow feeling no guilt for the death of over 10,000 people. These problems include grief, depression, addiction, and guilt.

Both Thea and Laurel were forced to overcome the grief of losing Oliver instantly. They were both forced to grieve alone in fact. Thea’s parents had one another and shut her out to cry by herself, and Laurel’s parents divorced, her father became an alcoholic, and she also lost her sister, who was sleeping with the love of her life when she “died”. So, Laurel was also forced to deal with the knowledge of that betrayal. While the circumstances regarding these loses are heightened for the sake of television, they still are grounded in realism. Everyone has dealt with the loss of a family member or an incredibly close friend, and everyone has been forced to deal with the grief that comes along with. 

Another thing both Thea and Laurel were forced to go through was addiction. To deal with her grief, Thea began using drugs to cope with the pain she constantly felt, which lead to incredibly negative actions on her part. She was forced to face those consequences and better herself because of them. Laurel, on the other hand, fell into an alcoholic addiction once she lost Tommy, whom she believed to be the new love of her life, and was again left by Oliver, whom she believe would help comfort her in a time of need. Add in the fact that alcoholism runs in the Lance family, and Laurel suddenly becomes a figure for all those struggling with addiction or those who have someone close to them who is struggling with it. And it was constantly thrown in her face. Not only that, but Laurel was forced to overcome her mental illness on her own while also being forced to relive her presumed dead sister and ex-boyfriend once again rekindling their relationship. These women grew from these tragic circumstances they found themselves in; they felt pain; they cried; but they became stronger.

Probably the most relatable thing these women have been forced to overcome is guilt. In season 3, Thea found comfort in the one person she believed would never lie to her: her father. But unbeknownst to her, Malcolm forced her to kill Sara, someone she considered a friend, and once Thea discovered what she had done she was forced to deal with the aftermath. She did not run from it. She faced it head on. She confessed to Laurel, who strongly embraced Thea with open arms and assured her it was not her fault. She confessed to Nyssa in hopes that it would free her from the pain she is feeling. Thea was brave; she was incredibly brave. In season 4, Thea was once again faced with a tremendous amount of guilt as she was forced to choose between killing people to satisfy her bloodlust or let herself die, and she decided the later. She was willing to give up her own life so that she would not hurt anyone else.

Laurel, after being constantly lied to, made the decision to resurrect her sister Sara after she was murdered. Afterwards, she was forced to deal with the guilt and trauma that Sara would endure. While she knew what she did was wrong, Laurel wanted her family back; she did not want to lose her sister again. But her hypocritical ex boyfriend constantly threw it back in her face, and Laurel had enough. She finally stood up. She knew what she put Sara through. She knew the guilt that she was facing, and she didn’t need to be constantly reminded of it.

These women have, without a doubt, the strongest character development on the series. No, they are not perfect. No, they are not witty. And no, they are not just “relatable and grounded.” They are inspirational. They taught us that you can fight back, and that you can overcome your struggles even if everyone around you is telling you that you can’t. It’s okay to be messy. You can pull yourself back up. They felt real things, and it made them real people.

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43, 47, and 48 ??? Pls

43. Ok… yeah… I have a type. Several actually, I have habits of drawing ‘hair tassels on my OCs. I also have a habit of making grumpy characters, they may be different levels of grump, but they’re pretty grumpy xD my main three grumps are Steele, Ruka, and Aria.

I have a grump problem. <3 A Grump Gang.

47. Yes, I believe that @wild-azure likes to claim my Gwyn and Chase xD, and lots of people like to claim Steele or Kale sometimes. They need the love~

48. A perfect cinnamon roll who is too good for this world is Gwyn, he’s my pure little baby who just needs a million sweets and cuddles.

This Pewdiepie bullshit needs to stop

Pewdiepie (Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) is the top dog of Youtube with over 50 million subscribers. People waste time just to leak how much money he makes.

When he first started, Pewdiepie played games - but today he regularly admits that back then he forced himself to be over-energetic & obnoxious, and pretended to like games more than he really did (including games he hated.)

Today, Pewdiepie just posts whatever he fucking wants, and even his trashiest and shittiest videos (by his own admission) manage 3 mil+ views per video.

If Pewds someday ends up reading this, 1. don’t look at anything else on my account 2. your girlfriend is adorable and 3. Do you mind if I call you Felix?

Shut up meatball I’m calling you Felix




into the bullshit

Every now and again, some morons with an agenda, or a news outlet seeing a name that will draw clicks, throw wild and sometimes slanderous claims at Felix because of trivial shit he said on Youtube. (Or, if he didn’t, they’ll make something up.)

And true to form, here’s this stupid shit stinking up my Tumblr dashboard:

Okay, that’s your abusive and self-defeating spin on it, now here’s the reality:

1) Illustrating something is not supporting it

Felix is not a very serious person. He’s Swedish and he lives in the UK. Asking him to treat something with solemn respect may as well be done in Klingon for all he’ll be able to understand it.

And to a not very serious person, the best way they can comment on current events, or even show they recognize that they exist, is to make it a joke.

So yes, Felix has been making Nazi / Jew jokes throughout his videos probably because of the blatant Nazism surrounding Trump’s presidency.

That is because Felix is an entertainer, not a political commentator.

Just like funnyguys are entertainers who agreed to do it.

It doesn’t make any of them part of the neo-Nazi movement, because in context any reasonable person can recognize the sentiment is not hostile.

2) Marginals aren’t mindless animals

What you must understand about SJW white knights is that they are condescending and hypocritical: At the same time they’re trying to champion an “oppressed” people, they are openly & passively dehumanizing them.

The red-underlined portions of the above post excerpts heavily imply that funnyguys, solely because they are not white, are under magical whip & collar, unable to refuse massa’s command.

(Fake feminists do the same thing to women who aren’t their kind of woman.)

Indeed that’s not the case. Felix feels “only partially responsible” because, lo and behold, at least three people had key input in this scenario, ergo three people are responsible, ergo any one of them is only partially responsible.

  • Pewdiepie submitted a troll request to funnyguys.
  • The two or more members of funnyguys, who clearly know English, accepted this request, performed it, and posted it to their Fiverr account.

With the sole exception of the Personal Jesus, every single other service Felix attempted to commission turned him down.

The crazy jungle men didn’t.

3) Don’t fucking lie to condescend

Bullshit, you’re making a massive crybaby drama-fest about it and trying to link it to real-world cases of armed violence against the Jewish.

That’s pretty goddamn relevant. Stop throwing words around just because they mean bad things so they must apply to people you don’t like.

Be honest - if you know what that is.

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concept: the vvitch AU where credence is the virgin pilgrim and graves the satan goat

i had to laugh at how this was phrased but in all seriousness-

Imagine Mary Lou having disagreements with the rest of their Puritan group, wanting more rigid interpretations and staking wild claims that result in her and her three adopted children moving into a tiny rundown home in the middle of the woods. (maybe other orphans are there under her care as well.) They make do with what they can. They pray and make any sacrifices necessary; for surely this is God’s will.

Credence is the eldest. He takes the brunt of the work when it comes to caring for their home and the rest of the children with stride and bites his lips till they bleed when his mother beats him for even the slightest of slip ups. She tells him how he was born full of sin and wickedness and that such cruel acts against him were the only way to save his soul. Though times are hard, he will not break. Not when he goes days without supper, not when they whisper about leaving him behind and not even when one of the children go missing and never return.

After catching something for supper one evening he stumbles across Modesty, his youngest sibling, talking animately to a goat. It is a tall and graceful creature with horns that stretch outward from the crown of his head dangerously. His eyes and fur darker than the sky at night. Credence is not sure he remembers the goat having been with them when they moved but he does not question it. He does, however, take a moment to chastise his sister. For surely she knows the creature cannot talk back and making such claims implies nothing short of witchcraft. 

Her chatting does not stop, however, and Credence grows in both annoyance (for he was only trying to protect her from their mother’s wrath) and curiosity (perhaps what she said held some truth). Modesty tells Credence that the goat is interested in talking to him and Credence refuses vehemently, using the excuse of sin and childishness, even though somewhere in his heart he yearns to try. It grows worse, however, as she sings songs of the goat and his wicked ways. She begins to explain how the goat is telling her Credence is dabbling in witchcraft - that he has unexplored potential and because he cannot control it, he is to blame for the one child’s disappearance.

It grows into an ugly weight within Credence until he cannot help but laugh bitterly to her face. “You’re right Modesty. I surely am a witch- pact with the devil and all! I let that orphan die in the woods and if you tell such a thing to Mother you will suffer the same fate.” It is a lie. All of it. And Credence knows how lying is a sin. And yet he cannot help but commit it if it will keep her mouth from spewing such declarations. 

And it works. She does not spill her rumors any longer. That is until his other sister, Chastity, goes missing. It is only for one night and yet everyone is required to go to bed without supper. Someone in the family must have committed an act against God for such a thing to occur. 

The following morning Credence finds Chastity at the edge of the woods - sickly and dying. She only lasts till the time they can place her in a bed. She dies proclaiming her love for God. Mary Lou wonders aloud at the cause for such tragedy, for surely they have all been people of the Lord? To which Modesty responds, with fear in her voice, that Credence had indulged in wickedness. She uses his lie as a confession. The claim erupts both fear and anger within Credence to the point where he can no longer think straight and yells back of how Modesty is surely conversing with the devil through their goat. They had sealed their fate together.

Enraged, Mary Lou places the blame on the both of them. Spewing hate over their wicked ways and giving them a beating before forcing them outside to sleep in the stables. The stable where the black goat stands proudly.

Credence speaks with him that night - unsure as to if it is a dream or reality. The goat asks to be called by his own title. Mr. Graves is what Credence uses now. The goat speaks of an alliance with the devil but says not to be afraid, all will be well if Credence only does what is asked of him.

Mr. Graves whispers to him the deepest of his own gluttonous, visceral, carnal desires. States that it can all be his if only he signs over his soul in exchange. Credence thinks of the countless beatings, of the family who does not care for him, and of the wickedness his mother claimed him to have been born with. He has nothing to lose. He is too far gone to ever dream of returning whole. He signs without looking back.

“Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?”


Adventures in English Class

Guy: Well there’s no proof that Oscar Wilde was actually gay. I mean, what if the trial really was just slander? I don’t believe he was a homo, he didn’t write about gay people in his stories.


The Michigan Dogman: A Real Life Werewolf

It may not be a man who shape-shifts into a wolf upon a full moon, but it sure is terrifying! A bipedal wolf-like humanoid stalks the lonesome Michigan forests, striking fear into those who’ve seen it. It was first reported in Wexford, Michigan in 1887. It is described to be 7-feet tall, blue eyed and let’s out a blood curdling howl that sounds almost human. Sightings tend to triangulate in the Northwestern region of the lower peninsula. The Odawa tribe said the creature stalked the Manistee River when they used to live there.

In 1938 Robert Fortney was attacked by 5 wild dogs, and claimed one of them walked on two legs. Dog tracks have been found around dead horses, who died of fright. Similar reports of a bipedal canine continue to be reported to this day. The creature has been associated with the Beast of Bray Road, and is speculated that it could be the same creature.

Is it just a bunch of legends and tales made up in local bars? Is it being confused with a Sasquatch? Are people making up the sightings in hope for popularity? Or is there something really stalking the forests of Michigan…
A Real Life Werewolf.

I Can’t Duel You

“Just Stop!”

Yugi cried suddenly hitting his fist into the concrete wall next to him. This outburst surprised Kaiba. This was unlike Yugi. His rival had never been the aggressive type, nor had he tried so desperately to avoid him. But after his last Tournament, Yugi fell silent. He dropped off the face of the Dueling Monster’s world quite suddenly. There was an uproar in his disappearance and rumors had spread like wild fire. One even claimed that he had lost his title to some unnamed duelist. This was the one rumor that had caused Kaiba great frustration. If anyone was going to strip Yugi of the title of King of Games, it was going to be him. So that was why he had been searching for the star haired duelist. He needed the truth.

But now that he looked on at the shorter duelist. He could see that wasn’t the case. Sure, everything about him screamed broken But Kaiba was certain that it wasn’t from a duel. Yugi wasn’t one to be shaken by defeat. He was the class A example of sportsmanship, something Kaiba envied. Yugi took his defeats in stride and in his next duel; he would be an even better duelist. Yugi was constantly learning and relearning the game, he took his losses as lessons of improvement. Something many a duelist could learn from, even himself.

“I can’t duel you…”

Yugi said, his voice quivering. Another thing that surprised Kaiba. Yugi never turned down a duel. This was possibly the first time that he witnessed it.

“What do you mean you can’t duel me Yugi?”

The CEO asked, taking a step closer.

“I mean I can’t duel anyone Kaiba… I’m through…”

The last mart came out as if he was defeated.

“You can’t be through!”

This time it was Kaiba yelling at him. He noticed just briefly how Yugi’s fist tightened as it rested against the wall. Obviously in frustration.

“You’re Yugi Muto! The King of Games! You have a responsibility-“


Yugi turned toward him. His amethyst eyes bloodshot. This outburst caused Kaiba to take back the step he had taken before.

“Its just a game Kaiba! A child’s card game!”

This was very much unlike Yugi. And that’s when Kaiba noticed the tears running down the shorter man’s face. For some reason, this left the taller man speechless.

“If I have any responsibility Kaiba… It’s to my family… I’m losing my family…”

Yugi told him, again defeat sounded in his trembling voice.

“My mom is in hospice… We’ve arranged it so that she can die at home… among family…”

“Why haven’t you told anyone…?”

Kaiba asked, receiving a scoff from the shorter duelist.

“I told the gang…”

“But not me…”

Yugi let of a defeated sigh; no he hadn’t told Kaiba. He hadn’t even told Mokuba.


He said his eyes now down cast. Kaiba took the few steps closer toward him, closing the gap between them. Without warning he embraced him. Every muscle in Yugi’s body seemed to stiffen at the contact. But Yugi didn’t stay that way for long; he curled up into Kaiba’s arms and started to sob. He had always been emotional, and he had a hard time controlling his emotions. Kaiba knew this, and will all the loss that Yugi has had in this past year, he should have seen this coming. And really, maybe this was the best way for him to find out about his rival’s mother? He at first never paid the women any mind. That was until she would take Mokuba in on nights where his insomnia had gotten the best of him.

Kana had made an impact on him. This he was certain. She was a very kind a loving woman. She supported her family diligently and took care of them. And from the stories that Mokuba shared with him, she had passed down skills to hi, like cooking, that Kaiba didn’t really have. Sure, he could cook a simple meal, but she had taught Mokuba to cook a full meal from beginning to end. Mokuba had even cooked for himself and his brother on occasions now. And Kaiba was certain that Mokuba viewed Kana as a mother figure. She had defiantly impacted him.

Kaiba rubbed his rival’s back as he started to calm down.

“I’ll drive you home.”

The CEO told him, and Yugi replied with a silent nod.

Dejavu Poetry

Its dejavu
the things they do
writing the same poem
but for who?

Damn near everyone starts
with the same words.
He or she
and what follows is
some heartbreak
or stroke of obsession.

As if their words
are possessed and compressed
into such tiny things.

Where once blue jays sang
as they softly perched
partly leaning over
where deeply green leaves grows,

now their heart moans
and their skin grows
silky red river scars.

Where once chipmunks
chattered and scattered
dancing around each other
in a wild rumpus,
claiming this ground is

now she cries
a junkie without her
drug of choice,
not heroin
but his angelic voice.

Where fish scales sparkled
and the pond rippled
in pursuit of what fishes do
while the water was
glimmering to,

now he is perplexed
about how complex
her brown hair is,
wants to know
how she tastes down there
and longs to smack that
backed upped ass.  

Nature evaporates.
Philosophy and poetry
lose their edges,
while I sulk away
to wither in rage
and my own heartbreak
cause I know they are
so much more.

They are vast caverns of complexity,
deep seas of variety,
and a universe inside themselves,
but those are depths
they will not explore.



Beast of Bodmin Moor

The Beast of Bodmin Moor is a phantom wild cat claimed to live in Cornwall, England. In the early 1990’s reports started to circulate and Bodmin Moor became a center of sightings with occasional reports of mutilated slain livestock.

Talk of dangerous wild cats led Great Britain’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food to conduct an official investigation into the phenomena in 1995. The investigation released its findings on July 19th of that same year and concluded that there was no verifiable evidence of Alien Big Cats existing in England and that the mauled farm animals could have been attacked by an indigenous species. However, that same report also conceded that the investigation could not prove that an Alien Big Cat was not present in England.

Sightings of the Beast of Bodmin Moor continue to this day including more than 300 in 1996 alone. In October of 1997, officials from Newquay Zoo claimed to have identified paw prints discovered in mud to the south of Bodmin Moor as the fresh tracks of a puma. Shortly after the discovery of these prints a photograph, allegedly of the Beast of Bodmin Moor, was brought to light, the image in the photo appeared to be an apparently pregnant, adult female puma. This photograph caused much debate in the scientific community and added fuel to the debate of the existence of Alien Big Cats living in England, these photos were never authenticated or conclusively debunked and remains a controversial piece of evidence to his day.

We as a nation have had to live in this farce for the last nine days, where defendants of the president have twisted themselves into pretzels to try to suggest the possibility that the tweets weren’t preposterous by rejiggering the facts of the tweets to try and make this wild, unfounded claim by the president seem to live somewhere in the vicinity of the neighborhood of possible,(…)

This White House is now spending its energy and your tax dollars trying to change demonstrably false assertions into perfectly understandable beliefs tangentially related to the original lie, (…) And while doing so they’re squandering their own credibility and they’re wasting time defending the indefensible, instead of devoting time to, say, improving your lives. (…) Sometimes revisionism is so blatant, it’s not revisionism, it’s a complete rewrite

—  Jake Tapper CNN Anchor concerning Trump Administration’s wiretapping assertions, delivered on air after Sean Spicer attempted to spin the Presidents tweets as not being serious, except when they are.

so the scary part is, is that trump keeps making wild ass false claims and accusations and plays a shitton of golf and is every kind of -phobic and the majority of the world thinks he’s a joke and he’s doing all these wild ass things like controlling the media and fucking over education and health to make the military stronger but ?1//!/! where?!/!1/ is the 1!??!!? END ??/ like how many red flags have to be set on fire and speared at america until people realize what the FUCK is going on/?////

Before tumblr, I used to think that headcannons were small theories based on evidence and subtle things found in the cannon. Making it plausible for them to coexist with the cannon.

What tumblr has taught me, however, is that headcannons are just wild and unevidenced claims based in absolutely nothing and sometimes outright ignoring the cannon to make it pluasible. Which seems more like it would be an AU than anything.

What tumblr has also taught me is that people will fight you to the fucking death on their headcannons, swearing up and down that they’re not only plaisible, BUT THE REAL CANNON.

Which is weird to me. like, chill they are a fictional character.