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I was thinking about a pretty cool concept for a Zelda game, where some of the bosses are previous incarnations of the Hero, all proper boss style. First Hero: The Hero of the Sky, Twilit Wolf: Hero of Twilight, and a two part battle against the Masked Savior: Hero of Time and the Hero's Shade

☑ the goddess’ trial

☑ the master trials

the Hero’s trial

YES PLEASE! the idea of fighting a protagonist you spent time with getting stronger and stronger is like, the coolest thing to me! (best example of this would be trainer Red)

Justin and Griffin McElroy’s Best Polygon Game Overviews

[not “best” in terms of giving good game overviews, “best” in terms of McElroy hilarity]

Who’s Your Daddy? - it’s a game where one player is a baby trying to kill themselves by drinking bleach, drowning in bathtubs, etc. while the dad tries to baby proof the house and keep the baby alive. hilarity ensues.

I Expect You To Die - Griffin is a little tipsy and he makes Justin tell him how to play the game, while occasionally actively working against him (Justin is frustrated and charmed by turns).

Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 - Griffin tries to do some car maintenance with Justin on commentary. Griffin doesn’t know how cars work and after a while they stop caring about repairing the cars and it becomes a small mob operation? it’s very fun.

American Truck Simulator - Griffin is bad at being a truck driver. the way they play this one reminds me of monster factory. “Wow, it only costs you $250 to drive the wrong way down the highway! I think for that kind of thrill it’s a-worth it!”

Rust - Griffin and Justin wander around Rust and have some great interactions with other people in the game

Girl’s Club - Griffin is very distressed by the game’s sexism, Justin has a great time picking his dream dates, and dream boys.

Catlateral Damage - this one…is a trip. it’s 23 minutes long and over the course of the video Justin realizes that Griffin is attempting to hold him hostage by refusing to end the video and it becomes a wild battle of wills.

Spooky’s House of Jumpscares - Justin isn’t in this one, but you get to hear Griffin get a little spooked. it involves scared laughter and many distressed “alright. so- alright”s

The fun way to fight a molduga

None of that rolling-bombs-on-the-sand-while-standing-on-a-rock nonsense. That method is too boring :P

Sorry for the parts of the video that skip a bit. That’s because I took a few video captures and spliced them together. Some frames were missing between them I guess.

Work in progress. Scene from a fic that is also in progress. Stay tuned!

AU where the babies lead their armies into battle to help Link and the Divine Beasts take Hyrule castle. Which is why Yunobo and Sidon are wearing armor.

Hyrule Warriors?

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sO I GOT THE COMPLETE HONOR TO MEET THE INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL FISH PRINCE THE OTHER DAY AND I ADORE HIM WITH MY WHOLE SOUL (I like to go back and visit him sometimes!!! there ARE LIKE TEN SELFIES OF US ON MY SHEIKAH SLATE) So I wanted to try and design a Hylian version of him!!!! And of course I’ve got a design for Mipha in the works too!!!!! <3 <3 <3

The Battle of Ape Canyon

In 1924 a group of miners were prospecting for gold near Mt. St. Helens, Washington. Fred Beck was one member of the group, and he is credited with the sighting as he was the first to report it. Beck even wrote a book about the experience called I Fought The Ape Men of Mt. St. Helens.They began to notice a lot of strange activity near their cabin including large footprints, and they would hear strange noises at night around their cabin. These noises consisted of thumping noises like a gorilla banging its chest, and strange whistling on the ridge near their cabin, and each whistle would have a response from a different location in the canyon. One day they noticed a 7-foot tall ape-like creature spying on them as they went to fetch water from a spring. One of the men fired at the creature with his rifle which made the creature run off. The man claimed that the bullet grazed the creature’s head and it ran out of sight. Another one of the creatures appeared to investigate and they fired at it, presumably killing it and causing it to fall off a cliff and into a gorge. 

The men felt overwhelmed and fell back to their cabin, planning their escape for the morning. The men just had to survive the night, so they fortified their position in their cabin and awaited an inevitable assault. The cabin was built to be effective in cold winter weather so it was windowless. Darkness ascended in the valley and all was quiet, the men eventually fell asleep, effectively letting their guard down. They were awakened by a loud thud against the cabin wall, they listened as they heard multiple pairs of footsteps walking around their cabin. The men became startled when all of the sudden the apes started to bang on the cabin walls attempting to break in. The men sat in fear with their rifles in hand as rocks were thrown at the roof and the creatures continued to pound on the cabin attempting to enter. One creature was successful enough to make a hole large enough to reach its arm in. The men were able to fend off the animal and it fled from the hole. The men claimed it was reaching for an ax, which isn’t an unreasonable claim because apes are known to use tools. The attack continued for hours, the pounding would only stop momentarily before starting back up. Running low on ammo the tension became high and the men used their ammo sparingly only discharging their rifles when the pounding would continue and ceasing fire when it would stop. After countless hours of defending their cabin the pounding stopped and the apes fled the area. The sun rose shortly after and the men cautiously exited their cabin.

The miners fled the area leaving most of their gear at the cabin. They escaped the forest without encountering another ape-man. When the story got out many hunters went searching for the apes, only to be unsuccessful in their attempts. The event of large groups of people searching for the mystery attackers became known as the “Great Ape Hunt Of 1924″. The place became known as Ape Canyon after the attack. It is widely speculate by many that this story was just a hoax in order to get attention or to keep people away from their gold claims. If that was truly the plan it had the opposite effect because it caused many to venture into ape canyon. No evidence of apes were ever found and most believe that this never actually occurred, however Fred Beck swore up to his death that the attack truly happened and none of them made it up. Sightings of Ape-men are nothing new for the state of Washington but after the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980 the sightings of them in the area dropped dramatically. Any ape-men in the area could have been killed during the eruption. We will never know if the Battle of Ape Canyon truly occurred or not, we can only take Fred Beck’s word for it and hope he was telling the truth.