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What about some headcanons for angelica\maria or peggy\theo sr OR MAYYYBE SOME WIVES!JEDAMS (abigail adams and martha jefferson)


Marlica (Angelica x Maria)“Look at my girlfriend’s ass and I’ll fuckin’ deck you in the dick” Angelica to every man who notices Maria is a sultry

  • Sultry Shy girl with Stoic but secretly Soft Smartie
  • Maria wears a shirt with a JRabbit quote “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way” #fuckingRELATABLE 
  • Makeup girlfriend + All natural girlfriend
  • Maria lives for Angelica’s natural hair
  • Angelica is very soft, she leaves notes for Maria 
  • Maria surprises Angelica with flowers
  • Listens to all of Angelica’s feminist ramblings and muses over her strong willed girlfriend
  • Soul loving ladies; blast-singing Whitney Houston 
  • Their song “I wanna Dance with Somebody” 
  • Respect, their relationship is built on respect. Respecting Maria’s body and sexuality, Respect for Angelica’s ideals and way of life

Theggy? (Peggy x Theo Sr.)“Young, Wild, and Free” 

  • Peggy soft free spirit + Theo sophisticated  soft smartie
  • Peggy taking care of Theo when she’s sick
  • “Peggy you should wear a sweater” “K, I’ll take yours” 
  • Theo sends her ‘how are you?’ in the middle of every day
  • Adventure dates, no plans, just go
  • Ferris wheel kisses and carnival game prizes 
  • Peggy braiding Theo’s briads into a bigger braid 
  • Peggy smol!gf likes hugs, prime boobie nuzzles
  • Peggy likes jeggings; Theodosia lives in modest skirts
  • vintage dates to roller rinks, Peggy keeping Theodosia from falling
  • Pinky promises and open palm kisses
  • Peggy has the best lashes– said by Theodosia

Wives!Jedams (Martha and Abby)“You are the melody to my rhythm”

  •  Musical Martha plays for dancer Abby
  • Ballroom dance lesson dates
  • High heels + leg pop kisses= Them always
  • “Don’t forget the women” matching tattoos on wrists
  • “I love the way you move” 
  • Hip swaying hugs while waiting 
  • Quoting favorite lines from their favorite love songs all day
  • Kicking off heels and make outs by the piano bench
  • “Sing me to sleep/ play with my hair” couple
  • Long legged girls love each other
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