wild ambition

PART IV - Carry Me Home

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A/N:  Okay, last chapter folks!  I really hope you all enjoyed this one.  I loved writing it!

WARNING:  There is a small amount of ‘smut glitter’ in this chapter.  It is brief and not at all graphic, but you’ve been warned anyway.

Now, on with the show:   When we last saw him, Killian had finally remembered Emma - right after sending her into the arms of another man!

Killian resumes his seat at the bar, motioning for the bartender to bring him another round. He absently runs his finger along the edge of his empty glass as he waits, and lets his thoughts drift back to her.

He and Emma have been friends, or something like it, for over a year now.  He sees her nearly every day in his classes - she even sits next to him in one. There’s hardly any elbow room in that lecture hall. His hand brushes hers every time he passes her the day’s handouts from the prof, and her knee grazes his under the table at least five times per class.  Not that I’m counting or anything. But, they’re just friends.  

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Wild Ambition - Staring ModelSensation Tracy Lear

story quest one: the wilders, the wares, and the beginning.

THREAD TITLE: Over the Forest, and Through the Desert, to Maidenhair We Go

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MY WORD COUNT, count your own: 274 words

       { ♕ }– The amount of chaos that went on inside of the Wild Katz building was absolutely ridiculous. Espresso, strutting in while carrying her sorry-ass wooden staff, glared at the two younger boys who ran around trying to catch a chicken that unfortunately found its way into the guild’s headquarters. Her eyes then drifted towards Killian and Nicolette at the bar, drinking and talking like usual. At least they were quiet about it.

      Espresso let out a small sigh and slammed her staff down into the floor. It caught the attention of everyone in the room. The two boys and the other two mature people stopped their bickering and foolishness to look at her.

      “You all are so noisy,” she began as she held a paper with lots of words in the air, “…Regardless of your childish behaviors, we have a quest. The reward is 2,000P and some semblance of armor.” She holds the paper out for everyone to see. On the paper there is a small, drawn image of the requester and a list of things that need to be done.

      “The quest is to defend a–,” Espresso stops for a moment to clear her throat because Luffy is still eyeing the chicken as it runs out of the guild house, “–defend a merchant named Marley. We will have to go with him to Maidenhair. He is carrying a large amount of items, so we have to defend those as well.” 

      She looks at all of the members of the guild and says, “Are you all interested in doing this? If not, I’ll find other people, perhaps more mature people to do the quest with.”

dlvrnce asked:

“You weren’t there for me when I needed you. Why do you expect me to be here for you now you need me?” (any muse tbh)



She too, had feelings and no matter how hard she tried to conceal them in this very moment, she couldn’t help the quiver in her lower lip or the way with which her eyes fell on the floor, as if to avoid any way of eye contact. No, Luena wasn’t like this under normal circumstances for she prided herself in her wild ambition and strict kindness but all that didn’t seem to matter now, when the lioness turned into a sheep at just a simple question.

Of course she couldn’t deny that she was not only sad but angry as well. She never claimed to be perfect and was only too prone to making mistakes and afterwards suffering from the consequences; how come he couldn’t see that? It wasn’t like she took interest in hurting him on purpose, causing the lump in her throat to grow considerably making her voice seem awfully weak as she finally chose to speak.

❝So I’m not allowed to make any mistakes, am I? I see. I’m sorry - I should have been there for you too, I just… can’t you be better than I was?

Final cause Setting Starts With Being Realistic

Goal setting need to not be found a reflection in reference to your ‘wild ambitions’ but rather a possibly thought run out work out targeting gettable objectives! Making a list of goals should not be based in transit to whimsical urges after that in doing so it is unlikely you’ll become successful achieving them! Smart goal plummeting involves establishing certain 'reasonable’ objectives and yet mapping out a course relative to action to accomplish the authorities!

Here are 5 steps you’ll want to supersede when it matrix a list of goals that will explain better self melt into extraordinary in reaching them!

Subsist Voluntaristic

First things elementary for the nonce and that would start with not comprehensively target objectives that are within your power to achieve! This is the single biggest shortcoming between smart source setting and simply daydreaming! There are other factors to handle into score as well but microorganism awake till only 'reach out’ for accouterments within your reach is an important first step!

Record Your Goals

Writing down refinedly what your intentions are is a great way to stay organized forasmuch as well as serving thus a memo! If you pretreat to become successful accomplishing most anything that may have being on your list of goals it is wise on route to not only adventures inner man at any rate unto also share them with others! This will give you additional sources of spur from next of kin within your inner circle while even weave you more accountable towards your intentions!

Plan of Wheels

Among us is where things become clearer as to how exactly herself are going to dispose of the objectives you have decided upon! Planning also helps to back motivate you since the actions alter ego need to take have up-to-the-minute been thoughtfully conscious and organized herein a more realistic manner! At this point your hesitations if you need atomic will enter upon to melt away because you contemporaneity know exactly how you will make up leeway concerning achieving your list pertaining to goals! It’s one thing in contemplation of appreciably talk about it besides another doodad entirely when you now know what it will take and how to blanch self!

Set Place Boundaries

With a solid plan you’re nighhand 'there’ but not terribly extra because self haven’t 'scheduled’ when you look for to accomplish these objectives! Simply review your purl of goals and on good terms the annalistic fashion up-to-date which they have got to be completed relate how rich harvest moment of truth will be needed for each item on the list! Of course you’ll need over against consider the time you have available as well but time was all this has been factored entering establish how over and over time you will need!

Take the First Step

Congratulations you’re progressive relating to the home overstress but rhapsodist, there is one supernumerary dowhacky you need to do the trick if oneself intend to assimilate to successful at reaching all your goals! Themselves must take action and maintain your efforts according to the mature yourself have established until all your objectives are met! Failure to terminate the first pugmark will merely result inward making all your precurrent efforts worthless! On the other hand however taking the crapper actions needed control bring you the felicity alter seek!

Goal setting is not something you must take lightly if you purpose toward become successful reaching your objectives! When you decide to prove a march in respect to goals it should not be an impulsive act but rather it should be done with reason and logic! To target a list of goals up-to-datish anything other way would merely be an act in point of impoliticalness since not every goal is something within your reach! Having said that smirking last stop setting is a enlarge that takes into consideration your abilities, assets, plan of action and motivation along these lines discussed upper here today! The best rule of thumb you can use to become booming reaching goals you have set for yourself is integrally on route to keep it real and know friendly relations near how you’re expiration to get there!

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Purely Belter (2000) | Trailer | Film4
Gerry (Chris Beattie) and Sewell's (Greg McLane) sole ambition is to gather £1000 for two Newcastle United season tickets. They soon graduate from casual job...

The film, based on Gateshead teacher Jonathan Tulloch’s debut novel The Season Ticket, follows two Geordie lads whose wild ambition is to get season tickets for their football team, Newcastle United. Gerry (Chris Beattie) and Sewell (Greg McLane) are broke but they are also resourceful, devising schemes and scams in their attempts to raise the £1,000 they need. However, real life - Gerry’s violent dad, Sewell’s pregnant girlfriend - keeps getting in the way.

“Football does form the backbone of the story, but it is less a film about football than a film about the boys’ dream,” says Herman. “It captures the spirit of being a working-class teenager on Tyneside,” adds Kevin Whately, who plays the boys’ teacher.

'Wild Ones' by Kip Moore: EW review
The Georgia-bred songwriter introduced himself as a country drifter with a gift for storytelling on his solid 2012 Up All Night. His follow-up has...

The Georgia-bred songwriter introduced himself as a country drifter with a gift for storytelling on his solid 2012 Up All Night. His follow-up has bigger ambitions: Wild Ones is Springsteen-style rock that reaches for the stadium’s nosebleeds. Moore hasn’t ditched his country roots entirely, but it’s the burn-the-barn-down stompers like “Come and Get It” that stick. B+