This is Wilburt!

- You have no idea how much this young man means to me. In his hand is the Creole Bible I was so fortunate to get before I left for Haiti and I gave it to him.
I had ordered just the New testament but too my surprise the entire Bible came in the mail. Little did I know, it was just for Wilburt.

- He was being swayed by many different religions, he traded the “book” he had for the Bible we had. He was overjoyed!

- The entire week I would find him reading the bible, then reading it to a group of friends, then they would be reading it. I sat with him in Church where he would sit with Wilburt in permanent marker written across the side of his Bible and this smile like no other.

- But I’d like your prayers for 15 or 16 year old Wilburt. He struggles with the pigment in his skin changing to white. It’s very hard on him but even through it all I feel a leader coming out of him, maybe even a calling to be a preacher and that really excites me. 


I feel like I should give me this guy a better introduction since I’ve been drawing him so much.

His name is Wilburt and he’s the kind of person who would cry for 10 minutes if he accidentally stepped on a ladybug. He can usually be found daydreaming about cake, falling asleep in weird places or tripping over his feet.

…And apparently he also has some sort of werewolf curse on him except he doesn’t turn into a wolf but rather this big hairy lizard thing that tries to eat anything remotely edible (his girlfriend is okay with it as long as he doesn’t rip the doors off the kitchen cabinets)