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Boldog születésnapot Tom!!!

Against all odds, it seems that mind-blowing thomasdoof​ and I share a birthday. To celebrate it, we sworn to defeat each others in the “The Giftwars of March”.

Buut because of thesis stuff (and lots of Don’t Starve Together), my side of the gift became delayed just a tiny bit… With sore hearth, I admit my defeat and post this return gift to Tom almost an month late from our collective birthday.

Have an image of the Toofer family back in the good old days before all the supernatural shenanigans. These two are absolutely precious together and there’s no-one who can convince me otherwise.

(Go and see the beautiful image Tom did for me. It is gorgeous!! Hope you love this as much as I love the image you made me. ;v;)

Wilbur & Amelie Toofer | MindlessCreator

Character Name - Wilbur Toofer

The other teammates are doing it, and even if I just sort of popped the name out of nothing, let’s see if it actually means anything. Let’s get to it shall we?

Wilbur - The name has multiple originating areas, it was popular in both England and Germany. The latter used the form Wilbar or Wilburg, which is a two-element name of the words ‘Wil’ and 'Burg’. These are of the meaning of Will, Protection and Desire, and Fortress, Castle, respectively. The English original took the form of 'Wildbor’, meaning 'wild boar’. The most commonly known person with the same name is Wilbur Wright, one of the Wright Brothers.

Toofer - The meaning of Toofer may come from a craft, such as the name “Dean” which may have been adopted by members of the clergy. Some of these trade-based surnames might be a profession in a different language. Many names like Toofer originate from religious texts such as the Bible, the Bhagavadgītā, the Quran, and so on. Commonly these surnames relate to a religious phrase such as “Grace of God”.
I have to admit I did not give him the name based on these informations, I had two main reasons of doing so nevertheless. The first one is the resemblence of Tooth to Toofer, which makes sense and adds a bit of explanation to his proneness to punch things hard, mostly people. He’s an unnecessarily effective dentist in that sense, and his fists are the best instruments he could ask for. The second one is merely for joke purposes. Wilbur is a father, and they use dad jokes. He’s also very protective, with more than a bit of aggression mixed in. And if someone messes with him or his family, depending on the severity of the insult, his first reaction may be to introduce the insulter’s face to his punchy parts. But why stop at one hit, when you have two arms? No siree, Wilbur is a generous fellow, he gives “Toofer-One” bundles (haha, two for one, get it? GET IT?!? I’ll be here all week).

So there you have it. Wilbur Toofer, the fearsome father, who lives up to his name, both in size and in forcefulness.