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Pitch perfect, well dressed, and cool…simply stated.


Tommy Flanagan “Relaxin’ At Camarillo”

Elvin Jones の裏打ち気味なdrums に煽られて疾走する有名track❗Oo-y(ya▽ma)o

Spare Thoughts™  for Hairspray Live
  • Derek Hough was great and all, but they had Sean Hayes in this cast and didn’t have him playing Corny Collins. This is maddeningly confusing to me. Sean Hayes is Corny Collins??
  • Maddie Bailo was adorable and so talented I love her BUT she did a pretty bad job controlling her breathing. She had a breathless sound in like half her songs because she wasn’t hitting the breathing marks, she really needs to work on that.
  • Kristen Chenoweth is better than 97% of the world’s population. I already knew this, but she went hard trying to reiterate it last night.
  • Garret Clayton was a PERFECT casting choice for Link omfg. I love him I wish they had let him do more.
  • I know people were torn over Ariana Grande as Penny but I had FAITH in her and she didn’t disappoint. Like, not my favorite portrayal of Penny, but she still killed it omg
  • Seaweed J. Stubbs is one of the great fictional loves of my life and he was outstanding last night I was so happy
  • Confirmed: I’m officially stanning Dove Cameron. Girl is crazy talented and I feel like they didn’t take advantage of her enough
  • Okay I genuinely don’t remember if they changed the ending when it went play –> movie, but wasn’t Inez supposed to win the pageant with a bunch of write in votes??? And that’s what officially integrates the show??? I liked that ending a lot better and I was kinda disappointed it didn’t happen
  • Inez’s actress was PRECIOUS though who is she I’m adopting her
  • During “Timeless to Me” when a camera got in the shot and you heard someone offstage say “30 seconds till-” lmao
  • Why was everything so dark???? Like what was up with the lighting guys omg
  • Billy Eichner did not scream once. Why did they deprive him of reaching his full potential
  • When the original Tracy’s had a cameo and I scREAMED
  • Kristen Chenoweth’s bow got cut off and it was a travesty
  • When Link said “I’m not gonna throw away my shot!” my hamiltrash mother snorted so fucking loud guys it was so funny
  • Harvey Fierstein was way too iconic for me to put into words
  • During “Without Love” when Penny’s mom was flipping out and just rolled over her bed??? What was that??? I’m still laughing omfg
  • “Our very own Link Larkin is now going to dedicate a song to newcomer Tracy!” *Link proceeds to flirt with every single girl on stage before Tracy jumps in his face and steals his attention*
  • Penny’s entrance into ‘You Can’t Stop the Beat’ I am DECEASED
  • Also I fucking want that outfit Ariana was rocking omfg
  • Martin Short!!! Was adorable!!! As Wilbur!!!
  • I got a little annoyed at the commercials bc they had so much product placement for whipped cream and oreos but??? No promotions for hair products??? Really??? Just feels like a wasted opportunity for some companies lol
  • The girls had me WEAK during “Mama I’m a Big Girl Now”
  • Hold Mommy’s waffles.”
  • Penny throwing all fucks out the window and straddling Seaweed during “Without Love” like honestly same girl same
  • Dove Cameron singing “Cooties” God Bless America my skin is cleared I love her don’t touch me
  • We got a lot of side profiles for Link and I’d like to imagine Garrett did that and struck poses on purpose to give America a quality view of his ass
  • Why didn’t the Special Ed kids get gym uniforms
  • Kristen Chenoweth in that green dress during “Miss Baltimore Crabs”. Award worthy.
  • “I Can Hear the Bells” will always be one of my favorite songs because it’s so overdramatic and also 100% me every time I remotely like someone
  • I’m gonna start telling literally everyone that I hate that they have “acne of the soul” lmao
  • In Maybelle’s shop like…did they just have those protest signs ready and waiting for a little white girl to appear with the dream of revolutionizing television? lol
  • Penny’s mom randomly having a change of heart at the end of the show was…unneeded, honestly. I felt weird and insincere
  • Costumes we’re g r e a t
  • I was caught off guard by Darren Criss hosting and suddenly I had to face all of my repressed love for him holy shit
  • Tracy ripping the prison bars right off the wall in her quest to get some hunky boy’s dick. Relatable.
  • “Welcome To The Sixties” was LIT that might’ve been their best number of the performance
  • Tracy declaring her college plans on tv was gr8
  • I think I’m gonna give the show an 8. Specific people were completely fantastic, but the overall performance felt like it was lacking something??? I’m not sure what, but there was definitely something missing. Plus, it didn’t feel high-energy enough. Great performance, but not outstanding, you feel?
  • !!!
Signs as Hairspray Characters

Aries: Velma Von Tussie

Taurus: Edna Turnblad

Gemini: Corny Collins

Cancer: Link Larkin

Leo: Amber Von Tussle

Virgo: Penny Pingleton

Libra: Wilbur Turnblad

Scorpio: Little Inez

Sagittarius: Motormouth Maybelle

Capricorn: Prudy Pingleton

Aquarius: Seaweed J. Stubbs

Pisces: Tracy Turnblad

all in my opinion

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Happy Birthday Tommy Flanagan

Flanagan’s doesn’t get enough respect because he was Ella’s piano accompanist for much of the 60’s and 70’s, but he made some great Bop trio records in the late-50’s for Prestige and Savoy. These two tracks from OverseasBluely Noted’s favorite Flanagan album, highlight his skills on hard swingers and ballads. The Flanagan Trio’s rhythm section is Wilbur Little (bass) and Elvin Jones (drums).

“Relaxin’ at Camarillo” and “Chelsea Bridge” (1957)

that-guy-in-the-bowler-hat  asked:

On a completely serious note... what would you like included in an MTR sequel? What would the plot be? What are some ideas you have? I'm curious.

Okay okay okay! I’ve spent the last like, hour or so making a list of things I want to happen. I don’t know about a specific plot, but I’ve got little things.

  • Obviously Wilbur having time traveling adventures
  • Wil and Carl shenanigans
  • Something like that deleted rug scene with Wilbur and Franny because it’s TOO CUTE TO LEAVE OUT
  • I wanna see little Franny and Cornelius interact more
  • Also Wilbur and little Franny
  • Little Franny working with her frogs
  • I want to see all of the Robinsons younger, even if it’s just like, a glance
  • Did I mention little Franny?
  • I want grown up Franny and/or Wilbur to acknowledge the existence of the frog mafia
  • BHG in there somehow but I don’t know how yet

Do you have ideas? Because if you do please please tell me!