Wil Wheaton Paper Dolls!

Wil didn’t so much “dare” me to make this paper doll as he did call me up and, with his best “WE SHOULD TOTALLY DO THIS BECAUSE IT WOULD BE TOTALLY AWESOME!” enthusiasm-voice, ask me very politely to draw it. The last time Wil dared me to draw him as a child’s plaything it took us over a year to bring it into meatspace. The good news is this time around the plaything in question doesn’t require an army of Chinese children with nimble fingers to make it a reality. All we really need is a PDF and a laser printer. To that end, Wil is going to have actual Wil Wheaton Paper Doll sheets that you’ll be able to purchase at PAX this weekend!For those of you unable to attend PAX, you can use the “Buy A Print” button below this comic to get your own Paper Wil.

I was under the impression that these would be “hang on the wall” types of things, but Wil is insistent that you guys actually cut them out, fold the tabs, dance them around and make them have holodeck tea parties. He is usually right about this sort of thing, so I’m going to fully endorse the idea. I would go as far as to suggest that you make your own accessories and post photographic evidence on one or more Internets.


What you can do with your Wil Wheaton (@wilw) Paper Doll 2.0. 

A few days ago I sent Wil the file for the 2nd Wil Wheaton Paper Doll Dare so that he could print them out and take them to Austin Comic Con. Then some sort of unholy illness cloud descended upon Austin, TX and infected us both (despite our lack of proximity) with  a real bastard of a stomach virus and the prints were never made. You can still get your own WW Paper Doll set (1 and 2) shipped to your home via the “Buy a Print”  (print of set 1 and print of set 2) feature on HijiNKS ENSUE

Since I am currently the only one with access to the files, I thought I would show you what fantastic combinations are possible with this set. Sparks McGee And The Cape Of Dicks is clearly the best. 

Sparks McGee And The Cape Of Dicks is also the title of the first in a series of “Sparks McGee Adventures” YA novels.