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Hey Wil! I'm Jared Smith, co-publisher of Retrofit Comics, we're publishing Tyler Landry's Shit and Piss comic that you reblogged. Thanks! Do you have an official mailing address that I could send you a copy when it's printed in a month or so?

No! I’m pre-ordering it from my comic shop, because I want to give you and Tyler money and support so you make more awesome stuff!

“My basketball teammates were my first baby-sitters. I just remember coming from class, and there were four giant guys — and then there was this 18-month-old who was tearing up the room.”

In 1996, 27 year-old Wil Smith, enrolled as a freshman at Bowdoin College after completing his service in the Navy. At the time, Smith was the single father of an 18 month old baby girl, Olivia. Read up on this single father and his unlikely college roommate here. (NPR)


The Arrogance Of The Drunk Pedestrian
The Smith Street Band
The Arrogance Of The Drunk Pedestrian

“When I said this is all I had I meant it,

When you said I was a bad person I felt it, 

When I said this is all I had I meant it!

When you said that I had destroyed you

I knew that part of you was trying to destroy me too,

When I said that I wanted to die I meant it

When I said that you saved me life i mean it…

…But goodbye!”

More Like Signals Midbest
Wil Wagner
More Like Signals Midbest

We went for breakfast at your parents’ house, 
I felt inspired by everything we spoke about, 
Electric letters for free I send you while you sleep, 
Are all coming back to haunt me now, 
I miss the little sounds you make when you wake up, 
Miss the entire notion of waking up next to you, 
With our knotted hair tangled on the pillows that we shared.