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Did you know that (I think) they officially stopped playing Arthur on PBS? I wonder, did it get cancelled for good, or are they on season hiatus? It seems odd, being that they usually play reruns when they're not playing new eps... If they actually did get cancelled, I will be sad, because I could always count on putting it on if I wanted a piece of my childhood, you know?

i don’t get pbs so i can’t say for sure what’s going on there BUT i’m pretty sure it hasn’t been cancelled. according to wikiped, it was renewed for a 20th and 21st season (of which only one season has aired so far) plus there’s two new hour-long specials in the works. 

they’re probably taking a scheduling break, from the sounds of it! 


Uncycylopedia (which is online encyclopidia like wikiped) said I was writing story called Quarter-Life: Halfway to Destruction and dontn’t know where come but I decide to write anyway.

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That wikip on V got me thinking. What if Claire tweet last week was about his pg not Z. PROMPT: Claire has to calm her broken heart dtg down cause she thinks wikip is real and V is engaged. V finds out & goes to Z to find out why that upset her. ~D


“Mom!!! Come Here Please!!! Hurry!!!”

I hear Daya call from upstairs. Letting out a sigh, a mother’s job is never done. Sticking my iPad onto the coffee table I stood from my comfortable position on the couch just as Kazembe walked in from the kitchen, a bowl of ice cream in his hand and the spoon hanging from his mouth.

“What’s her problem” He asked hearing Z’s cry for help from upstairs.

“Who knows” I shrug my shoulders placing a kiss onto his cheek “She probably has another pimple or something.”

“She’s definitely your child” Kazembe laughs as he goes over to the couch, getting comfortable in my spot.

Climbing the stairs I laughed to myself as Midnight came running from Z’s bedroom and passes me down the stairs. Obviously he’s tired of her temper tantrum as well….. Poor Midnight.

“Mommy!!!” Z calls out again just as I stepped into the doorway of her bedroom.

“Child what do you want?” I asked her resting my head on her door frame.

She quickly looks up from her phone in her hand and that’s when I see it, the tears threatening to pool from her eyes. Immediately going into mommy mode, I made my stride across the room and over to her bed, taking a seat on the edge.

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Birb hello! I am start soon the last year of school and am a fearful and many a bad feeligns. SUch a stuff to learn but no time to do! How to not be always the cry form such a stressful?? ? Many thank to you!

HELLO frend.  Unfortunate, cannot say perfect way avoid any bad feelers or having a crys.  HOWEVERE, there methode of doing bets of reduce sad perhab and perserver through a sadde.  Hope this can offere a helpe.

It LOOK one difficult is “SO many worke”.  so HEY- are good the schedulemake?  as soon get assign, put down a schedule see how much time think will take.  Difficults tasks?  Lookeup a problems the internets.  LONG readers?  Fidn a cliff note or spark note or summarised upon a website or by person already taken class  HELPFUL iffin the read is hard comprehend.  

ALSO if author of Essaybook upon the Wikiped, look at the auther page, see what they opinion.  SOMETIME for me wikiped page can be dense so I begin the Simple English Wikiped, THEN regular.

 ALTERNATE, break down reading, if reads the essay.  Firts paragraph read, then lats.  Then firts couple sentence of each paragrab, to get point without spend SO MANY hour a reads.

OF COURSE if have MUCH trouble read, advise a find audio of read, especially access through school disablilty accomodate.

if have SO STRONG the stressor: 

Schedule a time do thing that unstress.  Movie?  Friend?  Napsleep?  Other?  Do.  If must take the schoolday off and able to for function, it okay to.  

REMEMBER a eat enough sleep enough drink the water enough too!  As best a can.  If able, do the best avoid allnighter unless that is a easiest style of work for thee.

If stress overwhelm, talk with teachers a plan of manage work.  (SOME teacher will be unkind terrible and it is not a fault of you.  SOME teacher will be understand grandhelp and I hope all will be goodkind).  Sometime it help a bring friedn to help for support talk a teacher.

SOME HUMAN find chat the therapits or counselor help with a stress.  SOME do nots, and ever therapy counseler differetn.  IF think or know would help try seekouts.  It is not a mandatory do therapys for answer a hard stresses.  If feel dislik therapy or counselor it os okay say “no thank!  Okay bye!”

ANOTHER thing is, most situation, is okay not do a perfect.  Sometime, human receives fail grade.  Unpleasant feeling, but not worldend.  

OF COURSE has many situate of outside schooltim to affected such answer.  FEEL FREE a sendmore quest.

The Cantino planisphere (or Cantino World Map) is the earliest surviving map showing Portuguese geographic discoveries in the east and west. It is named after Alberto Cantino, an agent for the Duke of Ferrara, who successfully smuggled it from Portugal to Italy in 1502. 

 It is important in our days because it contains unique historical information about the maritime exploration and the evolution of nautical cartography in a particularly interesting period. 

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