So usually the congress-edits bot shows people from Congress IPs editing government-related articles, but this person helpfully added to JRB’s page:

[Honeymoon in Vegas… opened on Jan 15…] “before closing on April 5, 2015, due to insufficient ticket sales.”

thank you anonymous Congressional staff member!


Favourite Television Series [7/10]

Miranda is a British television sitcom written by and starring comedian Miranda Hart. It originally aired on BBC Two from 9 November 2009 and later on BBC One until 1 January 2015, lasting three series and two finale specials. Developed from Hart’s semi-autobiographical BBC Radio 2 comedy Miranda Hart’s Joke Shop (2008), the situation comedy revolves around socially awkward Miranda who frequently finds herself in bizarre situations and features actors Sarah Hadland, Tom Ellis, Patricia Hodge, Sally Phillips, James Holmes and Bo Paraj. It was filmed in front of live audiences at the BBC Television Centre and the London Studios. (Source: Wikipedia)

“No, I’m not being rude. But if someone’s choosing between us, come on, they’ll choose me. I’m not being rude, but you’re just you’re a bit unusual.
No, no, no, no! I’m not being rude, but you’d have to get to know you to find you attractive.”

“Excuse me. Saying “I’m not being rude” before something rude doesn’t make it not rude.”


What is it: A locator map of the town of Bridlington, UK

Where is it: Bridlington

About: This map doesn’t need a lot. Most of the other locator maps we’ve come across on Wikipedia don’t seem to have any extra information. It’s just the land and the ocean. Let’s try cleaning this one up a little

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