Baby Island

Baby Island is a children’s novel by Carol Ryrie Brink, first published in 1937. It resembles Robinson Crusoe in that the protagonists Mary and Jean are stranded on a desert island – but with four babies.


Hey look, Dean made it to wikipedia

“Another example of parentification in modern media is the relationship between John and Dean Winchester in the widely popular CW television series, Supernatural. Often Dean finds himself taking care of his younger brother Sam and his father John, taking on the roles of both mother and father for his brother and acting as a guiding force for his father. This can also be construed as an example of covert incest, along with narcissistic abuse.”

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Drakkar Noir


While the New York Times says the name derives from “a flat-bottomed Viking ship”, according to Ron Beasley and Marcel Danesi, the name relates to “Dracula”; they said the fragrance’s image “obviously appeals to the dark, macabre, sinister side of masculine sexual fantasies” and possibly to myths such as that of Faust. Others would find that preposterous.

Link domain name directed to Donald Trump's Wikipedia page -
As of Tuesday morning, that domain name directs to the Wikipedia page for the blabbering billionaire, who settled for second in the Iowa caucus after insisting for months he would win.