Guide to Linguistics Stub Sorting on Wikipedia 

Have you wanted to get in on the #lingwiki editing fun but you don’t know much about linguistics? Editors often look through lists of stubs to find articles to edit, so stub sorting helps get these articles on the right lists so they can be found and improved, even if you don’t know enough to improve them yourself. Click the images above to enlarge them, and check out the links below for more.

This stub sorting wug sorting guide is a joint project by me and Keilana, and is licensed under CC-BY-SA. Wugs themselves are © Jean Berko Gleason. 

Storming the Ivory Tower: "Repent, Feminist!" Said the Wiki Man (Or: Deface Wikipedia Today!)

Tonight! Gamergate’s recent hostile takeover of Wikipedia show that the website, far from a democratic institution, has become an engine of exclusion, kafkaesque rules lawyering, oppression, and dehumanization! I explain why the way to fight back is to embrace the spirit of Marcel Duchamp and Dadaism.

Pepe - A meme of a green frog that originated from 4chan.[162] He is mostly known for the variations that depict him in smooth content coupled with the catchphrase “Feels good man”, and the “sad frog” variations which depict him in a melancholic, reflective state which are often coupled with “You will never..”-phrases.[163] The three other best-known iterations show the frog “having enough” with a gun in the hand which is often used by 4chan users expressing discontent with aspects of contemporary society, “angry Pepe”-variants depicting a hostile-looking frog and the variant some call that shows him sneering to the onlooker. He is also often brought together with the “I know that feel”-guy which can be regarded as an ancestor to the Internet phenomenon which has its origin in a web comic drawn by Matt Furie in 2006.[164][165]

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