Meanwhile @ the Spiral Labyrinth (time unknown)
  • Magnus: woo, it's been a while since we visited
  • Ragnor: hmmpf, I don't even understand why we had to come here
  • Catarina: cheer up Ragnor, you know you love us
  • Ragnor: hmmpf
  • Magnus: (looking thru books)
  • Magnus: I FOUND IT
  • Catarina: what did you find?
  • Magnus: okay, so a while ago I found this wonderful guide for planting petunias...
  • Ragnor: of course
  • several minutes pass
  • Magnus: ....and naturally I want everyone to have access to it
  • Catarina: and how are you going to do that
  • Magnus: with something I guess we'll call wiki....WIKIPEDIA!
  • Catarina: wikiwhat?
  • Ragnor: I don't even know why I still bother

anonymous asked:

Is it just me or does it pain you when other INTP say that they read Wikipedia. I mean the information is crappy there. You're better off reading a book.

Yeah, I understand how you feel. Wikipedia isn’t the most trustworthy source of information, so if you want to actually learn something, I’d suggest searching for more reliable sources. Books are way better then Wikipedia. But even if you don’t want to/can’t purchase a book, there are loads of other websites that are worth your time!

Fun fact: Wikipedia has an article on the “Reliability of Wikipedia” which is… ironic to say the least xD

Aw man. I was just looking up the upcoming Murder on the Orient Express movie (the Wikipedia page doesn’t have a plot summary so I thought I’d be free from spoilers) but I got confused regarding a character’s name that I thought was from another Hercule Poirot book, and ended up seeing a spoiler as to the secret identity of a character in the book. Damn. 


benignmilitancy  asked:

Well, I don't really know anything about the new series Constantine, but I'd highly recommend Hellblazer (the original eighties/nineties comics) anyway. I'd especially recommend the cancer arc, 41-46 (Wikipedia says those were written by Garth Ennis).

Ah, Ennis. Makes sense now. I’ll go see if I can find those

Discovery du jour

This symbol, which I keep seeing on window decals on cars here in North Jersey (without the shield), is in fact a national symbol of the Ukraine:

I was seeing it often enough that I thought it was a pop culture reference like the insignia of a faction from some fictional universe.  Who knew?

(More from Wikipedia here.)

ok im trying out touchvpn and it has the function to automatically use vpn for certain sites (like wikipedia) and it actually works in turkey so. recommended. 


So sorry to all of those who got concerned about the Ribbon Girl art. I thought she was older and never checked the canon wikipedia. I apologize for my ignorance so I have updated all tags and content with her being 18+ as depicted in the work. Apologies! The Ribbon Girl shown is not a minor in those works!