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ok idk why but this is rlly important to me: did anyone else ever notice that in the end of PoE when Moses comes down from Sinai with the tablets, the commandments are written IN ANCIENT HEBREW SCRIPT??? Not modern Hebrew or random runes or whatever.

Paleo-Hebrew. Phonecian. Aramaic maybe? Whatever you want to call it.

(Like…. I know this bc I was obsessed with ancient Hebrew for a period of time after going to the Hebrew Museum in Jerusalem. I’ve done some research. Anyway)

So I already knew that Dreamworks went to great lengths to make sure TPoE was respectful and accurate and everything, but this is such a small detail that they easily could have excluded and I just,, I have so many feelings,,


Paleo-Hebrew/Phonecian (read right to left, like modern Hebrew):

I just grabbed some pics from Wikipedia but you can go look it up yourself if that doesn’t satisfy you.

AND here are the tablets in the movie (not the best quality so it’s kinda hard to see, sorry):

So I know with these poor quality screenshots it’s hard to see, but the shapes look pretty similar, and you’ll definitely see it if you actually watch the movie. YEAH that was really exciting for me!! They used a ~period-accurate~ writing system. I was very impressed, to say the least.