wikipedia in print

I like how it’s fandom canon that Bucky instinctively understands technology. 

Like, Steve comes out of the ice and has a notebook of endless things to research. He keeps his apartment simple and old fashioned, and anything too “high tech” is treated with confusion and suspicion.

Meanwhile, Bucky has ordered every gaming console since the 1980s and is working his way through Zelda, while talking to Natasha on Skype, heating his lunch in the microwave, and has hooked up his Spotify account to surround-sound speakers. He’s also gone on Google/Wikipedia and printed out the basics of Steve’s list, laying them on his bed for easy reading, because he knows Steve hates navigating the internet.

195. Eventually Mr. Weasley was introduced to the Internet. One day Molly went out to the shed and found Arthur buried under a mountain of printed papers repeating the phrase "Molly it's all so amazing!!" He had discovered Wikipedia and had begun printing every single article he could find using the laser printer Harry sent him the previous Christmas.

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