wiki edit war

anonymous asked:

who do you ship from BNHA? maybe you can do an insta edit of them (you don’t have to of course) personally i love tododeku or kiribaku but those are just my preferences you absolutely don’t have to do them if you don’t want!! i love your insta AUs so much i would love whatever you do!!

Hi! Thanks a lot for liking my edits!!!! 🧡 I’m really glad you like them! And also thanks for the suggestion ^^

Thing is, I’m honestly fine with nearly every ship, but, I have only made single character edits until now mostly because of the way I choose photos (it’s changed a little throughout me making edits, but rn it’s a colour, and characteristics of a character) and I’m not 100% sure how to do that when it’s for a ship 😅

Both bc I have a hard time choosing anything at all 😓 and because I honestly think ships are interpreted very subjectively, so I thought’d it’d be a little hard to make a “general” edit for them….

I also kinda wanted to stay out of any discourse about who to ship, and why, wanted to sorta stay neutral? If you get what I mean?

I hope you don’t mind anon D: If there’s any other characters from bnha, or a different show even I can make something??? Again thanks for taking the time to suggest something! 🧡