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ok this is really awkward to ask and i know it's a stupid question but what is louden swain? the only thing i know is that rob and richard speight jr are involved and that's it


ok. ok. so this is louden swain:

it’s a band that was formed in the mid-90s by rob benedict and mike borja. within the band you’ll find:

  • ^ the youngest member and lead guitar player, billy! he’s self-taught, soft-spoken, and a super super funny dude. he also does visual design for their albums, and he’s composed a number of songs as well. you won’t catch him leaving his house without his calculator watch
  • ^ next up is drum player and Committed Cat Dad, stephen! he handles a lot of scheduling, logistics, and merch stuff. if you’re at a con, he’ll be the one you see speed-walking the most back and forth from the the vendor room to the greenroom. he’s a world traveler and pretty outspoken about politics. he is also 100% aware that he looks intimidating in-person. he’s fine with this.
  • ^ and, to top it all off, we have bass/keys player and infamous robot, mike!! this man is pure sunshine and smiles. there’s a theory that he was murdered years ago, and was replaced by an exact robot replica commissioned by the band. i believe this was all spawned because his phone sent random coordinates to a starbucks to the band one day. he has another job outside of the band, and no one knows what it is. the people at his job-away-from-band also have no idea what he does other than “they think he’s in a band” 

they travel across the country with the SPN con circuit and play throughout the entire weekend. they also stay on stage with J2 during their panel, so if you’re at a con and can’t really see j2 but you can see the band, i suggest watching stephen. i can almost guarantee you, at some point during the panel, he will find food. however, on-stage at cons they don’t speak other than mike making the occasional robot noise. they will also shake their heads “no” at generally any remarks rich makes. 

(rich, by the way, isn’t actually involved other than on stage he will occasionally sing and perform with them. he will also harass them. it just happens to be his best friend’s band!)

along with that, they also had music they’ve done featured in spn. they are played in bars in season 7 and season 11. 

robbie thompson had actually thrown the idea around to have the entire band playing in the bar where chuck reveals once and for all that he’s god. in the end i think this was just too complicated to do, but i love knowing that someone else was also including them in the fabric of the show.

and now that you know this,

you know why i created The Swaingels:

the band is so deeply involved in the show–to me, they’re like…the foreground of the background. if that makes sense.

i’ve been a big fan of their music for years, and they’re just so dang great it was impossible for me to resist not actually giving them their own parts to play ;u;

(i suggest following them on twitter! : Louden Swain, Billy, Stephen, Mike)


[So, which is more nutritious, print or web?] “At least you know what you’re eating with print. The difficulty with me and the web is I get lost. I will suddenly start thinking and reading about tractors in Bavaria.”

redwall in chronological order
  1. Lord Brocktree
  2. The Legend of Luke: In the Wake of the Red Ship
  3. Martin the Warrior
  4. Mossflower
  5. The Legend of Luke
  6. Prologue and epilogue to Mossflower
  7. Outcast of Redwall
  8. Mariel of Redwall
  9. Prologue and epilogue to Martin the Warrior
  10. The Bellmaker
  11. Salamandastron
  12. Redwall
  13. Mattimeo
  14. Pearls of Lutra
  15. The Long Patrol
  16. Marlfox
  17. Taggerung
  18. Prologue and epilogue to Lord Brocktree
  19. Triss
  20. Loamhedge
  21. Rakkety Tam
  22. High Rhulain
  23. Eulalia!
  24. Doomwyte
  25. The Sable Quean
  26. The Rogue Crew

i just thought this would be a good reference to have in the fandom, especially for people who are interested in a chronological rereading, like me!

“..The hero never gets to see that ending. They’ll never know if their sacrifice actually made a difference. They’ll never know if the day was really saved.

In the end, they just have to have faith.

Ain’t that a bitch.”

Falling Star is the final Special Attack learned by Mario and Luigi in Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. It costs 20 SP to use. It’s one of the most powerful special attacks in the game, while the other is Broggy Bonker, Bowser’s strongest special attack. 

Bowser’s inside story is literally like…. my favourite mario RPG game. hands down. huge bonus points bc they introduced starlow.

I also?? love the falling star attack so much? massive destruction power, hell yeah

its taken me like… 3 weeks to finish, and I’m really proud of it! + it was a nice chance to use my crayon brushes c’:


save him. 

Actual Tips for Playing Zenyatta (it's on the wiki)

If an offense hero like Genji or Tracer gets behind you, don’t run.

You will never be able to escape.

Just throw a discord orb at them, and zig zag while throwing your balls at them, hoping and praying that you kill them before they kill you.

Don’t even bother asking for help; your team will never come for you or protect you.

All you will ever hear from them is, “I need healing”.


What if…..they have their own plaques and kofuku also tied it


Pardon Our Ectoplasm

Christmas Truce gift for @anemptymorgue, who asked for something humorous to do with Amity Park’s general citizens and their relationship with ghosts. Hope you like it!

This, Wes berated himself, is why you didn’t do last-minute Christmas shopping in Amity. “But you can’t be sold out!”

The blue-shirted associate - Neil, according to his name tag- shrugged. “Sorry sir; we’re technically not sold out- we’re out of stock.”

“What’s the difference?!”

“One has us selling things like a normal store, and the other one is that cyber ghost popping through the ceiling and making our inventory attack people like it was the machine uprising.” 

Another associate sweeping up broken and scorched plastic added, “Only instead of killer robots it was iPads and overpriced HDMI cables.”

“The cyber ghost?” Kwan piped up behind Wes. “Which one is that?”

“Yeah, y’know…the cyber ghost?” At their blank expression, Neil pressed. “Come on: green skin, lab coat, lame shades? Has that shrieky voice that sounds like that one dude?”

Wes glanced back at Kwan, Dash, and Dale, who all shrugged. 

“Wait, Terry would totally know this. He’s a big Ecto-Fanboy.” He called across the store, loud and echoing with nothing but empty shelves between them. “Hey Tere! What was the name of that ghost yesterday! The techie one?”

“You mean Technus?” someone across the store hollered back. “How do you forget that? He talks in the third person! He was constantly telling people his name. The first thing he said was ‘It is I, Technus, Master of Machines and all that goes beep-boop!’ He did it in that weird Gilbert Gottfried kinda voice.”

Neil snapped his fingers. “Gilbert Gottfried, that was it!” 

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