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SNL script for 3.11.2017. Republican Girls’ Night Out. With special guest Tina Fey.

written by J Hourigan

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Okay, am I the only one who thinks it's weird that three days after Trump goes on Twitter & accuses Obama of wiretapping, and with mounting bipartisan calls for investigations on his Russian connections, Wiki leaks conveniently gets a hold of apparently thousands of cia documents about hacking? And the fact that this sort of thing happened all throughout the election? Like, Trump would do shady shit and days later Julian swoops in with Hillary email info to deflect? Am I the only one?

This isn’t about either of them, but you’re not the only one, and I definitely have my suspicions about Assange liking Trump.I doubt this will kill the momentum on these investigations. 

But if the CIA wiretapped Trump (and it doesn’t appear they or anyone else did, not more than anyone else), it might not’ve been Obama telling them to. They seemed cool with withholding information from him, or outright disobeying him. This is about the fact that these organizations seem to have pretty much no oversight. Almost like people have been saying this for years, but both parties have resisted it, despite it holding us back. 

My point is don’t lose sight of the goal here, which is that we want warrantless spying aggressively banned and regulated at every level. Don’t let partisan squabbling get in the way of fighting an organization that has shown basically 0 regard for human life in its entire duration of existence. You could be a hardcore leftist and you’d still know (in fact you’re pretty likely to know) that the CIA needs to be leashed.

It’s a sad thing when Ben Affleck, or any celebrity for the matter, feels the need to hide how slave-ownership showed up in his ancestry in fear that THEIR actions will ruin his life and reputation. That just proves how disgustingly judgemental many of us could be. [X]

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Can you sum these Wiki Leaks stuff up?

it’s nothing new, really, just confirming what everyone already knew for the most part. they sell the boys image rather than their work and still think their target audience is solely young girls who see the music as an ‘added bonus’ x & x, they use the sun and also the boys’ twitters for promo x & x, they either expect to see 1d fade or are planning on fading 1d out x, syco’s share in 1d comes to an end in 2015 x

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Sorry I don't really understand the whole wikileaks thing, is it bad for harry and lou?

noooo no no not bad for Harry and Louis at all… there is nothing really ground breaking in those emails. nothing that we didnt already know… like how they push their image instead of the music, they had certain images for the boys including louis having a girlfriend. all that kind of stuff…

but it’s actually good for harry and louis in the fandom sense i think, because it’s opening people’s eyes that the boys images we’ve been shown are all part of the marketing strategy and it’s making people understand that it’s constructed like this purposefully.. thus making them understand that everything else has been contrived as well. ie. elounor, bearding, closeting etc etc

Everyone CAN see it... If they want to

Conversation with my friend who likes 1D music but doesn’t follow them and isn’t clued in on pr relationships and how that whole thing works. So typical ‘general public’..

Friend: what do you think of Harry and Kendall together?
Me: they’re not together, he’s gay
Friend: there were pics of them kissing
Me: no, they weren’t kissing… *explains yachtgate*
Friend: I think if Harry were gay we’d have heard about it though
Me: well not really.. He’s in a relationship with his bandmate Louis
Friend: haha no way! Which one is Louis again? Is this some one direction fan conspiracy?
Me: *raises heckles* NO *breathes* okay.. Lemme show you their tattoos. Do friends get 6 sets of couples tattoos? *shows and explains tattoos*
Friend: okay well.. They /could/ go together, but they also could not.
Me: okay fair enough… What about this then. *shows freddieismyqueen top 30 iconic Larry moments*
Friend: *after 30 seconds of watching #30 and #29* but they could just be taking the piss couldn’t they?
Me: yeah totally.. That’s what I thought when I first looked into it. But keep watching
Friend: *watches from #28 to #1* oh my god!!!
Me: *smirks like a mofo*
Friend: but why would they have to hide it? No one cares if they were gay
Me: *explains marketing to young demographic, images, Sony wiki leaks etc*
Friend: *nodding* so how do Harry and Louis act now?
Me: on stage they’re professional, during this last album promo they were so obviously cute and fond.. But they’re not seen together outside of work and it’s like an effort to cover it up
Friend: but if they’re in the same band why wouldn’t they hang out as friends?
Me: *explains bullshit 1.0, fandom divide, speculation etc*
Friend: their team has just made it more obvious that there’s something to hide though..
Me: yep. But they’re getting a new team soon so hopefully this will all be okay.
Friend: *deep in thought* what’s a Haylor?
Me: ………… Urgh *explains pr relationships*
Friend: oh okay so you can obviously tell the real couples like Ashton and Mila and also Blake and Ryan because they’re much more private!?
Me: yeah well, basically if you know more about a famous persons relationship than your own friends then they’re generally either trying to sell you something or hide something.
Friend: hmmm well… I hope Harry and Louis get to be together publicly soon. Because it makes no difference to me, i still like their music and it’s just so stupid in today’s world how these people think if 2 guys are together then it would affect their music or how people see them as a band