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just gw2 senior things
  • when hero points were called skill points
  • when maps didn’t show you whether you were above or below something
  • when you had to like buy books or some shit in order to train your skills
  • when falling to your death broke your armor
  • when your armor being broken meant it didn’t work at all
  • when you had to PAY to repair your armor
  • when dyes were only unlocked per character
  • when daily tasks were super generalized (along the lines of “kill 10 different monsters today”) and as such much easier to do no matter where you were

Do I have any followers with ADHD? Or does anyone have some really good information on it? I want to write a character who has ADHD but I don’t know anything about it except the basics so I’m looking to educate myself. Any help beyond a wiki article would appreciated! 

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I know you just got this question about everyone's favorite squids, but any tips on drawing Tugrutas?

Sure! Togrutas are my fav SW species, I’ll see if I can do them any justice here! I can already tell this one will be very long so i apologize in advance lol

As I mentioned on the Nautolan post, it’s helpful to read up on the species wiki before working on anything if you feel like taking the time- 

I’ll be paraphrasing from there for most anatomy references.

Togrutas are a carnivorous species with a tribal/pack nature. Though it’s seldom shown, it’s mentioned on the wiki that Togrutas actually have sharp canine teeth! Togrutas are distinguished by their varying face/skin patterns, their 3-4 head tails (or Lekku) and their montrals, the hollow horn-like growths on top of their head. Their montrals give them passive echolocation. Their Lekku and Montrals can drastically vary in shape from person to person, and their skin and eye colors can be just about any color of the rainbow.

Their head tails and monrtals can be grown in sections, like shown:

Or they can be one continuous growth:

Adult Male Togrutas have been shown to sometimes have shorter Lekku than females-

but not all of them adhere to this. Male’s Lekku can be just as long as a Females and can pretty much be the same shape- 

And here’s my fav Male Togruta, Zandar! (character by my friend XombieJunky on deviantart, please go check out his work!) He’s a prime example of Fantastic Togruta, I love him

Togruta montrals and lekku get longer as they grow older, and the pattern can shift and change with time, as well as their face markings shifting in shape-

I’ve exercised this pattern shift with my OC Stitch, you can see how their montrals/lekku grew over time as well-

And here’s some more examples of Togruta younglings-

Most examples of Togruta shown have white as a prominent color on their montrals and face, but it’s not necessary to have that (as seen with that pinkish-purple guy shown earlier on this post). With my OC Tulu, I tried to go for a watermelon-like color scheme, she has no white markings-

A cool way to figure out color schemes for a Togruta could be by using a pallet generator, here’s one of my fav generators if you want to use it!

On my final point, I’ll be talking about Togruta headdress. Here’s an excerpt from the wiki on that-

“ As hunters, the Togruta showed off the pelts and teeth of their game as a sign of pride and maturation. Special pride was taken in the teeth of akul that a Togruta had taken down as an individual. These teeth often were made into jewelry such as an akul-tooth headdress or a necklace, which also incorporated metals, stones, and pearls found on Shili.“

The headdress is mentioned to be made with teeth, but that’s not always necessary. Here’s some headdress examples-

Headdresses are a cultural thing for them and can be fun to design, but it’s not a requirement. Many go without the headdress, it’s up to you!

I believe that should be all the basics of Togruta design. If you need further content, google image search “Togruta” and/or read the wiki for inspiration. Hope this helped at all, and have fun making your Togrutas!

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I'm a beginner in Chinese and having a hard time finding out where to start. What would you recommend?

@defendthechibi: mmmmdamn. ok, so Chinese is not a lang I approached on my own, I started in a class, but with that said here’s some combination of how that went down and what I would suggest (if you are a self-learner of Chinese pls do add):

1. Get a fucking fantastic foundation in pinyin and tones. I cannot emphasize this enough—start good habits now or it’ll be really terrible to find out no one understands you because you were like “tone, I’ll come back to that!” Here is a very nice pinyin chart with literally every syllable combination recorded with every tone. Here’s a pinyin practice game. If you can get someone who already speaks Mandarin to help that’s of course ideal, especially for the retroflex sounds, but not essential. Either way make sure you practice speaking aloud. Here’s a funny tone explanation that’s secretly great.

2. Pick a book and stick with it. So this is not Mandarin-specific, but I find that self-learners (myself included) have a habit of starting like three different texts for one language and it’s a mess. Decide if you wanna start with traditional or simplified characters, then pick a textbook, it wont be perfect because nothing is, and maybe just a grammar book for reference. We used Integrated Chinese in class, but I don’t know that I’d recommended it for soloing, Practice Makes Perfect has great other books I’ve used and seems like a better choice. This series is good grammar help, and so is Modern Mandarin Chinese grammar (pdf). When looking for textbooks I recommend reading reviews and also taking into consideration the time/pace you want to work at. Learning a language is a lifetime thing so really you just gotta start somewhere and plow ahead. (also check what the library has!)

2.5 Don’t buy those damn books of character lists. I’m sure you’ve seen them, “memorizing hanzi!” “500 common characters!” whaaaatever. Whatever textbook yr using will tell you what characters you need right then, and if that’s not enough there are plenty of frequency lists online. More importantly, do learn the radicals When it comes to actually getting characters into your brain it’s some combination of mnemonic device (which works better if you make it up, not if some rando writer does anyway) and rote muscle memory—so all you need is paper. Get square/grid paper and pay attention to proportions or if you must get a book, get one that has practice space. Skritter is amazing and wonderful and I cannot praise it enough but also it is not free. But like if yr really serious you’ll probably have to put some money down somewhere. Whatever you do, do not buy Chineasy it is a plague upon our language learning household. (note: some people suggest not learning characters until after awhile of studying spoken. That sounds sort of terrible to me, and it also means you won’t be able to engage with anything Chinese online. But it is a thing, and sites like YablaFluentU, and ChinesePod could be a way to go [and are good anyway])

3. Practice, practice, practice! Ok cool you started doing some stuff! Check you out! If you want to get feedback start posting snippets on Lang-8, you can even meet people to skype with. Or if you want (and have a smart phone) you can get a chat buddy on hellotalk. Maybe there’s a meetup group in your area who knows. Make yourself/download an Anki deck, etc. etc. Just try to always do a little something everyday. I think because of characters Chinese has a particularly steep learning curve—I still can’t open a webpage and just like read it—so it might be better to focus on practicing what you know rather than trying to engage too much with “actual” Chinese. That said….

4. Don’t loose hope, find fun things in Chinese. Even if it’s not actively practicing your language skills, find ways to enjoy Chinese that don’t drain you like too much studying will. Listen to music,  read about idiomswatch movies, or if you’re a nerd like me, read about Chinese linguistics! If you have a hobby, you can find stuff on your hobby in Chinese. e.g. here is a whole cooking channel that is also subbed in English.  DramaFever has, duh, lots of dramas, but is not free. 

I hope that sounds like a setup for success! Here’s some dictionaries: MDGB, HanziCraft, lineDict (let’s you draw characters). If you have a smartphone get Pleco. Here’s a thing that annotates text & has rollover translation: MandarinSpot (maybe get a plug-in if yr into those). Here are general help sites: SayJACK  & Chinese Grammar Wiki. There are so so so many other resources out there, but rather than stockpile them all right now I think it’s better to focus on whatever textbook/system you chose and just start moving. Once you have a little more of a base then look for cool blogs or whatever works well for YOU. 

If there was something more specific you wanted just throw that @ me. If people have suggestions you can send them in and I’ll compile them so we don’t have to reblog this massive thing  くコ:彡  くコ:彡  くコ:彡 

so im still new to the fandom and i dont really have all the lingo down but im confused over the term “Seeker”

like its it just a term for a decepticon with jet alt form??? or just any bot with a jet form?? or any bot that can fly??? in that case why doesnt anyone call Cyclonus a “seeker” in fics??? is it cause he wasnt /really/ a decepticon??? or is he the wrong jet form??? or from a different city than where these “seekers” come from??? 

That page about Ink on Undertale wiki

Although I deeply appreciate how much work, content and nice comments (and honestly hilarious ones too) there is on this page, I confirm that this is really not the best page to use as reference for Ink. It has incorrect info, although it respects the character in it’s whole, and frankly the relationship part is just insane.

I really recommend always checking the original creator’s words instead of a fan made page that can be edited by anyone (although honestly, Ink’s page is relatively okay compared to other ones. some are just nuts).

Hence why I adress you all a reminder that I have a FAQ and that you can give me advice on what question to add in it!

>> <<

Still, the people who decided to create this wiki to help out deserve gratitude, because it’s easier to check a global image of a character, and especially who made them. <3 I’m not denying their work, just saying it’s a relatively bad source for some cases such as Ink.

Inktober Day 1

(Yeah I know I’m late, but I’ve actually been drawing every day I just procrastinated posting―who knew.)

Maybe this year, I’ll actually complete all 31 days… let’s hope for the best.

Here we have LTTR!Adrien piercing his ears Parent-Trap style because God knows Gabriel would never approve of it… You gotta do what you gotta do.

Please Do Not Edit/Repost, Thanks

Essentially, when Adrien first receives his miraculous, he is overjoyed (if not slightly confused). He is extremely excited to finally be able to escape being cooped up in his house, and Tikki is a good choice of a companion, considering how lonely he is. He is 100% accepting and ready to transform, when he realizes he can’t even wear the earrings. He knows his father would never approve of taking him to get his ears pierced (hes practically the face of Gabriel’s fashion line), so he thinks he’ll have to give them up and someone else will become Ladybug instead. Ever resourceful, Tikki suggests they just pierce his own ears (she’s dealt with worse situations than just not having pierced ears), so she walks him through it (probably with the help of a wiki-how tutorial or something just for kicks), and he braves the needle. It’s not exactly an ideal situation, but Adrien is more than willing if it means he can become a hero (and maybe it’s also a slight act of rebellion against Gabe). 

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Unpopular opinion: mineta isn't a bad character

mineta has a lot of potential to be a good character, it just hasn’t been tapped into yet.

i think i was most interested in him during the usj arc, when he confessed that he wanted to be a hero because he wanted to be cool, but after seeing they way midoriya rescued him and tsuyu, and how quickly and effectively his classmates finished the end of term test later on, he came to the conclusion that “heroes didn’t become heroes in order to become cool, they became heroes because they were already cool.” in other words, he realized that a hero is cool because of their convictions and actions, and not simply just because they’re a hero.

…where did that characterization go? we never see this part of him again. one other thing we know about him is that he’s smart. we know he’s smart because he managed to pass the hero entrance exam even though his quirk doesn’t seem all that useful against giant robots, and he’s currently #9 in terms of grades in his class, which is fairly good.

we also see cleverness in the sports festival, when he attached himself to yaoyorozu in the obstacle race in order to pass, tricked the girls into wearing cheerleading uniforms, and when he teamed up with shouji (and tsuyu) in the human cavalry battle knowing that they would be able to use their wildly different body types to their advantage.

mineta is also, to put it honestly, quite cowardly (see: usj arc). but he knows this, and is unashamed of it. he’s not ashamed of any of his interests, or any of his actions, which is a quality i can admire.

he sounds like an interesting character right? did you even know any of this about him, or is the first thing you think of when you think of him is he’s a pervert? and that’s the problem. because he’s shown time and time and time again that he’s a gross person, it’s overshadowed everything else about him, and that’s why everyone thinks he’s a bad character.

-mod bakugou

(i’d like to thank the bnha wiki for helping me answer this question.)

Thoughts while reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Lani Taylor

-ooohhhh Prague
- Dare I believe it, a YA novel where the female protagonist isn’t a virgin…. I’m sold.
- Also Kaz? Nah the only Kaz I know should be over with Inej.
- Kaz cheated on my smol, peacock blue hair coloured, Karou.
- “No tiny violent one,” reminds me of tiny ancient one and there Zuzana is Amren or fight me.
- Karou has tattoos. Oh dear lord I’m in love.
- Dear Karou, marry me.
- Too early to tell Kaz to Fuck off?
- “… was a new tattoo. It was an elaborate., cursive K.” Yeah, it’s not too early to tell Kaz to Fuck off.
- Karou I beg you to stay this savage.
- You know, it’s refreshing to read someone who has this whole secret life thing, and doesn’t speak about it in riddles to the reader. Like Karou could be like my family is full of snakes and I’m their slave but instead she’s just like, yo, whatup this is me ma, sorta, she’s got a snake kink.
-Please make him scratch his ass.
- “no inessential penises,” well now I know the answer to any question asked in sex ed.
- Bitch I want full knowledge of any language. How much easier French and Irish could be.
- The thing is, “nice fiddling handsome man,” would probably get you a date in Ireland, so Zuzana, you know where to visit.
- KAROU WAS THE ONE WHO BROUGHT UP WINGSPAN, NOT ME. However would remove feet be bigger than Rhys’?
-Zuzana babe can I have some struddle.
- Oh, Elsewhere, with a capitol E. Fancy.
- “you scribbled out the best part”
“Trust me it’s not that great” *pew* *pew* shots fired.
-Okay Brimstone literally everyone would wish to turn off their lights without leaving the bed.
- A lot of euros? Excuse me, I need that.
- “musicians who asked questions.” Okay, there has to be a little bit of Irish in Karou.
-hand prints!? Dun dun dunnnnnn.
- Soooooooo, can I like Akiva?
-I kinda wanna like him
-Hey, Akiva, wanna hug to help you smile.
- So Akiva, you and Karou relate with the whole, feeling something missing thing.
- Wiktor in a feather boa is not a thought I needed but one that will never leave.
- Zuzana don’t get mad, then Karou will be sad, and if my ships to sail, sad ain’t gonna work when she meets Akiva. She needs sarcasm for him.
-“I swear I hate more people everyday,” yeah, Zuzana, trying being five foot ten and behind slow walkers.
-“she craved a presence beside her,” I was gonna say something but what Karou is feeling is hitting too close to home and I need to go and think back to that offer to see a therapist.
-What is up with butterflies?
-Akiva, I wanna like you.
-Ugh I’ll google it it’s safe to like you.
- Googled you Akiva and the wiki says some very good stuff.
- I read too much on the wiki and now nothing makes sense.
- Akiva is staring after Karou, lord help me IT’S SAILING.
-“and she was staring back,” AGH IT’S HAPPENING.
-So, Karou, would you say Akiva has an impressive wingspan?
-“she was not, in fact, human,” well yeah, figured that out myself Akiva.
-So Brimstone got angry.
-Well Fuck.
-Well Fuck again but with wings.
- Razgut can Fuck off.
- Karou and Zuzana’s friendship tho.
-“Waking as she drew him against her, and then, silkily into her,” I do love my smut references.
- Aww, Akiva, my little angsty child.
- Mik is too precious.
-“Is it weird that I’m turned on by a marionette,” Mik is hereby known as guy with puppet kink.
- Karou don’t hit your future husband.
- Of course he’s not okay Karou.
-You need to stop bringing up wingspan because this is no longer an everyday word for me.
- C'mon Akiva, just a little smile.
-Well Karou may not have laughed at his humour but I did.
-I live Zuzana.
-okay I’m glad you’re going with Akiva but please bring Zuzana, I’ll miss her.
- Now the wiki makes sense.
- I don’t even know what to write.
-Akiva is about to give us a lil story.
-Bitch if you drop that wishbone I will disown you as ever having been one of my smol.
-“we’re going to break the wishbones,” a stunning new novel by Lani Taylor.
- So did they kiss.
- Nvm now they’re kissing, the world is at peace.
- Oh, so we’re back to wishbone breaking.
- Wait they actually broke it.
-So no more kissing? Can’t she just wish away the tattoos?
- Why in God’s fucking name are people always so afraid of love simply because they don’t understand it.
-So these Chimaera can be reborn? Greeeeeeaaaattttttt.
-Well the whole sugar thing is interesting.
-It’s a pitty this cuteness won’t last.
- So Chiro = bad
- Well dick again.
-That ending…. why am I broke I need the next book now.