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“I’m fine.  Yeah, aside from the not sleeping, the jumpiness, the constant overwhelming crushing fear that something terrible is about to happen.”

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Yo it's me again. You want to fight some time? You seem like someone who would be good in a fight.

am i good in a fight? *smirks, breaks a table in half* am i good in a fight? *dislocates my father’s arm with out even looking at her* am i good in a fight???? *stabs my 5th grade teacher, mrs. gutierrez in the neck*

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I had an idea for a medigun. Something that introduces a completely different playstyle, like when the rescue ranger came out. Just wanna know what you think. Basically, it's the opposite of the quick-fix and also anti-pocket. You heal slowly and can't even heal players that have taken damage recently. But, you can overheal 100% of a player's health with a slightly decreased decay rate. Übercharge allows for 200% overheal, with even slower decay.



i legit do not mean to rain on yr parade but:

Eventually the Overhealer was shelved due to balancing issues in the game.[2]

Typing Quirk Meme

[How do you chat/text in familiar company? Bonus if you fill this out with your typical chat quirk. Inspired by MSPA Typing Quirk wiki page] [Example]  











Personalized Slang:

Other (Slang, Regional Vernacular, Jargon, SMS, Formatting etc.)



So I did it. I don’t know why but I spent the time one this. It was mostly just practice with my new tablet, but it was still pretty fun (and absurd).

I have no idea as to why Chief and Steven somehow ended up in the same universe but… meh, crossovers are fun.

Also, check out the wiki page on Ununseptium - you may notice a few things that make that choice of element a bit more fitting.

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Hi hi question regarding Narita's tweets (thanks for sharing!!!): He wrote that Aoba has now about the same power as middle-school Izaya, but I would have thought Aoba is actualy 'worse'? I only have Izaya's gambling ring in mind in his middle-school time (that's already bad), but shit only started to go down after the stabbing incident? (Amphisbean and the legal drug ring was in highschool?) But Aoba is already leader of a pretty dangerous gang and almost incarnated his own brother? Help?

Wow someone really read the novels o.o; almost refreshing question looool.

Amphisbaena I believe started in college?  Correct me if I’m wrong. (I guess I can stop being lazy and go read that book, it’s right next to my computer x.x;; all the drrr books are forever next to my computer to answer these questions lol), (Ok i was lazy, i used durarara wiki and yeah it started in college). 

It depends on what you consider is power. I only translated Narita’s twitter, I’m really not Narita so I won’t probably question his words. But I’m guessing ‘power’ means how much ‘destructive power’ you have at your possession.  So Aoba probably could use his cunning skills and multiply it with his friends to cause havoc… while middle school Izaya could have manipulated all the humans in gambling ring + his classmates + anyone he feels like in general, to cause similar destructive power….

The difference is that Aoba relies mostly on his Blue Squares because he knows and can predict them. And they obey him. He doesn’t really reach out to other people. He prefers control that way. (Even using his older brother, which he believed he had more control over). But Izaya is more confident in his skills to understand and manipulate ALL humans, so he doesn’t seem to have that limitation that Aoba has? Izaya doesn’t keep friends.  He doesn’t feel the need to. Aoba however, does. 

… is my guess lol. Again, I’m not Narita, so technically I probably shouldn’t be answering this question lol. 

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I love your blog! I absolutely adore sharks. Especially hammerheads! What do you find most interesting about sharks? o:

Thank you a lot :)
Well … I think all sharks interesting sound , but especially their lifestyle and reproduction (which is unique of its kind ) . I also find it quite exciting their “ sixth sense ” with Ampullae of Lorenzini that enable them detect electric fields in the water . Here I put the Wikipedia link, which summarizes very well the functioning of this body : .