River & the Doctor Appreciation Countdown challenge - April 16th, we shone like a star & blinded who stared: your favourite moment(s)


But these leaves conning, you con at peril,

For these leaves, and me, you will not understand,

They will elude you at first, and still more afterward, I will certainly elude you (x)


Had fun speed-doodling with brushes and experimenting with the tablet.


(you were always exact to me) (like a storm cellar) (I liked it near your airstreams) (you never called me a social parasite and I felt good about that) (you never said things like the handwriting is on the wall) (you never said we were biding our time) (you weren’t a warden) (you weren’t a damper) (you didn’t live in a chimney) (you didn’t work for management) (we were still under construction) (there were warning signs all over us)



River and the Doctor Appreciation Day - April 22nd

Who else was I going to fall in love with? a study in boops and looks

I think River is a woman who is completely fearless and not always entirely scrupulous and doesn’t suffer fools at all. She’s brilliant, she’s great, kind of- almost a super hero character to write for. You know she’s never apologised, she’s never fussed and she’s always on the move. I think, as a heroine, she works tremendously well. She’s fun, she’s funny. I’m always happier when River turns up.
—  Jenny Colgan, Behind the Scenes of The Diary of River Song

The villain is dead, long live the Queen.

Dedicated to Luisa and Alyssa for helping me with Tabu.

(First entirely digital drawing. That was bizarre. Full of tweaks and perspective what-the-hells, but I really wanted to thank you.)


River & the Doctor Appreciation Countdown challenge - April 17th. colour me in: that painted backdrop

Steven Moffat: I love those Powell and Pressburger movies. And there’s a certain atmosphere you get from that. It’s slightly different. It doesn’t look unreal. It doesn’t look the same as real. It’s sort of heightened. Do you know what I mean? It’s story-book.

Frances Barber: And viewers feel like a voyeur. Kind of “you shouldn’t be watching”.

- The Wedding of River Song Audio Commentary

Ask me to think of a colour for River and the Doctor and I will see an impossible sky from the end of time. Red and oranges, purple to navy blue. A continuous canvas, interrupted by soft dark mounds in the distance and punctured by blinking whites.

I will see this painted backdrop.

And because Moffat is right and this is very Powell and Pressburger-like, I will also see a room hung in the sky, open for confession and wind. The air is so clear that nothing keeps you from seeing straight into yourself. Life and love put on trial. Stairway to the afterlife. Sacrificial altars where lovers meet. I see egoism and trust concatenated, desire and death interlocked, interlude and reality married.

All that from reds and blues merging.

I really love this painted backdrop.


But I am well aware that other factors exist, namely the will and decision of that fair stranger who each loved one is, and remains for us in spite of everything. In taking upon myself the entire fault, I reduce the young figure to proportions of a wax statuette which I might have shaped, and crushed, in my hands. I have no right to detract from the extraordinary masterpiece which [she] made of [her] departure; I must leave to the child the credit for [her] own death. 


For zimamythos, River and the Doctor as space pirates.

I hope you weren’t waiting for Twelve; Eleven sort of happened there. I have a very precise headcanon for River and Eleven as Space Pirates as you can see; the Doctor is an engineer-type, River a cyborg-type. That makes sense.

If you are wondering, things are going supernova.



From Living glow by Inkfire : 

Still, that is one more hypothesis down, and all that’s left is—

“Oh, no!” the woman exclaims. “Hello, child.”

River’s head reels. Oh, she knew. From the moment she saw her, her instincts knew.

She slides to the floor, cross-legged and speechless.

(I could not resist; the image was just there and would not leave me alone.)

She’s got to play a person who is extremely intelligent and very powerful and very dangerous when she puts her mind to something. Which she does without any effort at all. Which is why my character has to go to such efforts to hobble her through lies and drugs, basically. You know, I have to sort of take away her google by disabling the ship’s computer and drug her so that she keeps thinking she’s ill and dying. And all of those things are really to stop her seeing through me. Which she would do if she as at full strength, very quickly because she’s such a powerful and able person.
—  Samuel West, Behind the Scenes of The Diary of River Song

Title: Fun in the thirties
Rating: PG-13
Duration: 3:27
Summary: Trailer for the Melody Malone film - For three years, the Angel Detective Agency has been busy, keeping New York and the world safe, fighting crimes and extra-terrestrial activities. With the help of her faithful Ms. Oswald and the plucky Doctor, Melody Malone embarks on a last journey that will lead her to face her most enduring fear.

Notes/Warnings: Edited for dw_allsorts as part of the “Murder Mystery” table. The video contains fast cuts, blinking lights, blood, mummies, smoking. Also the rendering was a nightmare and is still wonky due to too many filters and calcs to manage for my editing program. This results in the sound being slightly out-of-synch at the end. I apologise.

Password: mystery