We should also mention that this is the last of the new weapons to be added. This makes 74 weapons in total! I’m sure you’ve got a few you’ve never tried, right? Sometimes, switching weapons can open up whole new strategies, so take a chance and try something new!

Please note that 3 weapons–Hero Shot Replica, Hero Charger Replica, and Hero Roller Replica—can only be obtained by completing amiibo Challenges and are not available from normal gameplay. In case you weren’t aware: while they look funky fresh, these 3 weapons share the same statistics as their Splat series versions.

Finished painting Princess Zelda *__*

(To view w/o poopy facebook quality: http://bit.ly/1oxlXHd)

This piece was a lot of fun, but halfway through I learned so much that I wished I could start over LOL. I also recorded myself painting this (which I have not done in several years), so look out for when the recording gets posted…along with many more exciting things to come 8)

*teleports away*