‘Child of Light’ paints an epic quest

Legendary Journeys

In gaming, journeys begin with the single press of a button. Should a game fail to capture a player’s attention, their audience will not hesitate to stop the game and never return. This unfortunate turn of events essentially leaves untold numbers of characters trapped in suspended animation, never knowing the outcome of their quest.


Splatoon bundle report! Omg, you guys. Splatoon is getting a Wii U bundle! And it looks like this sweet baby will only be available at Best Buy and BestBuy.com. I guess I know where I’m stopping on the way home from the lab on May 29th! Booyah! I can pick up some new CDs for my car, too. And some new rechargeable batteries for the squidtrifuge! In addition to the Wii U system and Splatoon, looks like it also comes with Nintendo Land, all for just $299.99! Inkredible! Somebody pinch me! (Except you, giant crab locked up in our research cage. You stay put!)


its little stuff like this that makes nintendo so awesome 

Octosniper report! These suckers are apparently notorious for posting up and blasting powerful ink shots at enemies from long distance. If you find yourself under heavy Octosniper fire, find some cover and then try to advance your position by swimming in your own ink. I’m not sure if I’m a bad enough dude to take these guys down, but I bet some of you folks out there will master the art!