• Brother:-Sees me writing up a paper- What are you doing?
  • Me:My will
  • Brother:..why?
  • Me:Because when the The Last finally comes out I will not survive. Take care of the dogs. They are my babies please. Delete my computer history. Don't watch just delete it.
  • Brother:...anything else?
  • Me:Yes. -tears up- Put Believe it on my headstone.

((Hey guys, again sorry for not posting anything for a while. All this work is wearing me out. I hadn’t been getting enough sleep, till I passed out on Friday after school. Best sleep ever xDDD I’ll try to post answers on weekends (if I’m not stuck doing homework still.) Also~ Sorry for the shitty-ness. This one came out bad, hnnn))

what is this omg do you know how tiny switzerland is compared to argentinia and they’re not even known for good football but this team is so dedicated and they’re really doing all they can and they’re doing so well i’m so happy for them hitzfeld being the a+ manager he has always been

GOD wants us to do his will, but the thing that really screw things up is that we always want and have that tendency to do things our way and we forget that GOD’S will is more  important than our own. No matter what, if we choose what GOD wants us to do, it will turn out to be perfect, because GOD’S way is the right way.<3!!c: