PSA: The Splatoon Showdown Series finals (Rainmaker) will be streamed tomorrow @ 10 AM PT. You can tune into the livestream here to watch the final 8 teams fight for the top spot:

The winning team will receive a prize pack including an poster autographed by top squid lab researchers (and members of the Splatoon development team), Nogami-san and Inoue-san.

Thank you to all teams that participated in the Splatoon Showdown Series, including the qualifying rounds and finals!


We’ve had 15 inkredible Splatfests so far! While the good times in Inkopolis will continue to roll on, the next Splatfest will be… drumroll, please… the final Splatfest.

Time and time again, we’ve heard you pledge allegiance not to your favorite team choice, but to your favorite Squid Sister. Now, it’s time to show your support in the Squid Sisters Showdown! The theme is: Are you Team Callie or Team Marie?

The showdown begins at 2 AM PT on Friday, July 22, until 2 AM PT on Sunday, July 24. This will be the last Splatfest extravaganza, and we’d like everyone to have a blast!

The last Splatfest will be taking place (almost) at the same time in all regions. However the matchups will be different – the players in Japan will be matched up with those in Japan, and the players in North America and Europe will be matched up with each other. The Top 100 Players will also be tallied and announced separately for Japan region and for North America and Europe regions. Though the results will be collected from all regions, they will be combined together and announced at  the same time.

In-game announcement and voting will start at 7 PM PT on Monday, July 4. Until then, please prepare yourself for the hardest decision you’ll make in your lifetime by doing some soul searching, going on a walkabout, meditating or just reading Squid Sisters fan fiction.

Finished painting Princess Zelda *__*

(To view w/o poopy facebook quality:

This piece was a lot of fun, but halfway through I learned so much that I wished I could start over LOL. I also recorded myself painting this (which I have not done in several years), so look out for when the recording gets posted…along with many more exciting things to come 8)

*teleports away*