THIS JUST IN - With the August update, the level cap appears to be increasing from level 20 to 50! For level 20 onward, both points you earn from inking and points from winning a match will go toward raising your rank. Also, you’ll earn a bit of a reward for every 5th level you earn, so get ready to battle!


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Sometimes, a kid just wants to get up close and POW! Introducing the Inkbrush Nouveau, which brings the same abilities as the Inkbrush but has a different sub and special! You’ll be able to lay Ink Mines to catch your foes off guard, and then use the Bubbler when you’re ready to go in for your attack!

The Inkbrush Nouveau will be available tonight at 7 PM PT.


BREAKING NEWS - Good things must come in twos (that’s a thing, right?), because also coming to Splatoon tonight is the Range Blaster! As the name suggests, the Range Blaster is a Blaster with shots that travel farther before exploding. It has a lower rate of fire, but who cares when you’re taking people out from clear across the battle field!? The Range Blaster comes complete with the Splash Wall and Inkstrike.

Anyone know where I can find a playthrough of the english version of Fatal Frame 5?

I don’t have a wiiU (or the spare cash to buy the game) but I’d really like to watch a playthrough of it, preferably without any commentary, just video of someone playing through the game. 

though I will deal with commentary if I have to if the dude talking isn’t annoying, I really just wanna see Fatal Frame 5 


Just in case anybody hasn’t heard this. dapper-deoxys