A Satoru Iwata game playlist ⊟

We’re still posting about the departed Nintendo president over here, as we watch the internet overflow with anecdotes and tributes. It’s telling that, so far, nobody has come out with a story about how Iwata was actually a terrible person or boss.

If you’re looking for a way to quietly, personally pay tribute to Iwata today, it might be nice to play some of his games. Of course, as president of Nintendo, his name appears in the credits of every game the company published since he got the job. But before that, he was a programmer, and was personally involved in the creation of a lot of classic games. I’ve selected a few games here, but feel free to look through his impressive portfolio yourself.

Okumaya devam et

“In the time period before Wii was called Wii and we still referred to it as Revolution, no one thought it was going to succeed. But it produced the results that it did, and it was able to do that on the back of Wii Sports, on a single software title, which changed the fate of the system. And so I think the entertainment industry is one where continually we’ve seen how a single product can determine the future of a product or company, and that’s where I think us being able to devote all of our Kyoto craftsmanship to creating our products is where people can look forward to what’s coming from us in the future.” -Satoru Iwata

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